Medical marijuana testimonials

Many have described medical marijuana as a magic bullet due to its ability to treat different illnesses. For decades, medical marijuana has helped patients to reclaim their lives, thus enabling them to live healthily again. Cannabis doesn’t cure the body alone, but also the soul. Patients who have used it point out that it not only cured them but also enabled them to live happier lives. They think that medical marijuana gave them a new lease on life.

Every day, the number of ailments that medical marijuana treats increases. Undoubtedly, this is a huge success, which attests to the impressive ability of medical marijuana. Similarly, medical marijuana has been proven to be effective at minimizing the side effects of many disorders. It’s expected that in the coming years, we will be counting on this magical plant as a remedy for most diseases and their painful side effects.

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Medical Marijuana Legalization

Medical marijuana is legalized in many parts of the USA and the UK. It’s expected that the legalization will spread to other parts of the world in the coming years. Legalization has gone a long way in changing people’s perception of medical marijuana. For this reason, we are sharing the experiences of 5 individuals who have benefitted from medical marijuana.

Here’s what they had to say.


1.  Alyssa Jackson

Age: 21 Years
Gender: Female

Here’s Alyssa sharing her experience with medical marijuana and how it positively changed her life. Before she started using it, Alyssa had plunged to the depths of depression. As a way of escaping from the world, she’d lock herself away in her bedroom for days on end. Whenever she found herself in a crowd, she always had the urge to fake her own self. Most times, she felt like she couldn’t face the world altogether. This made her depressed all the more. As soon as she started using medical marijuana, Alyssa began to feel better about herself and the world. Here’s a look into her medical marijuana journey.

Q: Hello, Can You Briefly Explain Your Battle with Depression?

I got married quite early, and that played a significant role in dragging me down the depression drain. Throughout the marriage, I endured physical and psychological abuse, which shut my mind. I didn’t even know what to do to restore my emotional wellbeing. I underwent a period of utmost darkness until I decided to break the chain of abuse.

Getting out of the abusive marriage didn’t help to heal my depression. I still couldn’t feel myself, and everything around me seemed like a lie. I couldn’t trust or count on anyone. It’s at that point that I decided to stand up for myself. Since I wasn’t in my senses, it took more time for me to make any decision. However, the decisions that I made about myself always turned out to be wise.


Medical marijuana and mental health problems

Medical Marijuana Helps with Several Mental Problems


Q: How Did You Realize That Medical Marijuana Could Be a Solution to Your Depression?

I was introduced to medical marijuana by a friend who was on medication herself. I was somewhat skeptical at first, and this stopped me from consulting a medic right away. Nevertheless, I still thought of marijuana treatment as life-changing. I decided to look for the physician whom my friend had consulted before embarking on her treatment. I was advised to take medical marijuana too, and indeed, it has worked wonders.

Initially, I was a little reluctant about medical marijuana treatment. But, I soon gained confidence in the treatment, and myself. This has gone a long way in making me who I am. I didn’t have the idea that the treatment would be effective in helping me regain control of my life.

Q: What was The Greatest Motivation in Your Medical Marijuana Journey?

When my marriage failed, I thought my world had collapsed around me. I couldn’t drink, eat, or go out because social settings were a nightmare to me. Everything had fallen apart, and nothing seemed sorted. However, I realized that I was the only one who could fix myself. Consequently, I started working to restart my life. I had endured so many miserable moments in life, and I now wanted to experience the positivity and goodness that life has to offer. However, my depression kept worsening even though I was trying to overcome it as best as I could. Thanks to medical marijuana, I was finally able to do it.

Q: Who Helped You to Acquire Your Medical Marijuana Card?

I didn’t have an idea about how to apply for my medical marijuana card, or where to look for it in the first place. Fortunately, the doctor that my friend recommended was of great help throughout the process. His vast experience came in handy since I didn’t encounter any challenges when applying for my card. In fact, after the first two visits, I had garnered enough knowledge about the entire process.

After submitting my application for the card, I was evaluated by my doctor. He thoroughly examined my condition before recommending medical marijuana. Within a couple of days, a recommendation letter was sent to me. To sum it up, obtaining my medical marijuana card wasn’t a hustle since I had the doctor to guide me. All I had to do was stick to all procedures required of me. After acquiring the card, I could get marijuana from dispensaries in my state.

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Medical marijuana card Online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online


Q: How Long Did the Application Process Take?

