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The fact that medical marijuana exists means it must be doing wonders in the medicinal field. Despite the legal issues surrounding cannabis, experts have discovered its helpful benefits in managing various health conditions. That is why multiple states have allowed the use of marijuana for medical reasons. Today, with a marijuana card, you can legally access and buy the drug.

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Researchers have dedicated their time studying the benefits of the herb, which include reducing pain, easing arthritis, and curbing nausea. When pharmaceutical drugs are not improving your condition, it might be time to try medical marijuana. Prescription medications for conditions such as pain can be addictive. Cannabis is a safer alternative and does not cause harsh side effects.

Medical marijuana is a huge industry with many specialists to convince you that cannabis does work. In that regard, below are the top 20 experts explaining the spectacular benefits of medical cannabis.

1. Dr. Michele Ross, Ph.D., MBA



Dr. Michele Ross is a neuroscientist, health coach, and the author of Vitamin Weed and CBD Oil for Health. Being an expert in plant medicine, she uses plants such as cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms to help her patients recover from physical and emotional pain. You can have a one-on-one consultation with Michele to guide you through your treatment.

The doctor also offers business consulting services. She assists brands in the cannabis, wellness, and tech industries to grow, serving as a strategic partner or an advisory board member. Therefore, if you have a cannabis startup, she could help you build your business, navigate the market, and achieve your goals.
Since marijuana works by interacting with receptors in your body, brain, and nervous system, Michele is a neuroscientist, so she has an expert understanding of how cannabis affects bodily functions. As a health coach, she offers online coaching, videos, and eBooks on how to use cannabis, CBD, mushrooms, and mindset for pain. Book a session on her website and let her help you manage your condition.

Michele specializes in mental health, fibromyalgia, and women’s health. She is a fibromyalgia survivor, so if you are suffering from the condition, she might offer you helpful advice. Contact her, share your experience, and get the assistance you need. However, she has helped thousands of people across the globe.

Here is Dr.Michele Ross’ reply:

Benefit #1: My favorite way to use cannabis is with topicals, whether they are cannabis creams, lotions, salves, or balms.
I apply cannabis cream to my neck and shoulder to relieve tension headaches, to my feet and legs to relieve fibromyalgia pain and spasms, and to my back and pelvis to relieve painful menstrual cramps.

Benefit #2: Because THC isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream when you apply it on these areas, topicals are a great way for patients to medicate without worrying about getting high or sleepy from usual routes of administration like smoking or edibles.

Benefit #3: As a bonus, the likelihood of failing a drug test while using just cannabis topicals is next to none.

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2. Shavo Odadjian



Shavo Odadjian founded the 22Red in 2018, which is a lifestyle company based in Los Angeles that provides premium cannabis and hemp-derived CBD products. It offers high-grade cannabis flowers and vapes to ensure customers get to use safe products for various diseases.

Odadjian hand selects all the products to ensure quality, potency, and peak effects. 22Red is a brand that combines cannabis, music, fashion, and wellness, noting that Odadjian is also the bassist of Grammy Award-winning metal band, System of a Dawn.

22Red has been expanded to provide hemp-derived CBD vape and clothing. It has also made entry into Arizona’s medical cannabis market to help more people access high-quality cannabis and enjoy the benefits safely.

Odadjian’s company represents a fantastic fusion of culture, music, and cannabis, which attracts many people. if you need a whole package from Odadjian, buy a fashionable T-shirt from them, for example, and use their vape products, or whatever product you want to purchase from them.

Here is Shavo Odadijan’s reply:

Benefit #1: It’s no secret CBD (the non-psychoactive component of cannabis) helps calm anxiety. I used to deal with anxiety and have found CBD/THC hybrid strains to be most effective for reducing anxiety. 22Red offers hemp-derived CBD vapes that help relieve anxiety.

Benefit #2: Cannabis is also great for those who struggle to get a good night’s rest. Indica-dominant strains like 22Red’s White Sabbath and So Delicious are perfect for those who need help falling asleep and won’t make you feel groggy in the morning. And

Benefit #3: if you’re looking for an alternative to coffee, strains like 22’s sativa-dominant Mr. Jack helps with focus and creativity- something we all need these days!”

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3. Emily O'Brien



Emily O’Brien is the founder of MondoMeds and a cannabis industry leader who has used medical marijuana to treat back pain and anxiety. She has been running Mondo for the last seven years, which has given her lots of experience in the industry. Emily used medical cannabis to manage pain after a serious back injury.

