Medical Cannabis and Insomnia – All You Need To Know!

Bed problems sleeping insomnia man sleepless wife
Bed problems sleeping insomnia man sleepless wife

Bed problems sleeping insomnia man sleepless wife

Can there be deep love without deep sleep?

Medical Cannabis and Insomnia – All you need to know!


“I love sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”  Ernest Hemingway


Medical Marijuana is increasingly seen as the safest and most effective sleeping aid.  Even stubborn cases succumb to the right strain of the dreamy herb.  While many people are now aware of this miracle plant’s many therapeutic effects, few know how deep the rabbit hole goes.  There is a lot more to it that you think and there are literally hundreds of different cannabis based medicines – that produce different effects, to choose from.

The main Cannabinoids that help people sleep are THC, CBD, CBG and CBN.  THC is psychoactive and accounts for most of the unwanted side effects from marijuana medication.  CBD is currently thought to be the most medicinal of all the cannabinoids and has the least side effects.  CBN is very calming and is present in large quantities of oriental hashish and the traditional version might be the best all round medication out there?  CBG is found in small quantities in certain strains of cannabis.  To get a therapeutic dose, you’re going to probably need to contact an elite medical marijuana supplier.


The big 5 cannabinoids (above)


CBD and THC work very differently to induce sleep.

Though the molecules are very similar, their action with the two main cannabinoid receptors. CB1 and CB2, is completely different. You might say CBD is like a player that assists on the goal, while THC is the goal scorer…


“Unlike psychoactive THC, which affects cannabinoid receptors directly, CBD has little binding affinity to either the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptors. Instead, CBD indirectly stimulates endogenous cannabinoid signaling by suppressing the enzyme fatty acid amide hydroxylase (FAAH)—the enzyme that breaks down anandamide, the first endocannabinoid discovered in the mammalian brain in 1992.” – Project CBD – paraphrase


Each person responds differently, but in any case, you’ll be able to tell the difference between THC and CBD no matter who you are.  THC will get you profoundly high, euphoric, dizzy or anxious.  CBD won’t do any of these things.  CBD could stop your seizures – immediately, suppress Crohn’s or gently calm you down.  Some CBD users say that they are more alert in the morning and more sleepy at bedtime.  It is worth researching which medicine is best for you.

Visit on of our locations in San Francisco and San Jose to consult with a licensed medical marijuana card doctor if medical marijuana is a right treatment for you !



Indica cannabis plants are short and stocky with fat leaves, while sativa are taller with leaner branches and leaves.  A sativa can grow to a height of 20 feet, even!


While some Sativa’s can call in the sandman, Indica is the strain that most often makes for a better, heavier sleep.  Purple Indica flowers are preferred by veterans.  Though genetics testing has come a long way, many suppliers guess (often correctly) about the ratio of indica to sativa.

Cannabis Aromatherapy with Terpenes

Then there is the X factor of the terpenes.  They have profound effects that affect the end result action of both CBD and THC.

Throw in individual metabolic response and this presents an equation to complicated to figure out on paper.  After taking a little direction from theory, trial and error is the only way to go.  In the immediate future a lot more about genetics and the interaction with the different terpenes will surely be known.


The takeaway: Indica with high terpene, CBD and other cannabinoids values might be the best starting point.   Aged Cannabis might be the best formulation.

“CBN is five times more sedating than THC.” – Dr. Kymron deCesare of Steep Hill Labs


In the cannabis plant, THC exists in acid form.  This acid, called THCA is not psychoactive.  When you heat THC up, the acid part of the molecule breaks off (decarboxylation) and psychoactive THC is formed.  However, a portion of THCA will convert to Cannabinol Acid or CBNA. Then by heating CBNA it converts into CBN.  CBD is present in large quantity in much of old world traditional hashish.  The effect of this hashish is different from the North American ultra-high THC.  Effects tend to be more balanced, relaxing with lesser side effects, which include paranoia and anxiety.  In the dreamy hashish world, spatial cognition can be compromised however.


“Cannabis that is about 20% THCA, wrapped in a plastic bag sat in a garage for 3 years (in summer heat and dry).  The result, 3-5% production of CBN was produced.”



Some cannabis users, particularly those that smoke a lot of high THC weed can feel groggy the morning after.  But this is nothing, whatsoever comparable to a big night out on the town.  You might need a second cup of coffee to get the engines running properly.  If you smoke moldy weed or budd with sprays and pesticides, this can cause a not so subtle hangover.  So if you seem to suffer from any kind of cannabis hangover, try a new strain lower in THC and higher in CBD.  You want to inspect your pot for mold, and buy only lab tested marijuana.  Consult with our Medical Marijuana Doctor first!



Cannabis high in THC can inhibit REM Sleep and Dreaming which results in less vivid dreams, including nightmares.  Other forms of cannabis, higher in non-THC cannabinoids on the other hand, might enhance dreams.  Studies showed that REM sleep rebound after THC consumption was cut down, leading to more lucid dreams.


Can you and will build up a tolerance to medical cannabis.  The answer according to many mmj doctors and researchers is YES.  In fact, it is recommended that anyone that uses a medical cannabis product take a break of maybe one week per month, or 4-5 days on and 2 days off, if cannabis based medicines are to be consumed over the long term. Consult with a licensed Mmj Card Doctor near you before taking medical cannabis.



Sleep apnea is a condition where there is an obstruction that causes irregular breathing, which leads, waking up in the night, and leads to a bad sleep in general.  THC was shown to improve 85% of 17 subjects with Sleep apnea, including stabilizing serotonin signaling.



People that quit smoking medical pot can suffer from a worsening of sleep patterns and a return to pre-existing condition of insomnia.  The suggestion is that if the user in question was taking a strain high in THC, then they might try a strain high in CBD for a while.  Patients can experiment with creams, oral, inhalation and other routes to avoid intoxication and tolerance issues presented by the consumption of large amounts of THC over long periods.



Unless you have a condition like MS, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Crohn’s, recreational use of marijuana in any form is not recommended until a person is fully grown.  Functionally, moderate use won’t hurt as you, as cannabis is one of the least addictive and dangerous of substances, lesser so than caffeine, nicotine, opiates, alcohol, cocaine, or even perhaps the most diabolical substance of all, sugar.  Still, some people that love the “holiday” effects of marijuana too much sometimes get into a kind of rut and under achieve.  On the other hand, there a lot of alpha-dogs that love an evening toke of their favorite herb.





Mmj Doctor:  To explore the wonderful world of medical cannabis in California, you’ll need a licensed doctor’s recommendation to buy MMJ legally in California, until the year 2018.  420 evaluations can be completed in one of our locations in San Francisco and San Jose.  We specialize in  same-day  420 evaluations, cannabis ID cards, grower’s permits and renewals   Our documents are used to obtain medical marijuana at cannabis clubs, cooperatives, dispensaries, delivery services, and other licensed suppliers of cannabis in all California.



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