How to Apply for Medical Marijuana Registry Card

Medical marijuana is now a source of hope for patients suffering from various ailments. Several states and countries are already legalizing the use of medical marijuana. In the United States, more than half of the states have legalized the use of medical marijuana in some form.

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The benefit of cannabis, which is found in various forms, is ever-growing. Currently, studies reveal that there are more than 20 proven health benefits of marijuana. These include regulation and treatments of diabetes, fighting cancer, weight loss, and treatment of depression, among many others.

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medical marijuana card online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online


If you are a resident of a legal marijuana legal state and wondering how you could benefit from this wonder drug, then you have come to the right place. This definitive guide will expound on the requirements you need to access and use marijuana legally. We will also explain how cannabis works in your body and the challenges surrounding the drug.  Additionally, the guide will answer any lingering question that you may have regarding medical marijuana.


1. Understanding the Basics of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is now a common form of medical therapy for patients suffering from severe illnesses. Cannabis is now legal across the US and other leading economies of the world. Although there is still some controversy and opposition to its extensive use, it is just a while before the rest of the world accepts the drug for what it is. Besides, the benefits of cannabis far outweigh its adverse effects.

More and more studies continue to give the drug credibility it needs. Top world scientists have confirmed that the chemical properties of marijuana have been effective in curing some of the chronic diseases bedeviling humankind. For you to fully understand the significance of this wonder drug, let’s first examine the chemical compounds of cannabis, the structure of cannabis plants, and how cannabis is beneficial to your health.


Marijuana chemical components

Marijuana Chemical Components


Chemical Compounds of Marijuana and its Effects

Marijuana has several chemical compounds.  The CBD in cannabis impacts your brain and makes it function better. It also contains THC, which has pain-relieving properties. Additionally, the cannabinoids in medical marijuana are linked to the relief of chronic pain. The chemical compounds found in cannabis can also effectively cure several illnesses such as epileptic seizures, painful sensations, cancer, depression, and insomnia.

 The Structure of Medical Cannabis

It can be a challenge to access marijuana plants. This is because, for a long time, governments have restricted access to cannabis. It is, therefore, possible that you have never seen a real marijuana plant.  The plant has tiny leaves with orange hairs. There is also a noticeable unique binding in the various parts of the plant. It also grows in a wide variety of soil. However, if you want the best quality, you need to grow it in the following optimal conditions:

  • Optimal state temperatures of around 24 to 30 degrees
  • The humidity of approximately 40 to 60 percent
  • The plants can be grown indoors or outdoors provided there is plenty of light
  • Average watering. You should not overwater the plant to get quality seeds and leaves

Benefits of Marijuana Use

Marijuana can be useful in several ways. However, it is most effective when used to relieve pain. For this reason, the drug is now widely used to alleviate pain in patients who have undergone major surgeries or those suffering from chronic injuries. Medical marijuana is effective, safe, and comes with no known side effects. Let us explore some of the other critical uses of medical marijuana:

  • Muscle relaxant

You can use medical marijuana to relax your muscles. The muscle-relaxing properties of the drug make it ideal for patients suffering from degenerative neural diseases like Perkins’s disease, epilepsy, and endometriosis. People suffering from such diseases often experience severe aches and pain.

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  • Mood-boosting

It is common knowledge that marijuana can lift your moods whenever you are feeling low. The mood-boosting properties of the drug make it ideal for patients suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. Studies reveal that patients who use marijuana regularly experience improved moods over time.

  • Wound healing

THC, which is found in medical marijuana, is an excellent wound healer. It is also useful in treating neuropathic disorders and in eliminating cancerous cells. If you have a chronic wound that cannot heal, it is time to consider using medical marijuana.

  • Weight loss

You can also use medical marijuana to lose weight fast and safely. The weight loss properties that come with marijuana help you lose weight gently without causing any side effects that often accompany other weight loss drugs. Cannabis is linked to aiding your body in regulating insulin. It also plays a crucial role in the efficient management of caloric intake.

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Medical marijuana card online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online


  • Improves lung capacity

Your lung capacity improves a lot when you smoke medical marijuana. Unlike smoking cigarettes, cannabis properties increase your lung capacity rather than harming it.

