The right EMR software can be one of the best assets for a doctor.

The right EMR software can be one of the best assets for a doctor.

Imagine starting a company involving medical marijuana recommendations online through a website with good marketing and advertising. As a physician, obviously the main objective is to get as many patients processed daily as possible.

However, the software and database being used just are not working. This can be frustrating, but the problem is going to be getting patients handled in a timely fashion. There are so many different medical marijuana websites that do recommendations online. The process is really simple, but the wrong software and management can be detrimental to a new business. Here are five success stories of medical marijuana doctors finding the right software and building a successful business.

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Old School Technology

Yes, believe it or not – some doctors are just not familiar with the software. This is the case with a group of physicians getting ready to retire and wanted to still be a part of the healthcare industry. Yes, cell phones were something these doctors were familiar with, but any type of techniques involving a computer or even a webcam was not something they had utilized before. In order for their website to function properly, they needed to get the right MMJ doctor software that was user-friendly and it also needed to function efficiently.

Their budget for advertising and marketing was substantial, so the projected figures for patients/sales were going to be high. Within the first week of launching their website, it was apparent that these physicians needed to do something different immediately. They were running into multiple problems with patient accounts and trying to enter data into a patient account, plus getting the recommendation processed properly was also becoming an issue. These doctors hired a consultant to find them the best MMJ software and within a few days, their system had been transitioned.

There was a slight learning curve involved, but in less than a week these semi-retired physicians were starting to see patients through a webcam and do medical marijuana consultations. The entire process ended up becoming a huge success and within a few months, each of these doctors fully retired and now operate a successful medical marijuana recommendation website with excellent EMR software.


MMJ Dispensary Expansion

A group of doctors decided to open up a dispensary for an expansion of their business. Over the years, their clientele had grown, because they had a successful walk-in clinic for MMJ recommendations. They felt it was time to expand, but they were going to work on opening a dispensary. This was a complex move, but one of the main concerns throughout the entire process was making sure that all of the medical records would be able to transfer from one business to another.

The reason this was so important: why not become a one-stop-shop and not only issue out a medical marijuana recommendation but also offer the product as well? Each of these doctors could see the huge potential, but the biggest concern was trying to get a system implemented where the medical records would be accessible from one location to another. After some research and consultations with different software companies, they decided to switch to a new MMJ EMR doctor software that allowed all of their patient records to become all EMR.

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This was a very wise move and it made it so the patients could get their medical consultation with a doctor, then go to the dispensary. Their EMR could be entered by the employees at the dispensary and the patient would be able to purchase their products. Not only did this become efficient, but it also became a successful transition making a great deal of money.


The Hard Copy Paper Storage

After years of operating a MMJ practice and seeing thousands of clients, a successful doctor finally decided that his office building was being cluttered by hundreds of boxes of medical records. Not just a few, but the doctor actually had to rent another building next door just for the storage.

A patient of his suggested that he might try an EMR MMJ software to eliminate all of the excessive paperwork, because it was getting to become a real hassle. At first, the doctor was not really too keen on the idea of having an actual medical file on a patient become an electronic record viewed from a device, but the doctor decided to check out more information. Once the doctor realized how much easier everything was going to be and that the doctor would not need to spend so much time updating charts, the switch was scheduled.

It did take some transitioning and some scanning of existing records, but after a few months, the doctor was pleased to see that he could actually see more patients in a day and the patients were happy with shorter visits. Another beneficial part of the transition was: patients could log into their patient portal and view all of their information online.

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Investors for EMR technology

Bitcoin and Marijuana

Bitcoin and Marijuana

A brand-new MMJ website online put together by a bunch of hard-working individuals was trying to create a website that was more of a host for doctors to work as independent contractors from different states where medical marijuana is legal.

The website provided only support, but the biggest problem was getting the software to work correctly. The site had a horrible problem with connecting patients to doctors and patient management was always a problem. A simple spreadsheet is how all of the patients were being managed. The site was also looking for investors in the beginning, but none of these investors saw any type of success, because the site could barely process 25 patients per day due to all of the problems.

After some time, an MMJ software representative contacted them and did a presentation on all of the benefits. Not only were the investors impressed, but all of the issues with connecting patients to doctors would be eliminated. Patient management would also be easier and the biggest bonus of all – patients could do their medical marijuana consultation from their cell phone.

MMJ EMR is the wave of the future for any MMJ business


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