It must have been around three weeks before I received my marijuana card. After consulting my doctor, he evaluated me to establish whether I was the right candidate for the card. He carried out multiple tests so that he could assign the most suitable condition, bearing in mind my condition at that time. After receiving my card, I headed straight to a nearby dispensary, and that’s how I embarked on marijuana treatment. Surprisingly, I felt better within a couple of days.

I must admit that I’ve had an amazing experience with medical marijuana. It has helped me regain control of my life. I’m living my best life, and I’ve never been happier or healthier.


2.  Edison Joseph

Age: 26 Years
Gender: Male

Edison’s life took a turn for the worse after he got involved in an accident. His spinal cord was injured, and this saw him suffer painful and unending spasms. This left him hopeless because he couldn’t see a way out of his predicament. Edison’s ordeal came to an end when someone recommended medical marijuana. He concedes that his life changed for the best. Before embarking on treatment, he had never imagined living a day without the fear of pain.

Here’s a breakdown of Edison’s experiences.

Q: How Did You Get Injured?

I have always been a sporty person. From a young age, sports always brought out the best in me. I got injured one June evening while playing basketball at home. What started as a typical day ended up being the worst of my life. While playing, I somehow lost consciousness before falling on the ground. That probably happened because I had gone all day without having a meal. As I lay down, I didn’t have an idea about the magnitude of what had just happened, but I was in excruciating pain.

That day, I was at home with my dad alone and he rushed me to the hospital right away where multiple tests were undertaken. I also had my spinal cord compressed in an attempt to suppress the pain. However, nothing seemed to work. Even after leaving the hospital, I still thought that everything was over that I would never be healthy again. I always thought that the painful sensations would kill me one day. Things were never the same again.


How marijuana helps with aches

How Medical Marijuana Helps with Aches


Q: How Long Was the Hospital Stay?

I was in the hospital for 13 days, although it took much longer for me to recover because I had to complete a rehabilitation program. Even after getting discharged, my condition was unbearable and difficult to deal with. I’m glad that I embarked on medical marijuana treatment and recovered as a result.

Q: What Made You Believe that Medical Marijuana and pain are related?

Even before I started using it, I had heard tales of people who got cured after using medical marijuana. Living in Florida was an added advantage because marijuana is legal in the state. When the idea of medical marijuana popped up in my heard, I had no second thoughts. I didn’t want to keep experiencing the debilitating pain sensations that were affecting all aspects of my life. Because my condition was preventing me from visiting dispensaries, I relied on my caretakers to do my pickups. I have to thank my family members for being supportive. They applied for the marijuana card on my behalf. It didn’t take long for me to receive the card.

Q: Was the Treatment an Overnight Success?

I was sure that the benefits of marijuana wouldn’t show overnight, but even while in pain, I was patient. However, the way marijuana worked surprised me. I’d never imagined that things would work out for me. The painful sensations had become too much for me, but I didn’t lose hope. After I started using marijuana, the painful sensations began subsiding. It even became easier for me to resume my normal activities. For the first time after the horrible accident, I was happy and lively. Today, I’m able to do everything on my own rather than being housebound by pain.

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Q: How did Medical Marijuana Change Your Life?

The suffering that I underwent after the accident left me thinking that I’d probably never live healthily again. There are moments when I thought I had nothing to live for, and that nothing could be done to remedy my situation. I was on the verge of giving up. When I started using medical cannabis, I felt normal again. I was able to lift myself from the darkest phase of my life. The accident and the resulting pain had clouded my mind to the point that I feared I’d never walk again.

Because my condition was critical, it’s my guardian who helped me get medical marijuana. My dad helped with arranging marijuana evaluations. He was there at the worst moments of my life. Since I was unconscious, I couldn’t tell how long it took me to acquire the certificate and obtain medical cannabis from dispensaries. However, my dad says it took about two weeks to complete the process. I also have to thank my doctor because he was there to guide my dad through all processes involved. All in all, I must admit that my life would never have been the same again without medical marijuana, and I’ll forever be grateful for that.


3. Thomas Tristan

Age: 30 Years
Gender: Male

Thomas is a former alcoholic. At the height of his alcoholism, there were days when he would feel so bad about himself to the extent of staying in bed all day. He didn’t even have the energy to step into the kitchen to get something to eat. Each passing day, his condition seemed to worsen. Mood swings, shaky hands, and tremors were the order of the day.

