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Medical marijuana has been proven to have a tremendous positive impact on a myriad of illnesses, including cardiovascular diseases, mental health disorders, and even chronic pain.  As more states continue to legalize the use of medical marijuana, one of the requirements for patients includes having a medical marijuana ID card.

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If you are considering medical marijuana for whatever reason, you may be wondering why you need a medical marijuana card when cannabis is already legal in your state. To help you understand the importance of a medical marijuana card, here are the perks that come with having a medical marijuana card in the USA.

1. Higher Possession Limits

In most states in the USA where marijuana use for recreational purposes is legal, possession of marijuana is limited to less than an ounce. With a medical marijuana card, you are allowed by the law to possess more marijuana than recreational users or individuals without a card. A state like California allows medical marijuana cardholders to carry up to 8 ounces of marijuana while their counterparts are only limited to one ounce. When you have a medical marijuana card, you get to enjoy higher possession limits without running into problems with the authorities.


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2. Tax Cuts and Cost Savings

A medical marijuana card enables you to buy marijuana products at lower costs. This is because taxes for medical marijuana are usually waived, translating to lower prices for medical marijuana products. As a medical marijuana user, you are free of marijuana sales tax in states like Delaware, Washington D.C, and even New Mexico, while states like Nevada, Colorado, and California offer tax breaks. Washington, for example, charges a 37% sales tax on marijuana for recreational purposes, which makes marijuana expensive.

3. You Can Grow Your Own Marijuana

Cultivating your own marijuana gives you the convenience to access marijuana whenever you need it. While cultivating your plants may be legal for both medical and recreational users, medical marijuana cardholders have the advantage of growing more plants than those who use it for recreational purposes. Some states like Washington allow only medical marijuana users to grow it while the same is illegal for recreational users. With a medical marijuana card in Oregon, you can grow up to 6 plants, while recreational users can only grow 4. Arizona allows for the cultivation of up to 12 plants in a closed or enclosed area for people who live more than 25 miles away from a medical marijuana dispensary.

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4. Lower Age Limit

Normally, you can only access marijuana if you are 21 years and above in states where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes. But medical marijuana is a necessity for those who use it for health purposes; even children are permitted to access medical marijuana. A medical marijuana card means anyone with a qualifying health condition can purchase marijuana products as long as they have reached 18 years. This means that if you are under 21 years of age, it is necessary to obtain a medical marijuana card to help you buy medical marijuana products.

5. Access to Marijuana with Higher THC

When dealing with medical issues like chronic pain, you may require more potent marijuana to achieve the desired effects. What’s more, marijuana with higher THC means you spend less on expenses as you don’t have to purchase more doses to realize its effectiveness. A medical marijuana card allows you to access higher THC marijuana products for the above reasons, even when there are limits to how much THC recreational marijuana can contain. What’s more, you are assured of good quality cannabis from dispensaries since they have to test their products before selling to ensure quality assurance. In Washington, medical marijuana edibles may contain up to 25mg per serving and only 10mg per serving for recreational use.


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Background checking is important when you are getting your MMJ Card


6. Legal Protection

A medical marijuana card allows you to use marijuana without running into problems with the law. You avoid problems in the workplace when you fail a drug test as you are certified to use marijuana. In some apartments, you may be evicted for using recreational marijuana. However, a medical marijuana card gives you legal protection, which you can use to defend yourself when threatened with eviction due to medical marijuana use.

7. Priority in Dispensaries

Since medical marijuana is purposely for treatment, a medical marijuana card makes you a priority when you visit a dispensary to make a purchase. You can avoid queues that sometimes occur in dispensaries in states like Illinois and Nevada if you are a medical marijuana user by asking the staff for medical patient’s access. What’s more, medical marijuana dispensaries have patient-dedicated checkouts that give you the upper hand over recreational users. In some states, dispensaries are required to have certain amounts of medical marijuana products so that when there’s a shortage, medical marijuana cardholders can still enjoy a steady supply.

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Medical marijuana offers a natural and much safer alternative to medications as they help manage health conditions without adverse side effects. Given the many advantages that come with having a medical marijuana card, you must obtain one to help you access medical marijuana products easily and consequently improve your health and quality of life.

It’s the right time to have a marijuana medical card. Don’t be left out when other people are enjoying the benefits of a medical marijuana card.

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