Medical Marijuana Electronic Medical Records Software

Medical Marijuana Electronic Medical Records Software.

Be a leader with in the constantly changing field of Medical Marijuana sales with our advanced Medical Marijuana Electronic Medical Records (MMJ EMR) software.

An MMJ EMR ( is a digital version of a collection of documentation that contains all of a patients’ required information for dispensing Medical Marijuana and is more profitable than paper recordkeeping because it allows marijuana business to track data, spot clients who are due for updated documentation or delivery, monitor cannabis purchases, and many other tasks. All this information can be used to improve your mmj company’s service.

Just imagine being able to expand your cannabis company because you’re using our medical marijuana electronic medical record system. Making and maintaining unlimited patients profiles, accessing all the required documents and much more is available with our IndicaOnline MMJ EMR Software. This 420 system can simplify workflow and improve the quality of patient’s care.


In the recent past, conversations have about different areas in the health care system. One of these conversations has been about the way medical records, such as files and data, are protected, used and monitored. One of the easiest methods of working through this problem is using our IndicaOnline MMJ EMR system.


There are a number of systems that can make using an EMR system complicated and confusing. Using our software is easy and very effective. When your company is effective you will be confident that your patients will be treated in a manner that will have them coming back. With the documentation and structure our 420 EMR software provides, your patients will get the best customer service and attention.


The benefits are plenty.


The MMJ EMR software is efficient because it provides your business with easy access to verify information about patient’s and physicians in addition to long standing orders. Instead of wasting time rummaging through filing cabinets or piles of paper you will have the speed needed to keep up with your mmj patients’ demands with instant data that is already sorted, allowing for easy interpretation, all on one screen.


Clerical staff can be expensive. With the IndicaOnline MMJ EMR software you can manage your own medical files, data, shipping, and receiving with minimal staff, keeping overhead costs at a reasonable amount. Those savings can be reinvested into your cannabis business.

IndicaOnline has been providing leading 420 POS and MMJ EMR software for the Medical Marijuana industry since 2011. We have enable medical marijuana dispensaries to work with patients in all the legal States, and now Canada. In addition to being able to track and maintain your mmj patients, our MMJ EMR software can provide you with a Daily and an Advanced Financial Summary, Expense Management, and keep track of Physician Licenses.

The IndicaOnline MMJ EMR software is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and exceeds all security requirements.

This 420 software has been created with the idea that all businesses matter. We are committed to propelling cannabis industry into the future by changing positively with using our cutting edge technology. Our mandate is to grow with the ever-changing demands of Medical Marijuana sales and provide the 420 software for all marijuana businesses.



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