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The terminologies used about cannabis can sound confusing to both seasoned and novice users alike. Most times, botanical terminologies such as flower and budget are tossed around interchangeably with nicknames such as weed, herb, or pot.

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Now that medical marijuana has been legalized in some states, it can perfectly fit most users’ anxiety care plans. Most dispensaries and users nowadays use the term flower instead of buds, but is that the term’s right usage? Here are three reasons why buds are called marijuana flowers.

  • The term distinguishes the plant from other products

When marijuana was made legal, it opened a broader insight into how people viewed the product. Walking into a flower company dispensary and asking for weed meant that you could get edibles, vapes, and hash. Therefore, to distinguish the plant from the dozens of different products, the media and weed users started calling it a flower.

  • The flower is the new term for buds

For a long time, people referred to weed as buds. However, as its use progressed and evolved, people began looking for new ways to call marijuana, and thus buds became known as flowers.



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  • The term is used to refer to the last stages of flowering

Older marijuana guides refer to pollination as flowering. However, newer literature defines flowers with their growing stages. The flowering stage in cannabis plant growth usually happens in the last 6 to 9 weeks of growth. This stage can also be called blooming.

What is the smoking flower?

Smoking flower refers to consuming cannabis in the form of a blunt or joint. Some users prefer using vape pens due to their discreetness and convenience, while others prefer to take the less harmful yet delicious edibles option.

Most flower users prefer to smoke flower as a blunt as there is a rush of kicking back and puffing the smoke to the sky that can’t be found in other marijuana products. This is because vaping and eating edibles usually last for shorter periods than smoking flowers.

The smoking flower also provides users with the real plant flavor compared to flavored edibles and vape pens.

Flower vs. oil: which one is the best?

Legalizing marijuana in some states has seen a substantial increase in the substance’s use. The debate about whether smoking flowers or using oil is harmful and if there is a difference between the two has grown over the years.

While both of these options provide different benefits to their users, they mostly boil down to the user’s needs, preferences, and wants. Most people, however, find that using oil makes them feel generally better than smoking.
Oils are extracts of the cannabis plant and deliver more effects that last longer than smoking flowers. The oils also offer precise dosages, and most consumers usually find that they get the most out of their money by using oils.
Oils are also better because they don’t irritate the respiratory tract like flowers. They are also discreet, meaning that you can use them without anyone knowing. However, the usage of cannabis all depends on the user’s personal choice. While cannabis oils offer greater benefits, many users still prefer using flowers.

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What do buds look like when they start to form

When growing cannabis, it is crucial to ensure that your flowering stages are done right. Any slip-ups during the budding phase can greatly affect your weed flower harvest’s quality and size. However, a few tricks can guarantee a bountiful harvest every time.

Many cannabis strains take about 9 weeks for the flowering period to end. Some Sativa, however, take longer before their buds mature. Here is a weekly guide on how your hemp flower is supposed to mature.

Week 1

During the first week, your plant will experience what is referred to as the stretch phase. Stretching happens when the plant doubles in height during the first week. During this time, your plant will develop plenty of leaves and stem for strength.

The stretching phase is the best time for you to train your plant using Low-Stress Training (LST). Low-Stress Training refers to bending the stems away from the plant’s center to get a canopy that will allow your plant to receive as much light for a greater harvest.

Week 2

In the second week, the first white pistils will start growing out of your plant. The fine and wispy hairs that grow in the locations where the leaves meet the stem are what will develop to become your buds.

Week 3

The plant is now 50 times bigger than how it was before. Although the plant is still in its stretching phase, the stretch has significantly reduced and is about to halt altogether. You will start to see real buds developing in the areas where you first saw the white wispy hairs.

There won’t be resin glands on your plant just yet, so the plant won’t have a pungent smell. In this stage, your plant is using up a lot of energy. Therefore, you need to ensure that you give it the appropriate nutrients. Ensure that you check the labels for dosage precision.

In the third stage, your plant also becomes a “picky eater.” Always watch out for any potential deficiencies that might affect the plant. Some of the signs that your plant is malnutrition include yellow, discolored leaves, or loss of leaves.
While malnutrition is usually a great source of concern, ensure that your plant isn’t overfed. Overfeeding it might lead to nutrient burn.


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Week 4

During this time, your plant will likely stop growing, and they are now using all their energy to grow the buds. Although some white hairs will be left, the buds will become fatter and bigger. Here are some 4 weeks into flowering pictures for reference.

Week 5

All the buds are now thicker, and other buds are growing in new areas. At this time, your plant will now have a pungent smell. If you’re growing the plant indoors, ensure that you have a good ventilation system.

Weeks 6,7 and 8

Your cannabis plant is ready for harvest. For the ones that aren’t ready, they may be experiencing their late flowering stage before harvest.

What is the flowering stretch, and how to prepare for it?

A flowering stretch is a burst of massive and fast growth that often happens after changing to the flowering phase. Stretching is a stage one phase of growing weed flower. During this time, your plant will experience a significant increase in height. Stretching, however, doesn’t happen to all strains. Some strains stretch while others don’t.
There are two things you can do to plan for the stretch phase. First, research your strain. Knowing what you’re growing gives you a lot of information about what to do when the plant grows too tall. Next, make room for a tall plant. Plan out your space and plan for any adjustments incase the plant grows taller than you expect. Finally, reduce the stretch by training your plant using Low-Stress Training.

How do I find a flower dispensary near me?

If you’re looking to grow your own cannabis plant, you should research the best flower company dispensary near you. Please give them a visit and determine which strain will be the best for you.

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