  • Mend bones 

Cannabidiol is effective in healing broken bones. It also quickens that healing process after a grievous injury.  Studies further reveal that the drug strengthens your bones during the healing process. Your bones will, therefore, be robust and will not break easily in the future.

  • Treats inflammatory bowel disease

If you have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, you can get quick relief through cannabis use. The THC and cannabidiol found in cannabis improve immune response and enhances the cell functioning in your gut. Studies also reveal that marijuana helps to prevent bacteria and other harmful compounds that cause inflammation in your intestines.

  • Treats acne

Acne is one of the common conditions that affect a large percentage of the world’s population. Typically, acne is caused by several agents, including bacteria, and improper genetic makeup. It is also triggered by inflammation and imbalance production of sebum. Cannabis contains anti-inflammatory properties that help clear acne. Cannabis also inhibits the production of excess sebum.

  • Improves heart health

Your heart can also benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Studies reveal that the use of cannabis can lower high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a severe disease associated with several other health problems such as stroke, metabolic syndrome, and heart attack.

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2. The Importance of Medical Marijuana

The significance of medical marijuana cuts across various economic areas. It will not only save your life but will also save you money. The use of cannabis will also benefit the country greatly. Let’s look at the medical and economic importance of marijuana

The Medical Significance of Marijuana

As expounded earlier, marijuana is changing the medical field for the better. Marijuana has been in use for several years, albeit illegally. The world is now coming to appreciate the vast benefits that medical marijuana has gifted humanity. It has saved so many people from life-threatening diseases like cancer. If you are suffering from a chronic illness, it is possible to get relief from use of medical cannabis.

However, accessing medical marijuana can be challenging due to the restrictions governments have placed on the drug. Such limits are preventing scientists and researchers from carrying out more studies on the drug. There is a need to open up research and allow wider use of the drug due to its various medical benefits.


Marijuana consumption stats

Medical marijuana consumption stats


Economic Importance of Marijuana

Marijuana also comes with significant economic importance. The countries and states that have legalized the use of marijuana have gained a lot economically. The drug has not only boosted trade and farming but has also spurred the growth of jobs. Also, the availability of more jobs results in the generation of more revenues in taxes.

The countries that grow and process medical marijuana are also benefiting from foreign exchange. Studies reveal that the states that have legalized the use of the drug are generating more tax revenue than the states restricting the use of the drug. In 2019, Washington, which is a legal marijuana state, made a total of 2.7 billion dollars in taxes compared to Georgia, whose annual revenue was 92.4 million dollars. Georgia is yet to legalize the use of marijuana. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that medical marijuana is of great importance to the economy of a country.

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3. How to carry out medical marijuana quality test

Medical marijuana quality tests are conducted to determine if the drug is suitable for consumption or not.  Authorized food testing organizations typically do the testing. Like any other food product, an extensive analysis is conducted on all cannabis strains before it is released to the market. The organizations ascertain if the product has any contamination. It also determines whether the drug also meets the legal requirements that qualify it for use as a medical drug.

Typically, medical marijuana end users are patients suffering from several chronic illnesses. It is essential to test the nobility of the drug to make it safe for such patients. The following are the crucial things to test before marijuana is released to the market:

  • Unintentional contamination

Several contaminants may affect the quality of the end product. Marijuana is a unique plant with the ability to soak up everything around it. They may accumulate pesticides, heavy metals, and other pathogens that may harm the health of the end-user.

The soil on which the hemp is grown may contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury. When a single plant is contaminated, the whole field will be affected. Such metals are hazardous to the patients already fighting severe conditions. Therefore, it is essential for quality testing to be conducted to ensure the drug you are consuming is safe and effective.

  • Intentional contamination in marijuana plants

The intentional contamination in marijuana plants occurs when growers use chemicals such as pesticides on the plants. Sometimes growers, looking for ways to increase the crop yield, spray pesticides, and other chemicals on the plants.  The leaves and stem of the marijuana plant soak up everything in their surroundings. They also take up and store chemicals found in the air. Such compounds will infect cannabis and make it harmful for human consumption. Because of this, states have criminalized the use of pesticides on cannabis fields.


