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Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems. Take the sketchy company that calls itself MMJDoctorOnLine—a site that actually has no proven doctors and that sets out primarily to scam people. This site is in no way connected to or affiliated with MMJ Doctor—a trusted and reputable supplier of medical marijuana cards. Those behind the illegitimate site (MMJDoctorOnline) certainly have a lot to explain.

Let’s look at the facts: MMJDOctorOnline is a site that suggests that you have the ability to be “seen” by a licensed California doctor and then consequently receive a written recommendation and card for medical marijuana, MMJ Doctor Online does invite some skepticism.

We had a third party review done on the site and its methods in order to establish whether or not MMJ Doctor Online was the “real deal.” The results seemed less than ideal. Their practices and protocols may not be as above aboard as they make them out to be. Here are just a few of our findings when it came to figuring out whether or not MMJDoctoOnline was a site that could be trusted.

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How to figure out fake MMJ Doctors?


MMJDoctorOnline Review: Getting Your Doctor’s Recommendation

In this MMJDoctoronline review, we’ll cover the following concerns:

  1. Is MMJDoctorOnline real? Is mmjdoctoronline legit?
  2. How does the service work?
  3. Are there any MMJDoctoronline promo codes, discounts, or referral codes offered?
  4. Can I renew my medical marijuana card through MMJDoctoronline
  5. Can I use the service if I don’t live in California?
  6. Is MMJDoctoronline the best choice for getting a cannabis recommendation?

Is MMJ Doctor Online Legit?

A simple question, but a necessary one. Most sites of this nature, that offer medical marijuana cards online, generally have a patient/doctor interaction of some sort first. Whether via phone, Skype or some other audio/video based platform, the patient actually connects with the certified physician and explains their conditions and case in detail. Assessing the symptoms and severity, the doctor will then authorize medical cannabis for the mmj patients.

With MMJDoctoOnline, the problem seems to stem from the fact that there is no patient-doctor interaction. California laws specify that this needs to take place in order for a medical marijuana card to be recommended. This is why at MMJ Doctor, our procedure follows the rules. You speak with a licensed medical marijuana doctor, you are assessed accordingly, and you still get your medical marijuana card within just a few minutes, but all within the legal parameters. With MMJDoctorOnline, you simply pay and that’s basically it, you’re approved. No “real” doctor interaction at all. You receive a fake medical marijuana card with fake doctor`s signature.

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Anyone who cares about getting a valid and legal medical cannabis card should be very wary of this. California telehealth laws explicitly state that a doctor-patient interaction must occur for the standards of a “good-faith examination” to be met.

There are many online MMJ doctor sites that claim they will be able to help you get approved for an MMJ recommendation and ID card. is one such site, which claims to offer services that would allow patients to get an MMJ card and use it to purchase medical marijuana in their state.

A site like MMJ Doctor Online might seem reputable, but the biggest issue is how their process apparently works. According to their site, if you want to get an MMJ card from them, all you have to do is to complete their online application and that’s it. From here, you will receive an approval from someone and get a recommendation that you can supposedly use at any state dispensary.

The biggest problem here is that this is not a legal way to get approved for medical marijuana. In order to be approved and given a recommendation letter, you must speak directly with a licensed doctor who can approve you. If you do not have direct contact with the person who approves you, it is not legitimate. For this reason alone, MMJ Doctor Online is highly suspicious and should not be used for your MMJ needs.

Is There a Better Option for Getting an MMJ Card?

You can get your MMJ card with MMJ Doctor. Unlike MMJ Doctor Online, we are a legitimate business that does things the right way so that you get the relief and products you deserve.


Medical Marijuana Card And Treatment In New York – 3 Surprising Facts 2

What does the Medical Marijuana Evaluation Include?


We make sure every patient speaks directly with one of our licensed physicians who is able to provide a genuine recommendation which you can use at dispensaries across the state. All you have to do is give us a call and make an appointment to speak with one of our doctors, either in person or via video chat.

In order to be recommended and receive an MMJ ID card, you must prove your residency. This can be done with a form of ID, such as a driver’s license or a state ID. From here, you can be evaluated by a state-licensed physician, who will go over your case and determine whether you can be recommended for medical marijuana. Once approved, you will receive your letter and use it immediately as a state dispensary; your ID card will be mailed to you shortly thereafter.

How does MMJ Doctor Online Scam service work? Mmj Doctor Online Review

As with most sites of this nature, including MMJ Doctor, you are first required to create an account. And while fairly standard, the list of states in which they purport to do business is incorrect. A way to simply hook naïve people, MMJDoctorOnline’s list should really only include California and Nevada, as those are the only regions in which they offer their medical marijuana services.

In addition, once you fill out your form, you are asked the reasons for which you need a cannabis card. There is a list of such conditions that you are asked to check off. However, they pretty much confine patients to those descriptions only. Meaning while there may be other circumstances, your particular problem might not be listed. Without the benefit of being able to speak to a doctor or without a more flexible form allowing you to explain what “other” types of issues you may have, you run into a roadblock on the MMJDoctorOnline site. According to California prop 215, medical marijuana can be used for “any condition…for which marijuana might provide relief.” This is why MMJ Doctor makes the process much more flexible and realistic. Fake Mmjdoctoronline review.

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Are there any MMJ Doctor online promo codes, discounts, or referral codes offered?

Yes and no. While a Google search will bring up potential codes, further research concluded many of them are from 2016 and have a low or no percentage of success.

The company also doesn’t appear to have any partnerships with local dispensaries.

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Should I use this service for getting an MMJ Card, or is there a better option?

While MMJDoctorOnline does offer 420 evaluations and recommendations online, it does so without any patient-doctor interaction. Instead, you fill out a form and are instantly approved, which frankly, is 100% illegal. Mmjdoctoronline review are fake, do not trust this Scam!

Unlike MMJ Doctor, this other site, upon sending you the card and recommendation–for which some have waited for weeks–does not provide an embossed seal. Almost all California-based dispensaries require this seal in order to purchase medical marijuana. You always need to approach these types of sites, especially when they don’t even connect you with a doctor, with a bit of skepticism. Our review found numerous flaws in their system. And where we always abide by California law, unfortunately some (if not most) of MMJDoctorOnline’s practices were rather sketchy. Not to mention, this particular site thought it would try and play off of our name. However, as they are not licensed by the California Medical Board and don’t even bother to provide proof of any type of license or registration, the likelihood that customers are getting ripped off or scammed is rather high.

Especially when a company’s physical address is invalid, you really need to take a step back and consider whether giving them your money for a marijuana card that probably isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on is a smart idea.

Is mmj doctor online legit? No! The only legal place to get your medical marijuana card online from a licensed cannabis MMJ DOCTOR is here at

Don’t be fooled by fake MMJDOCTORONLINE clinics and fake reviews, You can be arrested and go to jail for buying medical marijuana products with fake medical marijuana recommendation letter!


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