However, she later realized she was suffering from a mild anxiety disorder. She used a high dose of cannabis when treating pain and decided to use the same dosage for her anxiety, but realized it was affecting her productivity at work.

She then decided to create a cannabis product called Mondo CBD powder that is low in calories, all-natural, and dissolves fast. You can measure the powder accurately in terms of milligrams of THC and use it to curb anxiety without affecting your mental abilities. Besides easing anxiety, the powder also elevates your mood.

Add it to your smoothie, use in your recipes, or utilizes it as it is sublingually. O’Brien believes that the powder will be an acceptable replacement for synthetic anxiety medications, which come with harsh side effects

Here is Emily’s Reply:

Benefit #1: A surprising benefit of cannabis is its ability to protect and heal the brain in several different ways.

Benefit #2: Cannabis has the ability to diminish feelings of anxiety and increase overall mental well-being.

Benefit #3: It also acts as a neuroprotectant by reducing damage caused by trauma or a stroke. Lastly, say goodbye to the forgetful stoner stereotype because studies have shown cannabinoids can actually improve cognitive performance in seniors by increasing memory recall and spatial recognition.”

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4. George Sadler - President of Platinum



George Sadler is the President of PV Platinum Cannabis Products. He has worked with his son Cody Sadler from the very beginning to develop a family-owned cannabis business worth $70million. The company operates across California and Michigan and has earned itself a place at the top of the industry in less than a decade.

In 2010, George’s son Cody was 20-years old and approached his father with an idea of starting a cannabis establishment. The Sadlers set up their first cannabis grow in their 10×10 garage. Cody learned everything about growing and harvesting marijuana from YouTube. George set up a corporation to make sure their cannabis business was legal.

George and Cody opened four successful retail locations and even survived a raid. Through it all, they have assisted shape the legal cannabis markets. Even after the raid, the founders did not give up. Cody went to his father with another brilliant idea of making oil vapes and cartridges.

Besides the vape, George and Cody’s Pv Platinum Cannabis Products company has ventured into providing chocolate bars, pre-rolls, flowers, and gummies. After having a successful journey in the medical marijuana industry, George is already planning to join the recreational market.

Here is George Sadler’s reply

Benefit #1: Despite cannabis’s reputation as an appetite stimulant, studies have shown it can actually be used to decrease appetite and help people lose weight.

Benefit #2: Cannabis can also be used as an alternative to alcohol for those who deal with bad hangovers or just don’t like the general side effects of alcohol.

Benefit #3: And recently, sex has become a hot button topic regarding cannabis use. When consumed before sexual activity, cannabis can be used to heighten the experience for both men and women.”

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5. Tony Edwards



Tony Edwards is a staff writer at Homegrown Cannabis Co. He does a lot of writing and publishing with enthusiasm for cannabis. Currently, he is working with Kyle Kushman and Swami Chaitanya, among other famous personalities, producing podcasts, articles, videos, and live streams for Homegrown Cannabis.

Even though he is not a cannabis grower or a good smoker, he is passionate about the plant, its healing power, and the peace and spirituality it represents.

That is why he is working with a company that supports the home growing of cannabis to transform cannabis consumers into producers and help more people enjoy the benefits of the herb from home. Edwards believes marijuana is a wonderful herb and for a while, people have said ill things about it. He works with Homegrown Cannabis to push the cannabis home growing agenda to more people and make cannabis consumers producers.

Here is Tony Edward’s reply:

Benefit #1: Taking cannabis for anxiety seemed a baffling idea to me. When I was a teen, my ‘weed’ friends were hardcore. It was all homemade buckets and chillums and some really imaginative feats of engineering designed to do one thing: mess you up. That was before we all knew about CBD, flavonoids and terpenes. The ‘entourage effect’ of these compounds has been shown to have amazing anti-anxiety properties, which can be of huge benefit to people suffering from things like PTSD and SAD. As with everything cannabis-related, we need more investment in medical research before we see real results, but I am convinced we have only scratched the surface of this wonderful herb’s true medicinal potential.

Benefit #2: The ability of cannabis to improve appetite should never have surprised me, but it did. Not in a mechanical sense, I know that cannabis gives you the munchies, more the application of this property as a medical benefit. We are always told to diet more, get more exercise, eat healthfully… the fact that weed made me stuff 12 grilled cheese sandwiches down my throat before bedtime didn’t sit well with the alleged health benefits. Then you think about people with eating or digestive disorders, you think about people undergoing chemo… if cannabis can help these guys rediscover their love of food then what an achievement that could be! And if it can be done with a low-THC strain (not everybody wants to get high) – even better.

