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Recent extensive studies and cannabis law modifications have drastically instigated the increased use of medical marijuana globally. Apparently, this comes as a sign of relief to cannabis users and those eager to give it a shot. 

However, according to federal law, it is vital for individuals with qualifying conditions to register and acquire a medical marijuana card (MMJ). This is not only a precautionary measure on the proper dosage, but it also regulates unlawful use of vetted medical marijuana products. 

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Even after registration, different states require patients to apply for a medical marijuana card renewal after a specific period. Beyond any doubt, a verified medical marijuana card offers immense benefits to the holders. From enjoying prioritized service, larger quantities to reduced taxes on recreational cannabis, it is an entirely new ball game if you make a medical marijuana card renewal. All in all, do you have an idea on how to renew a medical card in your state?

Often, the medical marijuana card renewal process differs from one state to another. Here are summarized fundamental guidelines for Florida residents. 

Florida Medical Card Marijuana Renewal Process

Currently, there are two types of medical marijuana card renewal in Florida. You can either obtain a yearly renewable card or a recertification option done after three years. It is worth noting that for annual renewals, there is no physician certification needed. On the contrary, you must visit a certified health expert for the three years recertification card to acquire an updated medical certificate.

Mainly, qualified doctors from the Florida Department of Public Health (FDPH) conduct an entire body check-up before issuing a new certificate. Afterward, FDPH emails medical marijuana card renewal online reminders roughly 45 days before the annual card expires.

On the other hand, FDPG (International Development Partner’s Group) sends courtesy email reminders to three years certificate holders approximately five months to the expiry dates. Impressively, it is now possible to renew medical cannabis cards online

For a seamless medical marijuana card renewal process, patients should fill up a digital form on the FDPH portal immediately after receiving the courtesy email at [email protected]. Remember that if you have a terminal illness card, seek expert advice before proceeding with the renewal. 

Depending on your choice of card, MMJ card extensions cost between $250-100. Altogether, for an individual to renew medical cannabis card, they should be a legal resident with a qualifying ailment. 

Even though experts advocate MMJ cards for adult victims, they also recommend qualifying minor patients with a physician certification and living under the care of an adult caregiver. 


Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Facts


Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in Florida

Thanks to a digitized approach by the Florida Department of Health, it takes roughly five days for a medical marijuana card renewal. Immediately after the qualification process, individuals receive a temporary replica of the original copy, enabling them to purchase CBD products from licensed vendors. 

To enjoy this service, you only need to contact a licensed MMJ doctor in Florida. Once approved, a reliable cannabis expert should give you a valid doctor’s certificate. You should submit it to the state website within 40 days before it becomes unacceptable.

Most encouraging is that Florida has extensively heightened the application process for new cards and how to renew medical marijuana cards after the pandemic. Therefore, if you are over 18 years old and struggling with qualifying conditions, this is the best time to get a legal MMJ card.

Keep in mind that Florida residents must register with OMMU (Office of Medical Marijuana Use) before medical marijuana card renewal application. At the moment, the state accepts necessary application documents like a valid driver’s license, identification card, and proof of address. 

Currently, medical records are not compulsory when making medical marijuana card renewals.  Still, it is essential to point out that they can positively influence your application. All in all, the entire process and the physician fee costs about $ 230 in Florida. 

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How to Renew Medical Card in Florida

Similar to other states, patients must submit an annual application for medical marijuana renewals.  Approximately 90 days before the expiry date, the Florida Department of Health sends a renewal reminder postcard to the mailing address given during registration. 

Failure to activate the card before midnight on the expiry date forces authority to place it in delinquent status. Eventually, the card becomes invalid if the owner makes no attempts to revitalize it. To avoid losing their MMJ card because of late payments, OMMU advises patients to renew their medical cannabis card at least 45 days before expiry. That way, you do not have to miss your much-needed medication. 

Recently, with the introduction of medical marijuana renewal onlineyou have assured a more efficient and quicker process. Luckily, the health department has made it easier by attaching intensive renewal information on their website.

For previously registered members at Medical Marijuana Registry, you do not have to fill in your details again. Instead, visit the registry and log in using the registration details. Then, proceed to the menu option and click ‘Your Card,’ which takes you to the existing official identification card. Finally, click on the medical marijuana card renew application tab to confirm your extension request.

Can You Visit Cannabis Dispensary without a Medical Marijuana Card?

Legally, only qualified patients should use any form of marijuana medical intervention. According to Senate Bill 8A, the law clearly defines that the role of medical marijuana dispensaries or medical centers (MMTC) is to ensure practical accessibility and availability of cannabis treatment options to qualified patients only. For this reason, MMTC centers are only legally approved to sell marijuana products to vetted patients. 

Although anyone can visit state-sponsored centers for clarifications surrounding cannabis medical use, they may most likely not receive treatment out of it. Above all, be wary that consuming marijuana products without a valid MMJ Card can lead to stiff penalties or arrest. For qualified patients, strive to renew medical cannabis cards on time to avoid running on the wrong side of the law.  



Qualifying Conditions in Florida


Can you own a Gun with a Medical Card in Florida?

Consequently, federal law strictly prohibits medical marijuana users from buying guns. This is because even after various legal changes, cannabis still classifies as Schedule drug 1. Before purchasing any firearm, the law dictates that potential owners fill a legal ATF form that checks unlawful use of illicit drugs. Unfortunately, this forbids cannabis users from purchasing a new firearm. 

Still, no valid law defines whether one should disown their firearm license after medical marijuana card renewal. Hence, previously licensed gun holders have nothing to fret about unless the law dictates otherwise. Either way, the state’s primary concern is to minimize firearm violence. 

Whatever decision the state makes in the future, qualified patients must comply to avoid interference on their CBD medications. Most importantly, they should not fail to apply for a medical marijuana card renewal to ensure that they do not miss out on their dosages.

Fortunately, there are a couple of nongovernmental organizations petitioning on behalf of marijuana patients over the issue. While it might take considerable time to win this battle, the concerned parties are hopeful for a breakthrough sooner than later.  

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Final Advice

Often, there is a popular question that medical marijuana dispensaries encounter, “Is there a medical marijuana card renewal near me?” Thankfully, most cannabis dispensaries allow card application and medical marijuana card renewal online. As a resultyou do not have to follow a lengthy and tedious process for the vital document. 

For prompt application and medical marijuana renewal online, consult licensed medical professionals at Not only do they give digital marijuana recommendations in a flash, but they also guarantee extreme privacy and appropriate treatment options under federal law. 

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