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Why MMJ Doctors Love Electronic Medical Records

Why MMJ Doctors Love EMR   The healthcare industry is a fast paced world that can be filled with chaos. Not only are doctors dealing with multiple patients during the day, but doctors also need to supervise their supporting staff. In order for any type of healthcare facility to operate efficiently, there needs to be […]

Business Solutions 4 Medical Marijuana Doctors

 Business Solutions for Medical Marijuana Doctors In the last few years, doctors have been introduced to medical marijuana and issuing recommendations. This has become a big business, but it also is highly managed as well. The importance of making sure the proper software is used is important, but also making sure that medical marijuana EMR […]


PicRights-Fraudulent Copyright Enforcement

PicRights – Fraudulent Copyright Enforcement In the digital realm these days, people will do just about anything to make some money off of others, even if this means an outright, illegitimate, and illegal scam. One of the more detailed and sophisticated scam programs that have likely taken money from an array of unsuspecting individuals, is […]


RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA IN CALIFORNIA F.A.Q. THE SALE OF RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA IS STILL ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA , WHAT HAS CHANGED? Recreational use of marijuana was approved by California voters in November 2016. MMJDOCTOR –  One year have passed since recreational use of marijuana was legalized in California. However, not much has changed since then. Even after Proposition […]

Top-Ranked EMR Software – So You Can Focus on Care

Top-Ranked EMR Software – So You Can Focus on Care The medical marijuana industry is growing rapidly now more than ever before. This is great news for the countless patients who need alternate options for their medical conditions. It is also great news for medical professionals who look to serve the needs of this community. […]

Five Success Stories of Medical Marijuana Use

Five Success Stories of Medical Marijuana Use Modern research suggests that medical marijuana usage is a valuable tool in the treatment of a varied number of ailments. Pain relief, nausea, glaucoma and stimulating appetite for those who suffer from HIV, AIDS or dementia have proven benefits. Doctor-supervised cannabis use is supported by US and International […]


Medical Marijuana Software Issues

EMR Software For Medical Marijuana Doctors/ Issues As medical marijuana and recreational marijuana businesses are beginning to become legal throughout the United States, so are many other formalities that need to be addressed. Now, there are several states that allow medical marijuana recommendations, which means there also needs to be a way to manage medical […]

Medical vs Recreational Marijuana

Medical vs Recreational Marijuana If you have a medical condition that causes chronic pain, nausea, seizures, or other debilitating symptoms, it’s likely that you have considered the use of medical marijuana to treat your condition. However, you may also have reservations about using the herb due to its reputation as a recreational drug. Many people […]

The Push to Reschedule Cannabis

The Push to Reschedule Cannabis The future of Cannabis now depends on a signature from President Trump. On September 19, 2017, the California Legislature enrolled Senate Joint Resolution No. 5 (SJR-5) to “reschedule marijuana or cannabis and its derivatives from a Schedule I drug to an alternative schedule” (leginfo.legislature.ca.gov, 2017). All that’s needed now is […]

Is Marijuana Legal in California? California Weed Laws

Is Marijuana Legal in California? California Weed Laws The day will soon come when your favorite medical marijuana dispensary will also sell and deliver adult-use marijuana, thanks to Proposition 64 (Prop 64), which voters approved in November 2016. If you’ve been following cannabis news, then this is not new to you, but there are some new regulations that are coming soon that may impact what […]