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If you are a resident of New York and are dealing with a chronic, difficult-to-treat medical condition, you could benefit from updated laws concerning the legal purchase and use of medical marijuana.

Under these new laws, those suffering from certain types of conditions causing debilitating pain, stress, or seizures and those who are prescribed opioids to treat medical conditions could qualify to use medical marijuana in their treatment plans. If you or someone in your care is in one of these situations and would like to know more about qualifying for a New York medical marijuana card, you need to know some important information.

Here are details on how to qualify for an NY marijuana card, how to obtain your marijuana card, and where you can use your cannabis card to legally buy marijuana in the state of New York.

How to Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card Online in New York

Medical Marijuana Card Online in New York

How to get a medical marijuana card in NY

The first step toward qualifying for an NY medical marijuana card online is to prove you are a legal resident of New York. You can do this with a valid driver’s license. If you do not have a driver’s license, you may be able to use alternate forms of ID such as a passport, birth certificate, or utility bill.

The next step is to determine if you have one of the conditions deemed legally treatable by marijuana under state law. Keep in mind that your condition must be verifiable through legal health records and that you will still need to meet with a licensed medical marijuana physician, such as the ones at MMJ Doctors, to get an NY medical marijuana recommendation online.

Conditions that qualify for medical marijuana treatment online include those that cause chronic pain, nausea, persistent spasms, seizures, cachexia, or wasting. In addition, any condition that is prescribed opioids as a form of treatment also qualify. Specific qualifying conditions include Parkinson’s disease, cancer, Huntington’s Disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, epilepsy, HIV, AIDS, spinal cord injury, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

As an opioid replacement, medical marijuana can be recommended online for conditions such as post-operative pain management, severe muscle spasms, acute pain, or opioid-use disorder. For these to qualify, the pain or other symptoms must either be present for at least three months or be anticipated to last for more than three months.

Our physicians will also want to see that you have made other attempts at treating your condition. This can include natural remedies, lifestyle changes, surgery, or prescription medications. You should be able to show why these treatments did not work or caused negative side effects that diminished your quality of life.

If you believe you meet these qualifications, you should schedule an online appointment with a New York medical marijuana physician such as ours that work at MMJ Doctors NY. During your appointment, our physician will thoroughly examine your health records and ask you questions pertaining to your condition, symptoms, and reasons for wanting medical marijuana as a treatment option. If our physician believes you meet all qualifications and would make a good medical marijuana patient, he or she will write you an online recommendation that must be used to apply for an ID card with the New York Department of Health. Keep in mind that no physician can prescribe marijuana, they can only recommend it for your treatment plan.


How to Get a Marijuana Card Online in New York

Once you have completed your online appointment with one of our NY licensed medical marijuana doctors and received your recommendation, you can then apply for your NY marijuana card with the New York Department of Health. On your application, you can also designate up to two caregivers who can purchase medical marijuana on your behalf. This is important if you are not able to make the trips to the dispensary yourself or may not be able to as your condition progresses.

If the health department approves your application, you will receive your card in the mail within seven business days. While you wait for your NY cannabis card, you can print off a temporary ID card from the government website that may also be used to purchase marijuana.


How to Purchase Medical Marijuana in New York

With your NY medical marijuana card, you can legally purchase medical marijuana from any licensed dispensary in the state of New York. Choose a dispensary that is convenient to where you live or work so you can build a relationship with the staff. When you visit the dispensary, talk with the professional staff about your condition, your symptoms and how they affect your daily life, and your goals for using medical marijuana. You should also speak with them about any lifestyle considerations that may affect your treatment plan. This will help them recommend the right types and dosages of marijuana for your specific needs. Under New York law, you will be able to purchase marijuana in the form of oils, vapes, tinctures, or pills but you may not purchase any smoked types of the drug. You also may not grow your own marijuana, even if it is only for your personal medical use.

When you visit the dispensary, you can buy up to a 30-day supply of marijuana for your treatment plan and take it with you the same day. This allows you to treat your symptoms immediately.

If you have a chronic, difficult-to-treat medical condition or if you give care to an individual with one of these conditions, you may be able to benefit from updated laws regarding medical marijuana. To ensure you qualify, gather your medical records and make sure your condition falls under the guidelines stated above. This will then allow you to schedule an online appointment with one of our licensed medical marijuana physicians who can offer you a recommendation for buying and using medical marijuana in your treatment plan. If you are in chronic pain or have other debilitating health issues, schedule an appointment today to see if you can incorporate marijuana into your treatment plan. Our skilled and knowledgeable physicians at MMJ DOCTORS will be happy to help you.

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