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MMJ Doctor is a leading and trusted resource for all things about the acquisition of a marijuana card. More than that, it is a reputable source of advice, tips, and recommendations for cannabis products like CBD and medicinal weed, which connects you directly to licensed California doctors for queries and consultations.
With all the good work it’s doing, particularly by providing a safe and reliable way to obtain and renew marijuana licenses online, it is sad to see copycats trying to tarnish the professionals’ reputation behind MMJ Doctor.

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One particular culprit is MMJDoctorOnline, an illegitimate knock-off of MMJ Doctor that dabbles in activities that are, quite frankly, highly illegal. This fake website purports to help people schedule appointments with a licensed doctor to recommend a medical marijuana card.
It is quite obvious that there are some sketchy characters behind the website. The evidence is in their lazy decision to name the website after one of the most trusted resources online. A little more digging shows that the website’s practices are far from ideal. MMJDoctorOnline is NOT the “real deal.”
However, don’t just take our word for it. Read through this review of MMJDoctorOnline to see exactly how it is an illegitimate site.


Is MMJ Doctor Online Legit?

The simple answer is no. MMJ Doctor Online is not a legitimate site to obtain or renew your medical marijuana card.



How to figure out fake MMJ Doctors?



To work successfully, websites that offer these types of services must facilitate remote patient-doctor interaction. It doesn’t matter whether through a live chat, a phone call, an email service, or a video chat. The patient must consult with a doctor first before a marijuana card can be issued.
The patient must talk to a certified physician for the severity of their condition to be established. No doctor is allowed to authorize the consumption of medical cannabis without first assessing the symptoms exhibited by the patient.
Here’s where MMJ Doctor Online fails spectacularly. First of all, there is absolutely no patient-doctor interaction. That’s illegal in California, where the laws mandate an interaction between the doctor and the patient before the recommendation of medical marijuana. If you obtain a card from this illegitimate site, then you’re probably going to have a run-in with the law at some point.


How Should the Process Work?

MMJ Doctor Online is a prime example of how NOT to obtain a marijuana license. It’s all about shortcuts and temporary solutions, all of which are completely illegal.
Ideally, you want to deal with a site like MMJ Doctor, a highly trusted, 100% legitimate website where you can legally obtain marijuana cards online. You will immediately notice that things are done differently on that website.
For starters, doctor-patient interactions are mandatory as per the Californian laws. Every patient undergoes a thorough assessment before getting a marijuana card, a process that typically takes only a few minutes. You can consult with REAL doctors here and understand the severity of your condition.


In contrast, MMJ Doctor Online fosters a pay-to-receive culture, which is extremely bad as medical marijuana should only be used appropriately to avoid problems with the law.  On this website, all that’s needed is your credit card details. Once you dish out the payment, you are automatically qualified to receive a medical marijuana card, breaking a few laws in the process.

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How Many States Does MMJ Doctor Online Cover?

Coverage is an extremely important consideration when obtaining health services online. Some doctors aren’t allowed to practice in all states, so they may not be allowed to issue medical cannabis cards where you live. Take California, for example.
The state is governed by telehealth laws that explicitly require doctor-patient interactions to be held before the issuance of a cannabis card. Obviously, MMJ Doctor Online disregards these laws rather flamboyantly, and it doesn’t stop at California either.
According to their website, they cater to more than just the people of California and Nevada—a ruse to dupe more people into filling out their online application forms so that they can pay for marijuana cards.
It doesn’t make a lot of sense since the site states that it caters exclusively to the people of Nevada and California. This is clearly a red flag that shows how MMJ Doctor Online is neither reputable nor a reliable way to obtain medical marijuana cards.


Does MMJ Doctor Online Offer Promo Codes and Discounts?

A quick Google search will tell you that there are some promo codes for MMJ Doctor Online. The problem is, they are all from 2016 and earlier, so the chances of getting a discount using these codes are very slim.
Oddly enough, the website has no partnerships or affiliations with local cannabis dispensaries. That is quite odd for a company that purports to be a reliable source of cannabis card recommendations.


There are plenty of promos and discounts on MMJ Doctor, which shows you that quality speaks for itself. MMJ Doctor Online appears more interested in scamming people into getting marijuana cards through their website.
And if you think that that’s bad enough, wait ‘till you get to the final section of this MMJ Doctor Online review.


Should you Use MMJ Doctor Online to Renew your Marijuana Card?

Clearly, something fishy is going on at MMJ Doctor Online, a site that purports to issue marijuana cards quickly and legally online. The immediate problem is that it ignores a lot of laws to get you that cannabis card. It also deploys a lot of tricks and shortcuts to attract visitors.


Medical Marijuana Card And Treatment In New York – 3 Surprising Facts 2

What does Medical Marijuana Evaluation Include?


These are classic signs of an online scam. I mean, what kind of legitimate website would push coupons from over four years ago? If you thought all this is bad enough, hold on to your hat because it’s about to get worse.
MMJ Doctor Online offers 420 evaluations, and technically, you will get a marijuana card after filling out their online application form and paying the necessary amount. However, even this card is absolutely fake.


Legitimate medical cannabis cards come with an embossed seal. The purpose of this seal is to stop people from simply forging these cards to be able to purchase marijuana legally. All reputable medical marijuana sites put this seal on the card before shipping it out to you.


However, MMJ Doctor Online does not. Their cards lack that specific embossed seal. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is actually impossible to get medical marijuana in any California-based dispensary if your card doesn’t have that embossed seal. Ultimately, you’re paying for a license that won’t work anyway.
There’s no reason for shortcuts and scams, especially since MMJ Doctor is one of the most trusted medical marijuana resources online.  This is a website has legitimate doctors that :
  • Offers patient-doctor interactions
  • Processes requests in minutes
  • Offers valid promos and discounts
  • Ships out REAL medical marijuana cards


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If you’re looking for a way to obtain or renew your medical marijuana card online, then you shouldn’t look any further.

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