Benefit #3: And The most surprising story I have heard is that of Miles the dog. He was a 12-year-old Labrador from LA who was dying of cancer. His vet was giving him things like Tramadol to ease the pain, but the effects were in no way positive. His owner gave him a cannabis tincture from an LA dispensary and boy, did it work! Within hours, Miles was running around, his appetite came back, he stopped vomiting – the owner was convinced it was cannabis. I don’t know if the dog was on chemo and it was the side-effects the cannabis helped with (as opposed to cancer itself), but I am sure if we dig deep enough into weed we will find cures for cancer, maybe not for all the cancers, but with an estimated 500 plus cannabinoids in every plant, who knows?

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6. Johnny Green



Johny Green is an entrepreneur who is the CEO and founder of three cannabis businesses. As a Magna Cum Laude graduate in Political Science, Green has used his knowledge of the law and politics to push cannabis policy forward all over the world.

Living in five countries throughout his life, and having mastered all respective languages, he considers himself an international citizen, which has led to his latest creation, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), where he is the executive director. The ICBC is the first and only cannabis business conference in the world to have multiple dates set in multiple countries. Green is the media and content director at the International Conferences Group.

Having been an activist in the early nineties, Green has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the cannabis industry. He has played a significant role in professionalizing and mainstreaming the cannabis industry.

He has also built one of Oregon’s most popular medical marijuana clinics in a few years, and the first-ever to advertise medical marijuana on network TV in the US. He also founded and runs the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC), which is the state’s biggest and longest-running cannabis business conference.

Here is Johnny Green’s reply:

As a growing body of peer-reviewed medical cannabis studies and personal patient experiences demonstrate, cannabis is a safe and effective medicine.

Benefit #1: Cannabis can successfully treat a number of ailments and conditions, from glaucoma to chronic pain.

Benefit #2: Cannabis is far safer than most common pharmaceutical drugs, so one of the biggest benefits of using medical cannabis is avoiding more harm to the patient via harmful side effects that often accompany pharmaceutical drugs.

Benefit #3: Another huge benefit is from a financial standpoint. Traditional medications can be very expensive, especially without the assistance of health insurance. Compare that to cannabis, which can be cultivated at a patient’s home or acquired from a dispensary for a much lower cost compared to traditional medications.

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7. Andre "Bo" Bosier



Currently, Andre Bosier is a chief sales officer at Helmand Valley Growers (HVGC) Company, a group of special operations veterans that selects medical cannabis strains to ease PTSD symptoms and continue fighting for veteran healthcare. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety and cannabis experts say the herb can help deal with the symptoms of the condition.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Bosier attended Lamar Sr. High School. After graduating in 1991, Andre enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He volunteered for duty with Special Operations (Force Recon & MARSOC). Andre’s career involved twenty-two years of being deployed more than ten times. He engaged in combat on six of those deployments.

He later retired from active duty on September 30, 2013. He immediately started a new career in athletics and served as a leadership and team-building consultant for high school, collegiate, and professional athletic teams. In the last seven years, Andre has consulted Division-1 collegiate teams such as Stanford, Oregon, Miami, and Nebraska. He started Standard Elite, a mindset, and leadership development company, to continue his work with professional rugby teams, such as the San Diego Legion, Austin Blacks, and Austin Herd.

Here is Andre’s Reply:

Benefit #1: Freedom from Anxiety.

Benefit #2: – Increased Focus.

Benefit #3: Effective Pain Management.

Rest is vital for inner balance and overcoming injuries. I used to wake up several times a night anxious, sweating with knots in my stomach. Now, I sleep comfortably throughout the night, waking refreshed and ready for the day. In combat, expecting the worse is normal, but it drains you mentally. I’m no longer in battle yet, constantly on alert. Cannabis slows my racing mind to a normal speed and allows me to focus. Pain management is heaven-sent. Living with pain is stressful, unsettling and triggers emotional frustrations.”

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8. Dr. Chanda Macias'



Dr. Chanda Macias, MBA is the CEO of Ilera Holistic Healthcare, the medical marijuana cultivator and processor for the State of Louisiana. She focuses on delivering affordable medical marijuana healthcare services. Dr. Macias has spent over 15 years developing her knowledge of medical marijuana to impact the lives of her patients positively

She fosters the growth of the market through education on ailment strain alignment, which involves aligning a medical marijuana strain with a specific health condition or ailment.

