Medical Marijuana Card in California

Weed was officially legalized in the state of California in January 2018, paving the way for Californians and California tourists with qualifying conditions to obtain the green grass without any roadblocks.

There are still a couple of regulations, including age limits, how much cannabis you can purchase in a single day, and where you can smoke or use the drug. However, you no longer have to worry about going to jail for using marijuana within the state.

Getting a medical marijuana card in California is just a click away!



Top 6 Reasons to Get a Medical Card in California

“So, why do you need a medical marijuana card?” new users usually ask. “If weed is legal, why do I need a card?” The following are a few reasons why the medical marijuana card is so important;


1. It allows you to use marijuana 

Many patients are forced to persevere through pain and suffering when they could get much-needed relief from medical marijuana. People with depression, for instance, can benefit significantly from the calming effects of weed. But, since weed is legally illegal, you may have to struggle with the depression symptoms.  

Getting your medical marijuana card allows you to begin using medical marijuana to tackle and potentially treat your condition. Other than depression, other medical conditions that qualify you for medical marijuana use include multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. 


Medical Marijuana Card in California

5 Popular Qualifying Conditions to Get an MMJ Card in California


2. The card lends credibility and legitimacy 

Although weed is legal in California, it is illegal to purchase or use weed in the state without a marijuana card. It doesn’t matter if you qualify for the drug. If you buy weed for your condition without a marijuana card, you’re breaking the law.

Remember that the state employs a seed-to-sale tracking system, with all sales tagged, cross-referenced, and labeled using bar codes to ensure safe consumer access to marijuana. If you don’t have the card, you may soon find yourself in trouble. Getting your medical marijuana card means you can confidently purchase and use cannabis without worrying about the cops or your reputation.


3. Medical products are safer and cleaner

The testing requirements for medical vs. recreational products are different. For instance, recreational marijuana products can have more than 10X the microbial load of medical-grade marijuana. The result is that medical-grade products are not only cleaner but also safer.

Dispensaries and other health institutions licensed to sell medical marijuana are also governed by stricter laws and held to higher health and safety standards. Therefore, your dispensary is guaranteed to have much safer weed products than what you’d acquire outside the health industry.


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4. It’s important for your employment or work

Random drug tests in the workplace are one of the most annoying things. But we must also accept that the tests aren’t going away any time soon. This is especially true for people who work in the Department of Transportation, Federal Rail Administration, Hazardous Material Safety Administration, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Your boss will always carry out random drug tests.

If marijuana traces show up in your test samples and you don’t have a medical marijuana card, it doesn’t matter if you have qualifying conditions – your goose is cooked. Getting your MMJ card online today can remove that stigma and allow you to do your work without any fears.


5. It becomes easier to access the weed you need 

A common challenge for patients who need medical marijuana is finding the right products conveniently. Where would you find the specific marijuana strains required for your condition, and is the seller even licensed?

This is another area the medical marijuana card offers some respite. For one, the card allows you to order the specific strains you need in the required doses – no questions asked. If you need high-potency RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) products for your cancer, you’ll get just that. Secondly, you also get access to more sellers and dispensaries within California and even out of state.


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6 Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in CA


6. It’s cheaper in the long run

This is another area some people tend to overlook. Although California charges a 15% flat-rate on all marijuana products, certain states, including Nevada and Connecticut, charge an additional excise tax for all recreational weed. It means that you’ll occasionally find yourself paying more for your cannabis supplies.

Getting your medical marijuana card means you avoid paying the additional excise tax. Even if it’s a mere 10% saving, that money can always help you elsewhere.

How Much is a Cannabis Card in California?

A medical marijuana card costs only $49 in California, and you can get the card processed within the day.

There are countless reasons to get a medical weed card. Click the button below and Get your medical marijuana card today!




If you’re looking to obtain and confidently use weed for your medical condition legally, contact medical marijuana doctors in California to discuss the next steps.


How to get a marijuana card in California? Book an appointment today, and let us help you with all the process!

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