Marijuana quality test

What Needs to Be Assessed For Cannabis Consumption


Marijuana Quality Testing: Different Compounds Found in Medical Marijuana

Scientists run several quality tests on medical marijuana to determine whether the drug is safe for consumption or not. Quality testing is critical in making the end product effective for treating various medical conditions. The following are some of the compounds and elements that are tested in marijuana laboratories:

  • Organic compounds

Organic compounds such as terpenes are often tested in marijuana plants. Terpenes are a compound that promotes relaxation. It plays a critical role in relaxing patients who are enduring painful moments. Terpenes levels are tested when researchers are looking to differentiate the various strains of marijuana.  Some strains are useful in relaxation while others are ideal in enabling focus and sharpness of the mind. For you to get the right strain that will help with your condition, terpenes identification must be made.

  • Pathogens

Researchers also test for the presence of pathogens such as molds in marijuana plants. Such pathogens will affect the quality of the plant and pose health dangers to the end-user. Other common pathogens in marijuana plants include powdery mildews and fusariumad fusarium. The government is encouraging cannabis growers to invest in efficient air purification systems that help plants avoid several pathogenic infections

  • Heavy metals

The presence of heavy metals in marijuana plants is often associated with the use of large amounts of fertilizers. Fertilizers in the soil contaminate the plant with heavy metals such as arsenic, nickel, and mercury. High amounts of the elements will be disastrous to your health. Consequently, proper testing should be conducted to make the product safe for use. Growers are also encouraged to find alternatives to fertilizers when growing the hemp plant. The use of organic manure is one way to grow the plant safely.

  • Pesticides

Testing for the presence of pesticides and other toxins in marijuana plants is one way of ensuring the end product is safe for human use. Elements found in pesticides often cause cancer. Researchers, therefore, seek to eliminate any plant that contains traces of pesticides. Most plants that are grown indoors have high levels of toxins associated with the use of pesticides. In case you intend to grow the plant indoors, then it is advisable to use no or minimal pesticides. The authorities are also doing their best to eliminate the illegal growth of marijuana in the states. Ensures you follow the laid down protocols when you are growing your plant to make it useful and safe for use.

  • Fungicides

Some growers also use fungicides to control fungal infections in plants. However, the chemicals end up being deposited in the leaves and stem of the plant. When you smoke marijuana from a plant infected with fungicides, you risk several health complications. Therefore, researchers need to test for any fungicides before the product is released for use.

Testing ensures that you are using the right product that comes with essential compounds to alleviate your sufferings quickly. Before you use any strain of marijuana, first determine whether it was tested or not.

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Medical marijuana card online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online


4. Legal Requirements for Marijuana

You can only access medical marijuana if you have a medical marijuana card. The marijuana card is exclusively provided for patients suffering from serious illnesses that marijuana can cure effectively. If you are living in a legal marijuana state, you need to fulfill specific legal requirements before you are provided with a card.

Additionally, you must comply with all the rules and regulations governing access and use of marijuana as set by the government within your State. Failure to comply with these rules may result in severe fines and or jail terms.

Marijuana laws vary depending on the country or state of origin. There are no blanket rules in the US; therefore, it is essential to research and understand what the laws in your State say regarding medical marijuana.


Eligibility criteria for marijuana card

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana


Guide for Patients Looking to Acquire a Marijuana Card

Do you doubt if you qualify for the all-important medical marijuana card? Well, we have provided a comprehensive guide touching on all the requirements that you need to fulfill to access the marijuana card. These requirements are:

1. Age limit

There is a specific age limit placed on anyone wishing to access and use medical marijuana. However, the age requirements vary from State to State and country to country. Some countries demand that you must be 21 years old for you to legally obtain a marijuana card.