Besides, through a strategic partnership with Southern University, she delivers quality medication and key outcomes to the state of Louisiana. Besides cultivating and processing medical marijuana, Dr. Macias dispenses medical marijuana through the leading medical marijuana dispensary in Washington DC, called the National Holistic™ Healing Center (NHHC).

Under her leadership, NHHC has majority market share in Washington, DC, significant patient retention, and has increased patient enrollment through her educational platform.

Macias educates women entrepreneurs and patients using her outreach platform as the Chairwoman of the Board of Managers and CEO for Women Grow. Women Grow is the global leader in networking, educating, inspiring, and empowering the next generation of women leaders in the hemp and cannabis industry.

Here is Dr.Chanda Macias’s reply:

“After dispensing to thousands of patients, it has been surprising the broad spectrum relieve that specific strains of medical marijuana can help with alleviating healthcare issues.

Benefit #1: For example, pain management patients experience not only pain.

Benefit #2: associated ailments including nausea

Benefit #3: and depression

The use of a specific hybrid strain can help relieve all three symptoms, and help restore an improved quality of life. This method of dispensing medical marijuana is referred to as ailment strain alignment.”

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9. Matthew J. Nordgren



Matthew Jason Nordgren is an ambitious executive, a philanthropist, and a successful athlete good at creating strategic alliances. He has vast experience in finance, corporate development, and capital sourcing, not forgetting his ability to build highly motivated teams of skilled professionals.

Mr. Nordgren is currently the CEO and Founder of Arcadian Fund and Arcadian Capital Management. This venture fund/private equity strategy focuses on the ancillary service providing companies in and around the cannabis and hemp industries. More specifically, on Series A/B type opportunities where proven businesses are looking for growth equity to continue scaling into new markets.

Recently, he was named one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the Cannabis Industry” by High Times Magazine and ranked third globally by Business Insider regarding investment companies focused on the emerging cannabis and hemp sectors.

Nordgren is also the founder of Nordco Consulting LLC, a private consulting firm dedicated to the business development of middle-market companies with a forward-thinking vision. To date, Mr. Nordgren maintains a portfolio of approximately 30 plus companies.

Here is Mr. Nordgren’s reply:

Benefit #1: One of the main Medical aspects of cannabinoids is that they have a tremendous positive effect with regards to inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of what seems like the majority of human medical conditions. If we can treat inflammation at its core, and do so naturally, we can help the body achieve its desired homeostatic state which results in a more highly functioning internal system. Botanical wellness is a movement that is long overdue.

Benefit #2: Additional medical applications of significance surround anxiety. During times such as these, people are looking for healthy ways to deal with certain life situations.

Benefit #3: Another benefit is sound sleep. Various cannabis/hemp related products are helping millions of people develop a normal sleeping cycle in the evening and a healthy state of being during the days.

The use of a specific hybrid strain can help relieve all three symptoms, and help restore an improved quality of life. This method of dispensing medical marijuana is referred to as ailment strain alignment.”

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10. Angelina Blessed



Angelina is a pro athlete turned brand founder and was a Muaythai fighter who spent 15 years training and competing in Thailand and Canada. She is one of the first Canadian females to fight Muaythai in China and understands firsthand how crucial proper recovery is. Her motto is Train. Treat. Repeat.

With multiple injuries in between fights, she turned to cannabis for best, safe recovery. However, Angelina realized that the market was lacking edibles with low or no sugar at all. She, therefore, created Blessed for people who push their bodies to the maximum and want a clean recovery process.

Blessed products are designed with the active in mind, and the company is a reflection of Angelina’s lifestyle. She developed her own cannabis edibles such as butter and oils, which match her training and conditions. She has been using cannabis in her baking recipes such as donuts and cookies and helping patients and athletes recover after injuries while eating healthy foods too.

In her spare time, you will find her floating, running, training, or helping her friends heal. As an advocate of mindfulness, Angelina aims to share the knowledge she has garnered to help others use it safely for recovery.

Here is Angelina’s reply

I am in no way a doctor..just on a healing mission.

Benefit #1: Depression:
This one surprised me the most, the endocannabinoid compounds in cannabis can help to stabilize mood, which I felt eased my depression symptoms. All the work still needs to go into that, Therapy etc, and cannabis isn’t a magic pill. But the right strains can lift you out of a mood.

