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Settling for the best type of vape can be a puzzling affair, especially to a newbie. If you search through different types of vapes online, most probably the volume of alternatives out there would leave you more confused than before. However, you do not have to fret too much as it is never that complicated. 

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To start with, buying a vape does not require you to master all types of vape devices. Instead, you only need to figure out the kind of experience you anticipate and learn more about the main categorization of devices.

In this context, we will steer you through different types of vapes explainedvape pod options, and what you need to consider before buying your device.

What are the Best Vape Options to Buy?

Choosing the best type of vape is always a personal choice. It depends mostly on specific needs, budget, lifestyle, and the size of the device. You can get the ideal alternative that satisfies your definite vaping needs from different types of vapes and prices.

If you opt for smaller and compact devices, you can eliminate at least half of the alternatives since most of them are slightly bigger. 

There are two major categories of vapes; nicotine and CBD/cannabis vapes.

Nicotine Vapes

These are handheld vapes power-driven by lithium batteries and ape the smoking experience without ignition. From different types of vapes at gas stations, nicotine alternatives come with around 0% to 5% of aromas. 


Types of Vapes

Different Types of Vapes


Some of the popular flavors range from desserts, tobacco to different types of vapes without nicotine.

Here are other different types of vapes you can use for your nicotine moment.

  • Disposables

The good thing about different types of vape brands is their affordability, easy to use, and pre-loaded vape juice. Once you exhaust your e-juice, you may easily discard your device and get another. Note that most disposables resemble regular cigarettes. 

Hence, you may find them in shops that deal with cigarettes like gas stations, tobacco stores, etc.

  • E-cigarettes

Known for their compact sizes, you can buy one; use it immediately and dispose of once done. For that reason, it is an ideal choice when traveling or for those who prefer smaller gadgets. 

Also, it works perfectly well with a high level of nicotine, making it an instant hit to those seeking a speedy entry into the vaping world.

  • Pod Vapes

The most outstanding feature is a refillable option, affordability, and easy to use. This option performs at a higher speed compared to different regular types of vape mods.

  • Aspire Vapes 

Through a wide range of different types of aspire vapes, you will enjoy an exceptionally long-life battery that charges real fast. Additionally, they offer various great flavors and resilient pods. Aspire vapes are steadily improving for the last few years. 

Now, its atomizer lasts for more than 30 days on regular use. As a precaution, avoid diminishing your atomizer quickly by dry vaping.

  • Vape Mods

Different types of vape mods vary in appearance, settings, and functionality. Let’s explore the main types of vape mods in the market.

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  • Box Mods

These are e-cigarettes that resemble the shape of a box. They have an adjustable switch off and an enhanced battery capacity. Some may have removable batteries or a bigger integrated one from the different types of box mods.

  • Mech Mods

These types of mods do not have interior electrical features but operate mechanically. Crafted from metal, they contain a big removable battery that enables them to produce massive vape clouds.

  • Squonk Mods

Among the different types of vape mods, squonks are slowly fading out from the market. These features share similar features with various types of mods. For instance, they have a box shape like the box mods, perform mechanically like mech mods, and have e-cigarettes features. 

The most astounding thing about this mod is the hand-free dripping feature. Here the mod has an open tank that drips out e-liquid to cotton or coil to give a superior flavor.

  • Slim Mods

This makes one of the most compact types of mods with an integrated battery and adjustable settings. They share the same features with e-cigarettes and offer a box mod’s effectiveness in a much smaller space.

Cannabis Vapes

When you buy a cannabis vape, you can use THC, CBD, or other cannabis components. Most of them are slightly larger, portable, and motorized either by electrical power or batteries.

There are two main types’ cannabis vapes; portables and desktops. For desktop vapes, you have to station them in one place. These are most practical for wax and dry cannabis herb use. 

On the other hand, portables are smaller and more comfortable to carry from one place to another. 


CBD Vape

CBD Vape Juice and Oil


Below are some of the famous cannabis vape options.

  • CBD Vape Pens

This is a refillable option that comes with a tank connected to a thread battery. Among the different types of vape pens in the market, some comfortably allow nicotine and cannabis use. Generally, they resemble pens in structure and are more compact than other options. While some vape pens offer a tight mouth tip to draw cannabis, others are more efficient for direct vaping. 

  • THC and Weed Pens

This is a comparatively simple device used to vaporize CBD, THC, and distillate form of cannabis. Weed pens have a tiny battery that heats the cannabis oil and then turns it into vapor for a more effortless inhalation.

What are Different Types of Vape Pods

Vape pods either come prefilled or empty. They have a small handheld battery with a pod bay in all options. Most of them do not have buttons and usually operate by draw activation. Others come with a USB charging feature. The main reason why most users prefer using vape pods is that they are portable, compact,b and easy to use. Also, they do not come with complicated settings or exhausting refills.

The Four Vape Generations

As technological progression brings along new industry changes, manufacturers strive to install innovative features into the vaping devices. 

The four different types of vape devices get classified as generations depending on manufacturing. These include first-generation (Cig-A-Likes), secondary generation (vape pens), third-generation (mods), and pod mods.

The latest devices in the market are from the third and the last generation. However, that does not mean that you have to choose the newest gadgets for the best experience. Bear in mind that older generations still have useful features. So, whatever your choice, rest assured that you will make a wise decision on any option. 

Pod mods make up the fourth and newest generation of devices. This category is well known for its advanced features, especially the firepower or the flashlights. Since they are readily available, you have a choice of going through a vast collection of stylish pod mods. 

The only thing that you need to confirm is if your selection of vape mods safely produces a strong zest of vape clouds.

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The Final Word

It is not unusual to get overwhelmed by so many different types of vapes available. That’s why we have taken the time to pinpoint some of the popular options that you must try out. Remember that you need a medical marijuana card from a licensed health expert before you enjoy your vape puff.

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