In the US, some states place age requirements at 18 years, while others require users to be at least 21 years of age. If you are a resident of legal marijuana state, use the following guide to determine whether you qualify for marijuana or not:

  • West Virginia- you can access marijuana cards provided you are at least 18 years old.
  • Washington- you must be 21 years old to obtain a marijuana card for yourself or young patients under your care.
  • Columbia district- if you are a resident of Columbia, you should be at least 18 years to acquire a medical marijuana card
  • Vermont- Vermont residents need to be 18 years or more to be eligible for the card.
  • Rhode island– any resident aged 21 years qualifies for a marijuana card in Rhode Island.
  • Oregon- if you are looking to obtain a medical marijuana card in Oregon state, you must be 18 years or older.
  • Ohio- Ohio residents looking to obtain medical marijuana must be 21 years or older
  • North Dakota-, if you are a North Dakota resident, you must be 21 years old to access medical marijuana cards.
  • New York- New York residents must be 21 years and above to access marijuana cards or act as marijuana caregivers. They are also allowed to provide care for a maximum of five people.
  • New Mexico- New Mexican residents willing to be marijuana cardholders must be at least 18 years old.
  • New Jersey-any resident in New Jersey looking for a marijuana card should be at least 18 years old. New Jersey laws also allow cardholders to take care of 5 underage patients.
  • Nevada- Nevada laws strictly forbid anyone who  is under 18 years from accessing marijuana card
  • Montana-a resident of Montana, can obtain medical marijuana provided they are 18 years or older. If you are purchasing marijuana for a minor, you should be their legal guardian.
  • Minnesota- the minimum age for a medical marijuana caregiver in Minnesota is 18 years old.
  • Michigan- you must be 21 years or older to get a medical marijuana card in Michigan.
  • Massachusetts- anyone who is 21 years or older can access medical marijuana card in Massachusetts
  • Maryland- you should be 21 years old to obtain medical cannabis using your medical marijuana card in Maryland. Get your medical marijuana card now!


Medical Marijuana

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  • Maine– if you are a 21-year-old resident of Maine, the law allows you to access marijuana card and take care of a minor patient using medical cannabis.
  • Illinois-if you are a resident of Illinois wishing to get a marijuana card, you must prove that you are 21 years or older. It is illegal for any person under this age to access or use marijuana in the state of Illinois. You will not also be allowed to take care of a minor who needs medical marijuana if you are less than 21 years old.
  • Hawaii- you must be above 18 years to access a medical marijuana card in Hawaii. You should also be 18 years or older to take care of a minor needing medical marijuana in Hawaii.
  • Florida- you must be at least 18-year-old resident of Florida to access medical marijuana card and use the drug
  • Delaware- you must be 21 years or older to get a medical marijuana card in Delaware.
  • Connecticut- if you are over an 18-year-old resident of Connecticut, the law allows you to access marijuana cards and take care of a minor patient using medical cannabis.
  • California- any resident of California, looking for a marijuana card should be at least 18 years old. California laws also allow cardholders to take care of 5 underage patients.
  • Arkansas- if you are a resident of Arkansas wishing to get a marijuana card, you must prove that you are 21 years or older. It is illegal for anyone under 21 years of age to access or use marijuana in the State of Arkansas. You will not also be allowed to take care of a minor who needs medical marijuana if you are less than 21 years old.
  • Arizona – the Arizona laws are strict on access and use of marijuana. If you are a resident of this State, you must be at least an 18-year-old least 18-year-old resident of Arizona to access a medical marijuana card and use the drug.
  • Alaska- Alaska residents wishing to get marijuana card must prove that they are 21 years or older. It is illegal for anyone under 21 years of age to access or use marijuana in the State of Alaska. You will not also be allowed to take care of a minor who needs medical marijuana if you are less than 21 years old.

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2. Identity proof requirements 

Another essential requirement needed to obtain a card and use marijuana in legal marijuana states are documents that prove you are a citizen of the country. Before you are issued with a medical marijuana card, you must present government-issued identification documents. The ID will ascertain your age and place of residence.

3. Medical records

Medical marijuana should only be used by people suffering from some ailments.  You, therefore, need to have a doctor’s recommendation before you are allowed access to marijuana cards. Before the doctor prescribes the use of marijuana, all other medical options should have been explored. The doctor will also conduct a great number of tests to determine the side effects the drug is likely to have on you. If you fail to get your doctor’s opinion before using marijuana, you are at risk of aggravating your condition. There are side effects that you may require when using medical marijuana.

