420 Evaluations Online Scam

420 evaluations online scam

420 Evaluations Online Scam 

Beware of 420 evaluations online scams. They will take your money and you’re medical marijuana card will be invalid. But how do you know if you’re being scammed? Hopefully, we can help you with key points on how to spot the scammers. 

MMJ doctors are state-licensed doctors and they abide by the same standards as most physicians in health care. Just like your primary care physician, you want to be able to trust your medical marijuana doctor with your healthcare advice and recommendations. Despite what people may tell you, a medical marijuana doctor has an obligation to conduct his or her practice under compliance of county and state regulations mandated under medical marijuana law. 

Unfortunately, as California begins to allow recreational marijuana, the number of 420 evaluation online scams may increase. What’s even worse is that these fraudulent mmj doctors may even put you, the patient, at jeopardy of legal repercussions. That’s why MMJ Doctor and ZenMD would like to make sure that our patients and future patients are educated about the laws of medical marijuana and why we are the preferred medical marijuana doctors in California. 

At ZenMD, our medical marijuana doctors are fully-licensed in the state of California are understand the legal aspects of recommending medical marijuana to patients. To learn more about how you can get a medical marijuana card online from ZenMD, visit www.zenmd.com or download ZenMD on your smartphone. 



How Can I Spot a 420 Evaluation Online Scam? 

Medical Marijuana Online Evaluations should be done by a California Licensed doctors. In 420 evaluations online case, they do not have any doctors conducting online evaluations. They are selling fake mmj cards with fake signatures. They claim that doctor evaluates your case without even talking to you  – it is 100% SCAM. In order to get a medical marijuana recommendation you should be evaluated by a doctor  but you never see any doctor at 420evaluationsonline com.  A medical marijuana doctor that is legal and fully compliant with state regulations will follow certain protocols. Just like your first visit to a primary healthcare physician, you will be asked to provide medical information and even documentation about the condition for which you are seeking a medical marijuana recommendation.  

Some medical marijuana doctors may provide a formal medical evaluation to properly understand your condition. For online doctors, this will involve a series of questions that focus on the symptoms of the condition you stated on the provided medical information. One way to expedite the process is have documentation from the doctor who originally diagnosed you with the condition. However, a formal diagnosis is not necessary at the time of your examination.  

Here’s the first sign of a scam: The physician’s assistant conducts the examination. 

Although physician assistants may help in collecting the information, they are not legally allowed to conduct examinations. At 420 evaluations online you wont bee seen by a physician`s assistant ether. According to the Department of Consumer Affairs Physician Assistant Board, “A PA [physician assistant] can evaluate a patient consistent with the PA’s delegation of services agreement. However, only a physician is authorized to recommend medical use of marijuana pursuant to Health and Safety code section 11362.5” (pac.ca.gov, 2016). To ensure that you are speaking with a medical doctor online, you can simply ask if they are a medical marijuana doctor or a physician assistant.  

Although medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal on the state level in California and several other states, they are still not legal on the federal level across the United States. In fact, the feds still consider marijuana a Schedule 1 drug, which basically means that it has no medical significance. If you know anything about marijuana, you know that’s not true. To read more about schedule 1 drugs and why marijuana is still considered a schedule 1 drug, click here. 

Here’s the second sign of a scam: The doctor prescribes” marijuana. 

Since marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 drug, the law prevents doctors from “prescribing” medical marijuana. However, a medical marijuana doctor may “recommend” his or her patients to use medical marijuana to help relieve symptoms of certain conditions. So if the online doctor continues to use the phrase “prescribe marijuana” in any way, then you should end your session or leave that facility if you’re physically there.  

After you end your session with the 420 Evaluations Online Scam, you next step should be to find a doctor that will recommend medical marijuana. For that, visit www.ZenMD.net or www.mmjdoctor.com and schedule an appointment with the MMJ doctor near you 

Medical marijuana doctors who recommend medical marijuana, whether it is online or in person, must follow strict guidelines in accordance with state law. This includes not have direct contact with marijuana. 

Here is the third sign of a scam: The medical center is part of the dispensary. 

It is important for people to understand the difference between a marijuana dispensary and the office or medical center of the medical marijuana doctor. Dispensaries distribute medical marijuana. The offices or medical centers of the medical marijuana doctor are separate. Most importantly, they are not adjacent buildings, in the same building, or even under the same name. In fact, the medical marijuana doctor cannot physically provide the patient with medical marijuana. So if the doctor tries to hand you a bag of weed, don’t take it!  

If you are unsure if your recommending physician is illegal, simply follow the above suggestions. For a legitimate medical marijuana recommendation online, visit zenmd.com for your medical marijuana card online today.  

At ZenMD, our medical marijuana doctors are fully-licensed in the state of California are understand the legal aspects of recommending medical marijuana to patients. To learn more about how you can get a medical marijuana card online from ZenMD, visit www.zenmd.net or download ZenMD on your smartphone. 

420 evaluations online scam

420 evaluations online scam


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