Benefit #2: Performance:
Some people consume cannabis and it could motivate them to be more active, it helps you get out of your own head, or just could help get your body moving…
and that’s just performance, which is gaining popularity daily. But some continue to medicate for recovery only… and that part takes care of appetite, rest, and regeneration.
There are two reasons for using cannabinoids when it comes to being an is to enhance your ability to train, the other will be recovery oriented.

Benefit #3: Drinking Cannabis Juice:
Juicing cannabis has many benefits of non-psychoactive cannabis in its raw form. Juicing raw cannabis leaves and fresh buds along with other fruits and vegetables will add balance to your lifestyle, protect against diseases and supplement your diet with essential cannabinoid acids.
It is a complete protein and has omega 3 and 6.
It is non-psychoactive, making it great for daytime use, or for patients who don’t desire inebriation.
To be able to feel the effects of the cannabis, you must first decarboxylate the cannabinoids by heating or drying the plant material.
When the cannabis is fresh or live it won’t get you high, because the THC is still in its acidic form In the bud, Or THCa, this cannabinoid has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory benefits, and is best used much like a vitamin. Frequent ingestion can be useful in treating conditions such as ALS, autism, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathic pain. Who knew smoothies could be THAT beneficial?!
Daily supplementation is always recommended especially for those who live with daily pain

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11. Dr. David Knox



Dr. David Knox is a co-founder of The American Cannabinoid Clinics and Advent Academy. He is a graduate of the University Of Washington School Of Medicine. With 40 years of clinical experience in Emergency Medicine, he has decided to expand his expertise to include Endocannabinology™ and Cannabinoid Medicine. He recognizes the effect cannabis has had on various diseases, including chronic pain, in his line of work.

Knox has seen thousands of patients who have significantly reduced or eliminated their reliance on opiates in managing chronic pain. This experience was the eye-opener in looking at the potential of medical cannabis. It led to further study into cannabis, the science of ECS, and their application to patient care.

ECS stands for the endocannabinoid system that is present in the human body. It controls functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, pain, and immune responses. Cannabis contains cannabinoids that boost the functioning of the ECS to help your body to handle the various functions better.

However, marijuana and industrial hemp contain cannabinoids too, which supplement what your body produces. Hemp and marijuana are types of cannabis, but they differ in CBD and THC levels. However, their components provide relief for several health conditions.

With a good understanding of how the ECS works, a few of the benefits we have seen should
really be surprising, but there are still some amazing things about how many patients benefit
across a large spectrum of methods of use and dosages.

Here is Angelina’s reply

Benefit #1: While many patients use larger milligram doses of cannabis for their conditions, many benefits
are also seen with regular microdosing, which helps to tone our own ECS. Some clinicians have
even seen shrinkage of brain tumors with microdoses, although coupled with rigid dietary
guidance that also helps the ECS.

Benefit #2: A common problem for the use of cannabis is chronic pain from many causes, and it is
notable how many patients get good pain relief from doses below any intoxication threshold.
One area that still amazes me is the relief many patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy
experience with just topical application of cannabis salves or balms, and no need for ingestion
by other means.

Benefit #3: That the acid forms of the cannabinoids have as much or more medical benefits than the
neutral molecules is a more recent area for more exploration. Early studies are showing that
CBD-A is even more anti-inflammatory, and THC-A more antiemetic than their neutral
counterparts, and without intoxication or other side effects.

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12. Bob Hoban



Bob Hoban created the Hoban Law Group (HLG) in 2008. It is a world-class, leading, full-service law firm that focuses on the commercial cannabis industry with offices in 17 states and ten nations, and more than 50 attorneys that deal with all aspects of the commercial practice in the cannabis industry.

For nearly ten years, HLG has represented the industry’s giants in every aspect of their business around the world. Hoban is largely responsible for the establishment and growth of the CBD industry, considering his legal strategies, litigation matters, and policy efforts undertaken for HLG clients.

Since 2013, Bob has achieved the Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating, which is awarded to lawyers with the highest ethical standards and professional ability. Besides, the National Law Journal recently termed him a “Cannabis Law Trailblazer”. He has been consistently recognized as one of “Denver’s Top Cannabis Lawyers” for nearly a decade.