4. Proof of residence

You must also prove that you are a resident of marijuana legal State before you are allowed to use marijuana. If you are not a resident or a tourist, you will not be permitted to access a marijuana card and use marijuana. There are vital documents that prove you are a resident of a marijuana legal state. These documents include:

  • Residential affidavit- you need to submit your residential affidavit that has been notarized before you are allowed to access a marijuana card. The affidavit is enough proof that you are a resident of a legal marijuana state. Once you have notarized your document, you will use it regularly to access marijuana
  • Utility bill- another critical document that you can use to a proof residence is a utility bill. The latest utility bill can convince authorities that indeed you are a resident of the State.
  • Lease documents- if you are living in a leased property, the documents that come with leasing is enough proof that you are a resident of a particular state where marijuana use is legal.
  • Government letter- if you are in possession of any government-issued letter that can support your residence claims, then you can use it to access medical marijuana cards. Such letters include a letter from the court stating your marital status. A letter showing you are married or divorce will come in handy when trying to convince authorities that you are a resident of a particular state.
  • Bank statement-your bank statement can also help prove you are a resident of a legal marijuana state. You may be required to submit your bank statement when obtaining marijuana card for medical use

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Medical marijuana card online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online


5. Driving license

Authorities may ask for your driving licenses before you could access marijuana. If you are still learning to drive, you may be asked to submit a learning permit.

6. Car registration 

Authorities may also ask you to produce your car registration documents alongside other documents when obtaining a medical marijuana card. If you fail to submit your car registration, you may get into trouble with the law if the police find any traces of cannabis in your car. Therefore, it is essential to submit all details of your car when going for a medical marijuana card. The car registration details will be included in the card.

5. The Doctor’s Medical Evaluation

Before you can access medical marijuana, a certified medical doctor needs to assess your condition and write a prescription. It is not any doctor who will do so, but specialist doctors who are trained, certified, and licensed to recommend marijuana use to patients suffering from various ailments. Marijuana is still a restricted drug, and governments cannot allow just any doctor to recommend its use.


Tips to pass medical marijuana evaluation

Simple Tips to Pass Medical Marijuana evaluation


In case you have compelling reasons to believe your conditions can be cured with the use of medical marijuana, it is prudent that you seek the advice of a marijuana doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will carry out tests and evaluations on your conditions before recommending marijuana use. Therefore, it is not automatic that you will be granted the use of marijuana. The following is a standard medical evaluation procedure:

  • Tests- the doctor will carry out several tests to ascertain your condition. He will ask several questions which you must answer honestly.
  • Doctor’s Recommendations- depending on the outcome of the tests, the doctor may prescribe the use of marijuana to manage your condition. The doctor’s recommendation will enable you to access a marijuana card.
  • Use of marijuana card- once you have acquired the marijuana card, you will visit marijuana dispensaries and obtain the drug, which you must use following the doctor’s recommendations. Abusing the drug can land you in legal problems.

Typically, the evaluation procedure is straightforward and fast. However, ensure you are using a certified medical doctor.

 Importance of Medical Evaluation

Medical evaluation is a fundamental process in medical marijuana prescriptions. The law stipulates that qualified and certified physicians should conduct the entire evaluation process. This is aimed at keeping the process as transparent as possible. The objective of the evaluation process is to enable only the deserving patients to benefit from marijuana. The following are the importance of the medical evaluation process:

1. It separates the worthy from the undeserving patients

Failure to put in place a stringent medical evaluation system would result in abuse of medical marijuana.  People would have accessed marijuana easily and use it for recreational purposes. A robust evaluation system weeds out drug abusers from deserving patients. It is also important to note that legal marijuana states only permit the use of medical marijuana but not recreational cannabis

2. Creates trust and openness

Medical evaluation makes patients more open about their conditions. Whenever a medical expert examines a patient separately, the level of discernment and engagement rises. The patients feel safe and will open up to any discussion touching on their medical history. This will make the evaluation process easy and effortless for the doctors.

3. Enable users to follow laws

Medical assessments also enlighten patients on the importance of observing laid down procedures and laws concerning the use of marijuana in their State. The patients must follow the doctor’s prescription strictly if they hope to see their conditions improve. Abusing the drug will only worsen the illness you are suffering.

In case you are suffering from a medical condition that requires marijuana intervention, it is prudent to see a marijuana doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will evaluate your condition and recommend the right strain of marijuana to use.