At the height of it all, it occurred to him one day that he should retake control of his life. That’s when he embarked on medical marijuana treatment. He was surprised after realizing that marijuana was curing his erratic body movements besides stabilizing his energy levels. As a result, he was able to carry out his normal daily activities with is, besides rediscovering his passion for art. Let’s have a look at his medical marijuana story.

Q: At What Age Did You Get Hooked On Alcohol?

I must have been about 20 when I started taking alcohol. At first, I only drank occasionally, but with time, I became a full-blown alcoholic. I had the habit of drinking alone, and therefore, there wasn’t a control method that I could use to control the amount of alcohol I consumed. By the time I realized that I was a full alcoholic, it was too late. Initially, I tried withdrawing from alcohol on my own. However, this didn’t work as I wanted. I knew that I had to control my habit when things started getting out of hand.


How marijuana helps with addiction

Medical Marijuana Success Rate with Addiction


Q: Did You Experience Any Struggle While Battling Alcohol Addiction?

Indeed, life itself became a struggle. I was experiencing varying emotional lows and highs, which made my life miserable. Every day, I felt anxious about my lack of sleep. Besides, other symptoms of alcoholism started manifesting themselves. There are moments when I couldn’t perform simple tasks such as holding a glass of water because my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. The nauseous feelings, complete blackouts, and hand tremors made my life miserable.

When things started getting out of hand, I took it upon myself to seek treatment. I underwent different treatments with little success. I only got a breakthrough when a friend suggested that I try out medical marijuana. I wasn’t sure that it would work, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. Needless to say, that has been the best decision of my life. From the beginning, I knew that I wouldn’t see immediate results. However, I realized I was on the right track when my moods stabilized immediately. As we speak, I’m on the path to recovery, thanks to medical marijuana.

Q: How Did You Obtain Medical Marijuana?

It wasn’t difficult for me to obtain marijuana. I started my treatment by consulting doctors. It took a while to find a good doctor, but when I got one, the process became seamless. The doctor evaluated my condition before giving me a prescription. Thereafter, I was able to obtain marijuana from local dispensaries. ToThe cut the story short, I consulted a marijuana doctor and then got a recommendation letter that allows me to purchase the product from legal dispensaries near me. I didn’t experience any problems since the entire procedure was seamless. Since I started using marijuana, I have fully experienced its benefits.

Q: Have You Ever Overdosed on Medical Marijuana?

Before I started using medical cannabis, a routine was mapped out for me. The last thing I wanted was to hop from alcohol addiction to marijuana addiction. For this reason, I’ve always been considerate about the amount of marijuana that I take. Likewise, I ensure that my routine check-ups are done on time and that I stick to my treatment plan and prescribed dosages. I was required to take cannabis thrice daily, and here’s a breakdown of my routine:

  • Dose 1: After breakfast
  • Dose 2: After lunch
  • Dose 3: after dinner, or just before I go to sleep

To gain strength, I also embarked on a workout routine. This has played a critical role in helping me overcome my alcohol addiction, besides getting me back on my feet.

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Medical marijuana card Online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online


Q: Are You Satisfied with Your Present Condition?

To say that I’m satisfied is an understatement. But to tell the truth, I was initially scared because marijuana treatment was all-new to me. Besides, I didn’t want to get into another addiction. However, things have worked for me quite well. After embarking on medical marijuana treatment, I started having fewer alcohol cravings. The symptoms of alcoholism also started fading away. This left me feeling fitter and healthier than ever before.

Alcohol caused me lots of problems, especially in my past relationships, but things are now improving. I’ve even started patching things up with family members and friends who had alienated themselves from me due to my addiction. So yes, I’m happy about everything and looking forward to becoming a better person in the future.


4. Sophia Wiley

Age: 52 Years
Gender: Female

Sophia is an American citizen suffering from thyroid cancer. She was a typical middle-aged lady until her life was turned upside down the day cancer was discovered in her. The world seemed to collapse around her. What’s worse, the treatment that she underwent had adverse side effects that left her feeling miserable. She stumbled upon medical marijuana, and it helped her get through the most difficult time of her life.

So, let’s get to hear from her.

Q: Briefly Explain Your Battle with Cancer (Thyroid cancer)

I was a bubbly 45-year old woman when I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I got dejected because I thought that was the end of the road for me. I was only able to hold myself together because of my kids. I knew that if the worst happened, they would have no one to take care of them. That alone made me realize that I had to live and be there for them.