Bob frequently appears in media as a legal expert on cannabis and has been a keynote speaker at dozens of cannabis events around the globe. Major media outlets such as the New York Times, CNN, Chicago Tribune, and Forbes have all called on Bob for his unique perspective on the cannabis industry.

Here is Bob Hoban’s reply:

Benefit #1: Given recent events, I will start by saying that the spark that ignited the flame for medical cannabis was undoubtedly Charlotte Figi, a young girl here in Colorado who suffered from Dravet Syndrome. Charlotte’s parents found that medical cannabis and specifically CBD helped alleviate the symptoms from this rare, severe form of epilepsy. Her story and message were so powerful that it rippled across the country, changing minds, public opinion, and leading to policy changes from politicians and legislators. We were deeply saddened when she passed in March of this year.

Benefit #2: Next, I would say we lack a general understanding of the endocannabinoid system, and the role it plays in the human body similar to the endocrine or nervous system. It would be merely speculative for me to try to convey just how important this system is, as researchers are learning more and more about it every day. Nonetheless, I think its value will unequivocally continue to make itself known.

Benefit #3: Finally, there are scientists and researchers who are studying cannabis’ potential in the wake of COVID-19 around the world. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning about this to look into the work that is being undertaken in Israel and Canada on this topic. Ultimately, necessity is the mother of invention. If cannabis does prove to play some role in combating COVID-19, just imagine how that might shift the perception and do away with the stigma around this incredible plant.

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13. Dr. Oludare Odumosu



Dr. Oludare Odumosu has worked for various companies and has over ten years of experience in corporate pharmaceutical business development, strategy, and operational leadership. He offers a combination of expertise from academic, life science, and public health to Zelira Therapeutics Ltd as the managing director.

Zelira is a global medicinal cannabis establishment that has access to the world’s fastest and largest ever-growing cannabis markets. The company develops cannabis products for treating various medical conditions.
Odumosu has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and a Master’s in Public Health-Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and School of Public Health in Loma Linda, California; and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Before Zelira, he was Ilera Healthcare’s first Chief Operating Officer, where he was a core part of the executive team that established and managed Ilera’s business operations post-license award in 2017 to profitability. Ilera improves lives by providing medical marijuana solutions.
Before joining Ilera and Zelira, Dr. Odumosu played a crucial role in Iroko Pharmaceuticals’ success. Besides, he is a World Bank Institute Certified public health professional with expertise in global healthcare translational, clinical, epidemiological research, and data management.

Here is Dr. Odumosu’s reply:

Benefit #1: As a scientist who engages with medical cannabis patients firsthand, the common medical indications are chronic pain, neuropathies, cancers, anxiety and sleep disorders. Just recently in Australia, we completed the world’s first successful clinical trial using our proprietary cannabis formulation to treat chronic insomnia. At the close of the trial, patients’ responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Benefit #2: We have seen similar reactions for other indications, for example, patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder have shown great progress with Zelira’s cannabinoid-based formulations for symptom management. After extensive research we formulated a range of products called HOPE 1TM & HOPE 2TM and patients are responding exceedingly well. A recent patient outcomes survey reported that cannabis improved their productivity, helped patients feel less irritable, more focused and experienced an improved quality of life- many of whom had not experienced this level of relief prior to using HOPETM products.

Benefit #3: Cannabis has also benefited patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction. There are studies that show that through proper dosage, individuals reported slightly to more frequent engagement than without use. Again, studies showed patients felt more relaxed and calmer.
Lastly, we have observed that cannabis improves creativity. Specifically, cannabis is associated with improving the lateral and innovative thinking process. For real life empirical support, just look to some of our greatest creators in history, who we now know were cannabis users. Our patients who are artistic or creatives said, while cannabis relaxes them, it also helps them focus and it opens their awareness which allows their creativity to flow.”

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14. Erica Daniels



Erica Daniels has used medical cannabis to treat his son, who was diagnosed with autism in 2007. She had spent years traveling across the country, seeking specialists to help manage her child’s condition.

She tried dozens of frustrating treatment with little or no success. Fortunately, she finally discovered that natural treatment, such as medical cannabis and diet, improved her son’s life, which made things a lot easier for her family.
Erica is the author of Cooking with Leo: An Allergen-Free Autism Family Cookbook and the founder of Hope Grows for Autism. This non-profit entity that works to better the lives of families affected by autism using research, education, and advocacy.