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6. How to Obtain a Marijuana Card

Obtaining a marijuana card in any of the US legal states is effortless. However, you need to follow the laid down procedures strictly. The following is the typical procedure you will follow to obtain a medical marijuana card:

Step1. Online marijuana portal registration

Once you have logged in to the marijuana registration portal, ensure you fill in all your details on the registration form. Don’t shy off from providing any confidential aspect as the portal is highly secured, and no unauthorized third party can access it. However, any sensitive personal details like your pin, should not be shared on calls with customer support managers

Step2. Make online payments

Once you are through with registration, you will make online payments through the portal. However, before you make any fees to check for the commodity prices. The cost of marijuana varies from State to State and country to country.

Step3. Application review

You will then wait for your application to be reviewed by a marijuana physician. The review is an essential stage towards getting a medical marijuana card.

Step4. Booking of appointment with a marijuana doctor

Once your application goes through the review stage, you will be required to book an appointment with a marijuana doctor. The doctor will evaluate your condition based on the signs and symptoms you are displaying.  The doctor may also order several tests to be conducted.

The doctor’s evaluations and tests are vital in determining what strain you will use and for what duration. It is essential to cooperate with the doctor during the evaluation process. Any question he asks should be answered honestly. You may also ask any questions you want to be answered.

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Medical marijuana card online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online


Step5. Obtaining a recommendation letter

Once the doctor is through with evaluation and assessment, he will send the recommendation letter through the home address you provided. The letter will not take long to arrive.

Step6. Acquire medical marijuana card 

Once you have received the recommendation letter from the doctor, you can move quickly and obtain a marijuana card from your State’s marijuana office.  The medical marijuana cards will open doors for you to access and use marijuana without fear of getting in trouble with the law.


7. How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card

Marijuana cards can be used for a limited period. The validity of your card varies from one state to another and one country to another. In some countries, you can use the card for one year while other countries issue cards that will expire after six months.

It doesn’t matter the state or country you are living in, one thing is clear; you cannot use your card indefinitely. At some point, you will need to renew it. The following is some critical information that you need to be aware of when renewing your marijuana card:

Renewing Marijuana Card from your First Doctor

It is possible to renew your card from the original marijuana doctor who issued you with the first one. If you decide to use this option, you would need to take your driving license and ID only. These documents will help officials ascertain that you are still a resident of the legal marijuana state.


How to renew medical marijuana card?

How to Renew Medical Marijuana Card with MMJ Doctor?


Renewing Marijuana from a New Doctor

You may also opt to renew your card from a new doctor. If this is your option, then you need to carry along critical documents when visiting the physician. These documents are:

  • Previous medical records
  • Identity proof of residence
  • Your current marijuana letter and card
  • Payments documents

Failure to provide any of the documents listed above may result in a delayed renewal process.

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal: Why Do you Need to Renew your Marijuana Card?

Full recovery-Renewing your marijuana card will enable you to continue with your treatment and achieve full recovery from the condition you were of suffering. It is crucial to complete the dosage of medical marijuana as prescribed by your doctor. You should, therefore, take the drug for the entire period recommended to experience complete healing. The following are the key benefits of renewing medical marijuana card:

Payment of lower taxes-medical marijuana attracts paltry taxes as compared to recreational marijuana. It is also cheaper when compared to pharmaceutical drugs. Therefore, you will save a lot of money when you continue using medical marijuana to treat your condition.

Easy approvals- when you have a medical marijuana card, authorities will approve your continued access and use of marijuana. You will also be free to use the drug for as long as you want. You will not be arrested for using marijuana in legal states.

Cheaper renewal fee– you will not need to pay the full amount to renew your card. You will replace your card after paying a smaller amount as compared to what you paid initially.

Full treatment- when you renew your medical marijuana card, you will continue using the drug to enable a full recovery. Remember, you cannot continue using marijuana once your card expires. It is therefore prudent that you renew your card as soon as it expires to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.

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8. The Social Challenges Facing Marijuana Users

Although medical marijuana is celebrated as a wonder drug, many social challenges surround the unavoidable drug. However, it is important to note that the benefits that come with drug use outweigh these challenges. The following are some of the social problems that come with marijuana use.

