5 benefits of CBD as a pre-workout diet

The legalization of medicinal cannabis and its compounds like CBD and their use for recreational purposes have triggered the demand for various kinds of cannabis products like Rolex Canada hash. This trend is chiefly because of two reasons – first, more and more studies are coming up which give a positive connection between use of CBD for example,  studies now have shown that CBD has the potential to treat many diseases like epilepsy, cancer, etc. and health and second, people are desperate to try out new stuff.

Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and sportspersons of almost all kinds are fans of pre-workout diet. Because a healthy and nourishing food right before a workout session will provide the energy needed for the workout and also help to compensate for the loss of energy during the workout. Cannabis has become the happening thing in the health industry right now. But does cannabis also make a good pre-workout diet, making its place stronger in the fitness industry as well? This is something we shall explore in this article. We shall look into 5 Benefits of CBD As a Pre-workout Diet.

Before getting into the subject, we shall look into the trends of cannabis consumption methods.

Methods for taking CBD

Methods for taking CBD

If you intend to take CBD for a pre-workout diet, here are a few ways you can start.

1) Smoking Weed

This method is very controversial, especially in the fitness industry. The reason for this controversy is very simple. Smoking anything, including a cannabis plant, results in the depositing of tar in the lungs which gradually builds up and blocks the alveoli in the lungs. This decreases the oxygen absorbing capacity of the lungs.  Cannabis is not bad but the smoke is harmful to the lungs.

But, many sportsmen claim that smoking weed before a workout session helps them to focus and achieve their fitness goals and they see an immediate effect. This is because the cannabinoids including CBD get into the lungs and then go directly to the bloodstream within seconds. If smoking is not your thing, you can always consider vaping CBD oil.

2) Vapes

A vape (vaporizer) is an electronic device that lets you inhale the vapours of any particular substance (CBD oil in this case).  A vape tank filled with concentrated CBD oil is heated to vaporize it and people inhale its vapours. This will be a little more potent than smoking weed( due to concentrated CBD oil).

3) CBD Infused edibles

If you are a foodie, you can always take CBD in the form of chocolates and other such edibles infused with CBD oil. Luckily these days CBD infused food is not just restricted to brownies. There are plenty of healthy drinks and yummy snacks infused with CBD.

4) Steroids

Though not CBD, but steroid is an important part of the fitness industry. There may be many negative talks about steroids but if taken under proper guidance and dosage it can turn out to be very beneficial. Products like female steroids which can people either inject into the muscles directly or consume orally are becoming increasingly popular among women.

Let’s have a look into how CBD can be one of the best pre-workout diets ever:

Let’s have a look into how CBD can be one of the best pre-workout diets ever:

1) Improve Mental Functioning

Studies show that overuse of cannabis for a long time (even for as long as 28 days) can impair cognitive abilities (the sample essentially contained THC, a psychotic compound in cannabis). But other studies show that the consumption of CBD actually improves cognitive functioning.

Many athletes have reported that having cannabis before, during or even after their practice session helps to reduce anxiety, and also to keep calm and focused on the practice. Regular practice needs you to get into a meditative state of mind to help you to continue your session until you complete your daily workout goals for a long time.

2) CBD Improves Immunity

CBD has antioxidant properties, which help to ward off infections and boost the immune system. Definitely, there is nothing more frustrating than training for months and falling sick just before an important event.

Does CBD prevent you from catching the flu or a cold? It’s not that simple, according to the scientists. They have found out that there is an increase in the number of virus cells in the body in patients with a weak immune system like HIV, hepatitis B and/or Ebola virus. So, the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis may help in reducing the damage to the immune system because of these infections. And this impacts your ability to hit the gym (who hits the gym when ill?). So, CBD ensures that you have the least possible infections so that you can be more regular to your workout session.

3) CBD helps to Boost Energy

CBD is different from THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis which has a deteriorating effect on thinking, mood, and energy in the long term. CBD increases the level of anandamide which is the natural anti-depressant of the body.

What’s more, CBD also has anti-anxiety properties, thus helping you to be less prone to mood-related psychological disorders. So, CBD not only keeps you motivated throughout the workout session but also keep you away from mood-related psychological disorders.

4) CBD Increases your threshold for pain

The most demotivating part of a fitness routine is the pain and fatigue that come after a workout session. While you can handle fatigue by taking rest and vitamin supplements, pain becomes a major cause of concern.

The exercise routine breaks the muscles of the body and they get rebuilt in a course of time. This causes the pain that we experience after strenuous exercise or work. Ingesting CBD before exercise helps to deal effectively with such pain and there are no possible serious side-effects. So, you can make your life easy by consuming CBD in prescribed amounts.

5) CBD and Anti-Catabolism

A question that remains after some results of the exercise routine start showing up is this – how to maintain it? Most of us are aware of what follows in case a bodybuilder skips his exercise routine. The body starts regaining the mass and muscle it had lost. So, skip your exercise for a few weeks and you will be in the same condition which you wanted to get rid of. CBD has anti-catabolic effects which means that CBD prevents this regrowth of the body. So, if you are using CBD regularly as a part of your pre-workout diet, your body will not lose its shape if you skip exercise for a few days. Basically, what CBD does is to slow down muscle breakdowns.

How Much to Consume?

If you are a beginner, you can start by consuming small amounts of CBD oil orally and see the effects. If everything goes well, you can continue to use CBD and increase your dosage gradually.

So, what are you waiting for? Chew on a CBD protein bar or snack before hitting the gym to get the maximum of your workout session without much pain. All the best!

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