I started treatment soon after my treatment. The first few chemotherapy sessions were horrendous, and the side effects began to show immediately. I must admit that these side effects were hard to bear. There are days when I couldn’t bear it, and all I could do was cry my heart out. Hair loss, nausea, fatigue, and skin issues became the order of the day. In a nutshell, my life was a mess.

In the midst of all this, I decided to try out marijuana medication. I started by consulting my doctors for a recommendation and proper evaluation of my case. Medical marijuana has worked for me, and I must say that thanks to it, I’ve been able to survive the horrible side effects of cancer treatment.


How can medical marijuana help cancer patients

How Medical Marijuana Benefit Cancer Patients


Q: What was the Ingestion Method Recommended by Your Doctor?

My doctor prescribed both vaping and smoking because he knew I was having difficulties chewing. Chewing was a burdensome, thus the reason why my doctor asked me to consider either vaping or smoking. Typically, cancer patients can ingest marijuana in four different ways, that is vaping, eating, smoking, and topicals. In my case, I preferred vaping.

Q: How Long Did It Take for the Cancer Symptoms to Disappear?

Even after multiple chemotherapy sessions, my condition wasn’t getting any better. The symptoms kept getting worse. I thought this was normal, and so I tried to tolerate it all at first. However, when the side effects kept worsening, I asked my doctor to recommend medical cannabis. You must probably be wondering how the idea came to my head. Well, I had heard numerous tales about patients who turned to medical marijuana to alleviate the side effects of cancer treatment. I also knew about the quick actions that medical marijuana takes for different disorders.

As soon as I embarked on medical marijuana treatment, my condition improved dramatically. It didn’t take long for me to start benefiting from marijuana. I instantly began feeling energized, Besides, my appetite improved, and I wasn’t feeling nauseated anymore. Before starting treatment, I was on the verge of losing my mobility, but within the first few months, I could do everything on my own. To date, I’m living a healthy and normal life.

Q: Tell Us Briefly How Your Medical Cannabis Journey Conducted

Opting for medical marijuana was something so unusual for me. I wasn’t sure whether it would be successful for my case. I didn’t even know whether marijuana is legal in my state or not. I asked for people’s opinions on the unorthodox path that I was about to take and surprisingly, many of them were in favor of medical marijuana. After consulting my doctors and getting the recommendation, it didn’t take long for me to obtain my first dose and experience the full benefits of medical marijuana. After obtaining marijuana, I began using it thrice daily. In a few days, my pain started decreasing. I could also go about my day to day activities with ease.

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Q: Did Cannabis Help Kill Your Tumor Cells?

Due to my relatively limited knowledge of medical cannabis, I wasn’t aware of its impact on tumor cells, but I knew and believed that it would help with the cancer symptoms and treatment side effects that I was experiencing. I had no idea about the impact of cannabis on the tumor cells.

I didn’t consume marijuana to kill the tumor inside my body, but rather, to treat the severe pain that I was experiencing. Surprisingly, the tumor also started dying. Better still my body’s healthy cells didn’t get damaged because marijuana only inhibited the tumor cells.

Q: How Contented Are You with Cannabis Treatment?

Before embarking on marijuana treatment, I was under constant pressure. Battling cancer was a massive job ahead of me, and I didn’t want to mess things all the more by getting addicted. Despite being somehow apprehensive at first, I decided to give the treatment a chance because I had exhausted my options. After I started using medical cannabis, the results were instant and better than I expected. Even though I’m still on treatment, cannabis has enabled me to withstand the side effects of cancer therapy. Things are falling in place since I’m in a position to take care of my kids. Besides, I’m happier and healthier. The legalization of medical marijuana in my home state, California, is something that I’ll always be grateful for. It has not only saved my life but also enabled me to work and provide for my family.


5. Hannah Beck

Age: 27 Years
Gender: Female

Hanna’s weight issues started while she was still in high school. She had little control over her diet, and as a result, her weight kept ballooning. At 25, her weight stood at a whopping 200 pounds. This left her feeling depressed and with low self-esteem. She couldn’t gather the courage to speak in front of a small crowd. Hannah underwent an inspiring weight loss journey, thanks to cannabis. Today, she’s fitter than ever. Let’s delve into her story to get an idea about how she was able to overcome her weight issues.