Inappropriate Dosages

Typically, pharmaceutical drugs come with a clear prescription from the doctors. The doctor indicates the dosage to be used, the duration of use, and the best method of consuming the drug. It may also specify what to eat and drink and what to avoid during the period one is under medication.

However, this is not the case for marijuana. The main issue is that patients and caregivers can access as much marijuana as they want using the card provided. Some patients may take higher or lower doses than what the doctor recommended. Some countries also don’t have clear dosing guidelines for patients on marijuana treatment. It is, therefore, important for authorities to develop precise instructions that will prevent abuse. Remember, anything taken in excess can harm your health—cannabis is no exception. If you abuse the dosage, the drug may end up hurting your health rather than curing it.


Marijuana overuse symptoms

Symptoms of Marijuana Abuse



Ideally, you are supposed to use marijuana for a limited period and follow the recommendation provided by your doctor. However, some patients end up overusing the drug beyond the recommended duration. Although medical cannabis is not addictive, the benefits that come with it may make one get hooked to the drug. Although currently there is limited research on the potential effects of overusing medical cannabis, as we said earlier, anything that is used in excess may harm you later. There should be clear protocols developed to ensure patients don’t sue the drug beyond their treatment periods.

Poor quality standards

Currently, there are limited guidelines on the growth conditions of medical marijuana in the fields. Some countries can’t control the farming practices that growers adopt. It is, therefore, possible to get a product that is contaminated with harmful elements and chemicals. The toxins in such a product will significantly compromise its quality. It may also end up hurting your health.

9. Consequences of Getting a Medical Card

Medical marijuana will not only cure your ailments but may also come with several social effects. The good news is that the social impacts of medical marijuana are mostly positive. Marijuana changes your social settings to make your life better.

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Medical marijuana card online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online


However, these impacts are not immediate. It will take time before you notice any changes in your social life. The following are some of the social effects of marijuana.

Social connectedness

Marijuana use will boost your confidence levels and turn you into a social animal. You will connect easily with your peers and friends. If you were feeling lonely before, marijuana use removes that loneliness. Your happiness level will also be significantly improved. Besides, you will relate with others and share your thoughts and experiences easily.

Increased peer’s approval

Marijuana use improves social relationships, and thus, your peers will accept you into their groups. It will also help you to maintain the relationship you have with your peers. It plays a significant role in making you feel accepted. You will feel encouraged and confident when you are part of a social setting.

 Improve moods

Depression can drive you into desperation. You feel everyone hates you, and the world is conspiring to make your life a living hell. The truth is that whatever you are going through is not related to what is happening out there.

It is all about your thought patterns. When you use marijuana, your thought patterns are substantially altered. Instead of focusing on the negatives, your mind will focus on positive thoughts. The mood relaxing elements in marijuana will not only relax you but will also make you happy. You will also feel socially included and accepted in society’s social standings. This will further boost your happiness and moods.


Marijuana health benefits

Health Benefits of Marijuana


Feeling noticed in groups

Each person desires to feel appreciated. You will feel better whenever someone sees you. When you are sick, you may not desire for anyone’s attention. However, when you use medical marijuana, you will feel better. Your confidence levels will also rise. You get the confidence boost needed to explore your gifts and talents and get noticed by your friends and the world

Social justice

States and countries that legalized marijuana has experienced a lower crime rate than those who have not. The organized gangs who used to sell the drug remained with no market. People are now not fighting anymore to access marijuana. If you need cannabis, you go through a hassle-free process that will not put your life at risk.

You are also assured of getting a quality product that will not compromise on your health. Consequently, more and more users are now shunning the illegal drug dens for the State-controlled marijuana dispensaries.

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If you are suffering from severe ailments that have reduced the quality of life you are living, consider medical marijuana. The product has great potential to offer a one-off lasting solution for you.  Medical marijuana is now a top choice drug used to cure several diseases, customarily considered as chronic. The guide we have provided contains all the information you need on marijuana and how to access it. You will get enlightened on the processes of obtaining and using cannabis.

If you are looking to safely register for medical marijuana card, then MmjDoctor is your go-to place. Please visit or book an appointment with us today.

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Medical marijuana card online

Get Medical Marijuana Card Online

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