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“Watch out! You risk getting five years imprisonment for mailing less than 50 grams of Medical Marijuana. There are higher chances of getting a longer sentence if you send larger quantities”.


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Mailing marijuana remains a federal crime in the U.S even after several States legalizing it. To avoid getting caught on cannabis handling, get a valid Medical Marijuana card. This is a government-issued card that allows one to buy, use, ship, and grow limited quantities of cannabis. This is good news to the industry, although the battle is not over yet. For instance, the reward system at the U.S Postal Service and other private carriers like FedEx has not made things easier. With an incentive of $ 50,000, workers get extra vigilant in rooting out any illegal substance. Nonetheless, the marijuana business continues to thrive in various unlawful ways. In most cases, drug lords and cartels hide under the protection power of some government officials. On the other hand, small traders continue facing the wrath even when mailing weed in the most negligible quantities.


Join us as we probe on important things around getting arrested for mailing Medical Marijuana.

1. How Dangerous Is It to Mail Medical Marijuana In-State?


At the moment, there is no guaranteed way of mailing weed safely. Despite shipping medical cannabis in-state having fewer risks, it’s never 100% secure. The federal government and its agencies have made it almost impossible to send marijuana to any part of the state. It is not unusual to hear cases of human rights infringement based on Medical Marijuana mailing. Raids on CBD sellers continue to happen, with several packages getting seized at shipping points. Sometimes, these incidents go all the way to the courts where FBI agents get charged for absurd wrongdoing like arresting at gunpoint.

These violation charges do not affect US postal service employees. Since they work for the government, they have every right to search through any parcel that comes into their contact. Other private mailing companies have followed suit. By working with law enforcers, they report any parcel that smells or looks like drugs.


Mailing Marijuana instate

Transporting Medical Marijuana In-state


2. Ways of Mailing Medical Marijuana In-State


Currently, law enforcers have improved their detection systems on mailing weed. They now use upgraded x-ray scammers to detect organic matter even in heavily concealed wrappings. Then there are the highly trained sniffing dogs that deter cannabis shipping with their ability to detect it even in plastic bags. The less risky way to send weed is through airtight bags. That way, it helps to keep the cannabis smell under wraps. Bear in mind that dogs have a more sensitive smelling capability compared to humans. So, if you detect some smell from your package, it is almost certain that a sniffing dog would reek it out too. As mentioned earlier, shipping weed in-state may have fewer perils. However, watch out for the fervent FBI agents who are always on the lookout for lawbreakers. Legalizing weed in some states does not mean that the FBI has reduced their measures on weed senders.

All in all, the new development has brought forward some shipping innovations. For instance, you can now order your weed online and get it delivered at your doorstep with minimal risks. Another way of mailing weed safely is through a subscription box. While this platform deals with sending personal belongings, you can use it for weed products too.


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3. Mailing Medical Marijuana Edibles via the Post mail


A recent analysis of cannabis states that it does not have the ‘feel high effect.’ Thus, its main function is to support healing and enhance body functioning. In cannabis-legalized states, controlled consumption has resulted in less overindulge and driving under the influence. Cannabis offers relief to various ailments and has a relaxing effect. Since it poses as a potential competitor to pharmaceuticals and alcohol manufacturing companies, there is a lot of resistance coming from there. In reality, they would stop at nothing to block marijuana mailing edibles.

The cartels work hand in hand with the Drug Enforcement Administration and some U.S Postal Services staff to come up with stiff anti-trafficking regulations. It does matter if mailing weed is legal in your state at the moment. The main concern is that FBI may alter these laws in the future and create more restrictions on sending weed. In their terms, cannabis is one of the harmful drugs without medicinal benefit. So, whoever handles it either in sending or receiving becomes a criminal.


4. Mailing Marijuana through Online Platform: Silk Road Website


This online platform started as a hidden service to sell illegal drugs and substances. It was the first dark-net market run as a Tor hidden service. That way, users purchased drugs in secret without creating traffic. Although the company went down, part of it exists in other illegal organizations in Pakistan and China. In the U.S, Silk Road was prevalent in the states that had not legalized the use of Medical Cannabis.

The U.S Postal Inspection service fought a stiff battle to bring to a halt Silk Rose operations. In one of their statements, they announced medical pot as a dangerous drug under federal law. With a prohibited drug program, they focused on dismantling marijuana mailing operations. Also, they concentrated on protecting their staff and consumers against drug trafficking violence in the U.S.


USPS Federal Crime Marijuana

Medical Marijuana USPS Mailing Issues


What Is the Chance of Getting Caught While Mailing Weed?


Considering the risks involved, it holds no significance to send weed out of state. If your state allows cannabis use, follow the rules given to avoid issues with the state. Ensure that you package your marijuana well with minimal chances of getting detected. Despite mailing companies receiving millions of parcels daily, there are very vigilant on harmful substances measures. If your state has not legalized mailing medical marijuana, you may face prosecution at home and in the recipient state. Besides, some mailing companies like FedEx have installed more strict measures to scare away weed shippers. For instance, they have added huge bootlegging charges of up to 12 years in prison for cannabis bags found in Colorado and Washington. That means that your chances of getting caught are very high.


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Mailing Medical Marijuana Issues at U.S Postal Service


Annually, more than 3000 get arrested by the U.S Postal inspectors on suspicion of handling fake money and drug trafficking. In 2014, around 62,000 Ibs of marijuana got confiscated, with 3,299 getting arrested. The following year recorded 3,622 arrests and several mailing marijuana issues. However, in 2016, the trend dropped by 14% only to pick up in 2017, with more than 44,505 Ibs marijuana confiscated. These arrests are only a drop in the ocean. As much as law enforcers strive to streamline the system, illegal transactions continue to increase. Do not count yourself lucky if you have not been caught on your mailing weed business yet. Instead, get a medical marijuana card to minimize the risks involved in your business.

A medical marijuana card is the gate pass to a stress-free marijuana experience. Ensure that you get one from a certified marijuana doctor. That way, you can consume, possess, and mail Medical Marijuana without worries. Additionally, the card can help you get a lawsuit exemption on cannabis handling issues.


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