Q: What Spurred You to Lose Weight?

I was tired of getting mocked by people because of my appearance. The body-shaming was just too much, to the extent that I started getting depressed. I couldn’t even leave the house without feeling bad about myself. Initially, I tried shedding weight by working out, but I still found it difficult to observe my routines and diet plans. I wasn’t making any meaningful progress. Things turned for the worse when it became difficult to perform simple tasks.

After trying everything that I could think of, I started consulting medical practitioners about using marijuana medication to lose weight. I consulted extensively because I knew I was at a high risk of suffering a heart attack due to my weight. But, when I started using marijuana, my weight also reduced. Today, I’m happy, healthy, and confident.


How marijuana helps with weight loss

How Medical Marijuana Helps with Weight Loss


Q: How Long Did it Take for Marijuana to Help You Lose Weight?

In my case, I knew that I wouldn’t attain the desired results overnight. Nevertheless, marijuana has worked wonders over time. Within the first few months of taking marijuana, my weight started reducing. This didn’t come as a surprise to me because I knew cannabis boosts body metabolism, thus the reason I was shedding weight. Besides, my mobility increased because I was feeling more energized and relaxed due to the calming effects of marijuana.

Q: Has Marijuana Medication Changed Your Life?

Indeed, my life has changed and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I stated that marijuana has changed my life completely. It feels happy to be re-integrated into my social settings without feeling conscious about my weight. I’ve even started making friends since people no longer give the funny looks I used to get previously. I consider myself a new person with ambitions and dreams to work on.

Q: Who Recommended Medical Marijuana to You?

Before embarking on my weight loss journey with medical marijuana, I had asked tens of people to recommend the most effective diet plan. Besides, I tried modeling my lifestyle in different healthy living routines, but with limited success. Medical cannabis was recommended to me by a family friend. She told of how it worked effectively for people battling with weight issues. That stirred my interest and got me thinking that I should give it a try.

I started by reading about medical marijuana, the process of obtaining it, and its impacts on the body. I was delighted when I learned that it could help me. The following morning, I scheduled an appointment with a marijuana doctor who examined me and understood that my excessive weight was negatively affecting my life. He helped me obtain a recommendation. I received my marijuana letter in two days. On the same day, I visited a dispensary near me for my first dose. I got the recommended strain as per the doctor’s instructions. So far, the results have been impressive because I have a more positive outlook about myself. My weight has also reduced.

Marijuana and weight loss has been a hot topic since the very beginning. Start your weight loss journey with medical marijuana card today!

Medical marijuana has shown tremendous benefits when it comes to losing weight!



Q: Do Your Friends Ever Complain that Cannabis Has Impacted Your Relationship with Them?

At first most of my family members and friends were a little skeptical about what I was getting myself into. They thought that it wasn’t a good idea to use marijuana for weight-loss purposes. Since I was desperate to shed weight, I realized that I had to disregard their advice. I’m glad that I didn’t pay attention to the concerns that they raised.

Medical marijuana enabled me to go through the darkest phase of my life. Before I started using it, I was so hopeless about my weight and the resultant body shaming. Time has passed since I started using medical marijuana, and I’m pleased that it hasn’t affected my relationships in any way. Those who raised concerns that medical marijuana wasn’t good option praise the impact that it has had in my life.

Final words

Marijuana has changed the lives of many people for the better. Many people around the world concede that it has stirred up their emotions. Those who had plunged to the depths of hopelessness and despair have found hope in cannabis and now live happy and healthy lives.

After reading the five inspirational weed stories and many others, you’ll undoubtedly be filled with optimism. These are people who struggled with different conditions, which they overcame after embarking on marijuana medication. Many people around the world are seeing the benefits of medical marijuana every day. The effectiveness of this herb is enabling people to regain their hope and work to realize their dreams.

Now that you understand the benefits of medical marijuana on the body and mind, you shouldn’t hide behind the bush and watch from afar as others get better. Take the initiative and see a marijuana doctor for an evaluation and recommendation. The doctor will also prescribe the best marijuana strain for your condition.

As soon as you obtain the first dose, you’ll be on your way towards realizing the much-touted benefits of medical cannabis. The herb will help you to live the happy, healthy, and balanced life that you’ve always desired. Just like the five who have shared your story here, your life can also change. If you’re looking to restart your life, count on medical cannabis before it gets too late.

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Medical marijuana card online

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