She is also an internationally-recognized medical cannabis activist, autism advocate, and public speaker. Besides, she is a proud partner of Zelira Therapeutics’ range of products formulated for autism spectrum disorders.
Additionally, Erica’s consulting firm, Autism Advisors LLC, provides strategic consultation and solutions to healthcare professionals, universities, and product manufacturers to empower them in making data-backed businesses and healthcare decisions involving autism, including HOPE ™ medical cannabis products. With her experience treating her son using medical marijuana, she provides hope for parents looking for alternative medicine for kids with autism.

Here is Erica Daniel’s reply:

Many are surprised that medical cannabis significantly improves symptoms associated with an autism spectrum disorder. I was surprised also until I saw the astounding results firsthand in my own child.

Benefit #1: THC plays a large part in effective cannabinoid therapy for autism and is often overlooked because of stigma. Autism symptoms such as aggression, irritability, anxiety, meltdowns, trouble focusing, and self-stimulatory behaviors often require THC for effective outcomes.

Benefit #2: Recent survey data collected regarding the HOPE™ range of products support the longtime caregiver/patient experience reports, that medical cannabis improves the quality of life for patients and families affected by autism.

Benefit #3: Mothers of children with autism have stress levels similar to combat soldiers and often realize that cannabis medicine can also help them by easing their symptoms of anxiety and PTSD.

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15. Kenny Morrison - Founder and CEO of VCC Brands



With his expertise and experience in the cannabis industry for over a decade, Kenny Morrison has contributed to the California cannabis industry in several ways. He is the founder and CEO of VCC Brands. In 2006, he co-founded two popular medical cannabis collectives in Venice Beach and West Los Angeles.

He did not stop there. In 2008, Morrison established the Venice Cookie Company, which is a leading manufacturer of infused products that include chocolate bars and beverage brands, 4.20 bar, and cannabis quencher.

In 2012, Morrison expanded into Washington’s recreational and medical markets where he co-founded Evergreen Herbal, a Seattle-based infused products manufacturer and distributor. These ventures make up the VCC Brands, which is the largest manufacturer and distributor of cannabis products on the West Coast. There are plans to expand the brands’ reach to Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, and Nevada within the year.

Morrison a social entrepreneur and an industry activist whose companies are dedicated to pushing the cannabis industry farther with delicious, trustworthy products and advocating for a future where people can use cannabis safely and responsibly nationwide, without reprisal. Besides, he is a member of the California Cannabis Industry Association and the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Here is Kenney’s reply:

“I’m not a doctor, but I think one thing that surprises everybody is how therapeutically diverse and adaptogenic the cannabis plant is.

Benefit #1: Nothing is better for simultaneously stopping nausea and stimulating appetite. In 1981 in San Francisco, medical cannabis use became popular for exactly this reason;

Benefit #2: cannabis helped stabilize AIDS patients who were wasting away from symptoms caused by the pharmaceuticals they were prescribed. It launched the modern age of medical cannabis as we now know it.”

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16. Chris Conrad



Chris Conrad is an internationally respected figure on cannabis, medical marijuana, industrial hemp, cultivation, processing, commercial intent, personal use, and cannabis culture. He is also a famous author, consultant, public speaker, and a cannabis expert witness. Conrad founded three organizations in 1989 the American Hemp Council, the Business Alliance for Commerce, and the Family Council on Drug Awareness.

He has written several books including Hemp: Lifeline to the Future (1993), Hemp for Health (1997), Cannabis Yields and Dosage (2005) that was revised in 2015, and his latest book goes by the name The Newbies Guide to Cannabis and the Industry with Jeremy Daw.

Conrad teaches at Oaksterdam University and the International Pharmacological Academy who has given many presentations for legal education and medical education programs. As an expert witness, he has given testimony that has assisted in shaping California medical marijuana law. He has also given essential legal information about medical cannabis in California.

Here is Chris Conrad’s reply:

Benefit #1: Both clinical and observational studies show many benefits. I suspect that helping people destress and sleep is probably number one in scope and benefits. Being rested and relaxed helps people function better, stay healthier, and carry less anger and anxiety.

Benefit #2: Second would be its analgesic effect, anything from distracting a person from minor aches and pains to allowing them to function better with chronic back pain and arthritis to easing neuropathic pain that does not respond well to other pain relievers — and cannabis is much safer than pharmaceuticals, like opioids.

