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Marijuana, just like many other living organisms such as humans, animals, and various plants, is also dioecious, which means that their reproductive systems are located in separate plants. The ability to distinguish male vs. female marijuana plants is necessary for individuals who grow and breed marijuana. This is because the type of marijuana plant you are dealing with plays a crucial role in determining the quality and value of the end product you will take to the market.

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Male vs. Female Marijuana Difference

It is scientifically proven that only female marijuana plants can deliver potent buds with high THC. The male species of marijuana has low market value because it lacks psychoactive effects and does not deliver the optimum high on consumption. Therefore, selling male marijuana plants is not worth it, but it still has some other uses. 

In any case, female buds get fertilized. It will use most of its energy on seed production instead of developing the juicy high THC buds and flowers. Additionally, male plants can also cause crowding among female plants, limiting the space to allow female species to grow to their full potential. It, therefore, explains why many growers prioritize female seeds if they want to grow a marijuana grade with high selling potential.

When checking for male vs. female marijuana flower growth, you need to understand that females produce flowers while males only have pollen sacs.


Marijuana Plant

Characteristics of Marijuana


How To Tell If Your Plant is Male or Female Before Growing

Marijuana plants display their sex by what grows between the nodes. The male marijuana plants will develop pollen sacs to spread their seeds, and the female plant develops a stigma to receive the pollen in many cases. You will see these variations even weeks before they start getting reproductive.

You cannot determine male vs. female marijuana seeds by how they appear before they are planted. In many cases, you can only identify male vs. female marijuana seedling after it starts sprouting. However, you can purchase feminized seeds from a grower who has expertise in the field and understands male vs. female marijuana seed differences.

  • Male vs. Female Marijuana Checking at Pre-Flowering

To understand the male vs. female marijuana plants, you need to check your plantation before the marijuana plants begin to flower. Four weeks after you planted your marijuana plants, the pre-flower phase begins. Some plants may take a little bit longer. It all depends on how quickly they sprouted after planting. Therefore, it is better to check your plantation 6-7 weeks after planting to check for pre-flowers and take your time to determine the male vs. female characteristics. 

You check for male vs. female marijuana seedlings by looking at the method of sprouting. Female plants sprout with budding upwards or downwards while male seedlings sprout sideways. 

Can a female plant turn male?

It is important to note that a female plant does not turn into a male because the sex is already encoded into the DNA, so it is a matter of genetics and less environmental adaptation of male vs. female marijuana seeds.

Female Marijuana Plants

Female marijuana plants are the most prized, and that is one reason the sex of a plant matters a lot and why we have male vs. female marijuana plants. Before your marijuana plant flowers, you will need to check on the appearance. The primary identifiers will be the protruding of fine, white hairs known as stigma, and you will note that they form a tear-drop-shaped bud. The stigma is part of the female reproductive organs, and you will see them at the nodes where the branches meet the stalk.

Male Marijuana Plants

Just like the female marijuana plant, you will also find sex organs on the male plant. They produce organs known as pollen sacs, growing in between the node and the stalk. Initially, they look like the tiny buds that grow on the female marijuana plants without showing the stigma. In the pre-flowering phase, you will realize that the male plants tend to have a spade-like shape compared to the tear-drop shape of the young females.

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  • Male vs. Female Marijuana Cloning for Sex

This could be the most viable method to determine the sex of your marijuana plants before they achieve maturity. You can achieve this by cutting off a branch from a marijuana plant then placing it on a medium that will help it grow to maturity. When it starts developing roots, you can then take it to your farm and let it grow like an average weed plant.

You will mostly use cloning for sex determination to avoid messing with the male vs. female marijuana seeds. This process saves you a lot of time, especially if you do not want to follow the long route of daily and weekly check-ups on your farm for the pre-flowering and growing process. 

Cloning allows you to get the best genetic factors that will determine how your marijuana plant will grow in terms of growth rate, THC amounts, and the size of buds. We will give you a step-by-step process of how to clone your marijuana plants to determine the sex.

  • When selecting the mother plant, you should be careful about what you are choosing. You need to select a strong plant, has a faster growth rate that produces good yields, with large roots and potent buds. Ensure you cut while the plant is at the vegetative stage.
  • Once you have selected a mother plant for cutting, proceed to clip one of its branches. It is essential to consider the exact place where your roots need to start growing before you proceed to cut. Ensure the cutting is long enough with a couple of nodes under the top of your cutting.
  • If you want to help the cutting develop roots, you will first need to prepare the cutting to grow roots by applying a rooting gel. Once done, place your cutting in the growing medium. Care for your cuttings until they are ready for cloning.

To get your female clones from these cuttings, it is advisable to deprive them of light for at least 12 or more hours during the flowering stage. Do this with consistency for at least two weeks. Your cuttings should be from plants that have already gone through four weeks of vegetative growth. You can do this by looking into the calyx development.

After this time has elapsed, you will see blossoms develop in your cuttings, and you can proceed with the flowering process. Regularly check on your male vs. female marijuana plants to pick all the female plants and then replant them away from males.


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  • Male vs. Female Marijuana Chemical Leaf Testing

Sometimes you may want to identify the gender of your marijuana plant by carrying out a chemical leaf test. You can do this in the earlier stages of plant growth, even when your plant has only three leaves on it. The female vs. male marijuana plant leaf test has become cheaper over time, and you can do them at even $10-$20. This option is good because pre-flowering may be hard to determine for farmers, and cloning is a long process.

To carry out a chemical leaf testing, get a plant sample by punching a hole in the marijuana leaf or taking out a cotyledon. Ensure you use small leaf samples to prevent male vs. female marijuana seedlings from getting affected in the process. The male vs. female leaves samples will then be taken for testing, and you will be able to know the sex of your marijuana.

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Take Away on Male vs. Female Marijuana 

We can now see the essence and benefits of knowing the dynamics behind male vs. female marijuana plants. This process of determining sex can start from as early as three weeks after planting your seedlings. Such identification processes require precision and care because if you do not carefully check the buds on the plants, you may have one or two male plants in your plantation. 

For an excellent marijuana plantation, you must check your farm regularly for male vs. female marijuana plant purity because you may find some plants that have changed their nature as they grow. This could be because of mixed genetic coding or change in optimal conditions that could turn a plant into a hermaphrodite with female and male sex organs.

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