Benefit #3: Third is the way it reduces both muscle spasms and ataxia — epileptics, children with seizure disorders, people with MS-style movement disorders and neuropathic pain, and asthma, where a few quick puffs can relax their alveoli and allow people to breathe more deeply. Of course, it’s all subjective. Gastrointestinal problems, depression, glaucoma relief, and so on; if you need help with a condition, that becomes the most important condition cannabis can help!

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17. Dr. Alison Draisin PsyD



Alison Draisin PsyD, LMHC is the founder and CEO of Ettalew’s Edibles, a successful cannabis company established in 2009. Alison has a Master’s Degree in Art Psychotherapy and a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology. She built Ettalew’s from the ground up on a foundation of helping patients in Washington State. With her dedication to consistency and quality, she was able to expand the company statewide.

Ettalew’s Medibles (now Edibles) received recognition at the High Times Cannabis Cup Seattle in 2012 and 2013, and High Times Magazine named it one of the best edible companies of 2013. Being an active member of the Washington State cannabis community, Alison speaks publicly on cannabis education on a local and national level. In September 2018, she joined the Advanced Integrative Medical Science Institute in Seattle to provide psychology services and research in the cannabis and psychedelic psychotherapy areas.

Alison was one of the founding members of Women of Weed, a social organization that empowers women in the cannabis industry. Besides, she is currently the President of the Board of Directors for the Center for Cannabis and Social Policy (CASP) and the Judges Coordinator for the CASP Terpestival, an annual educational festival for terpene education.

Here is Alison Draisin’s reply:

Precautions: Cannabis consumer safety is most important when using cannabis-Cannabis is one of the safest medicines in our modern pharmacopeia, but it is by no means without negative effects. Some users may not appreciate the psychoactive effects that often accompanies cannabis consumption. Feelings of discomfort, anxiety, restlessness or even panic are possible, and breathing, heart rate and blood pressure may change. New patients are advised to “ease into” medical/recreational cannabis to get a feeling for the sensory and mood changes they experience. Always start small. You can always add more, as it is harder to minimize the effects once you have taken too much. There are antidotes if you DO use too much cannabis.

Benefit #1: Drink citrus drinks/ juices- lemon/orange; Eat pistachios or pine nuts, or even inhale pine essential oil or black pepper. High CBD products can also be used but CBD takes longer to work since it is a cannabinoid and needs to metabolize. Citrus and pine/pistachio nuts are terpenes that have been found to mitigate the effects of Delta 9 ( (THC). These do not require metabolization to reduce the effects of THC.

While smoking is a common form of cannabis ingestion, vaporization is widely considered a much healthier alternative to combusting cannabis. Vaporizers heat the plant material to a temperature where cannabinoids evaporate into the air without combustion.

Benefit #2: Studies show that vaporizers can significantly reduce smoke toxins.

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18. Kebra Smith-Bolden of Cannahealth



Kebra Smith-Bolden created CannaHealthTM becoming the first cannabis establishment owned by an African-American in Connecticut. Kebra’s career began when he was young in the homecare field. With over 20 years of experience in this area, she used her medical knowledge to create the company.

CannaHealthTM is a division of The Healing Choice LLC and HK Smith Enterprises, LLC. It offers disadvantaged communities who have been affected by the war on drugs education about medicinal cannabis along with safe and legal access through medical marijuana program evaluations. Kebra has taken the Cannabis Industry in Connecticut to another level.

She is also a member of the Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana, an organization that advocates for development within the industry, prevents youth marijuana use, provides opportunities for diversified marketing, promotes safe and sensible regulations to protect the environment, and safeguards public health and safety.

Additionally, Kebra is a member of The Minority Cannabis Business Association that targets to create equal access and economic empowerment for cannabis businesses, their patients, and the communities most affected by the war on drugs.

Here is Kebra Smith’s reply:

3 Surprising benefits of using Medical Cannabis that can manage the symptoms (or completely eliminate the symptoms) of PTSD (or more accurately for post-war on drug communities) Urban trauma (UT) are:

Benefit #1: Many individuals who suffer from lifelong traumas have repetitive nightmares or night terrors due to the traumas they have endured; long-term cannabis use shortens the REM sleep cycle which is when we dream, thus in most cases eliminating all nightmares.

Benefit #2: Most patients with PTSD/Urban Trauma are found to have lower levels of anandamide, which is our body’s endogenous (found within the body) cannabinoid, compared to those who are asymptomatic for PTSD/UT. Therefore when a person with PTSD/UT consumes exogenous (found outside of the body and in dispensaries) cannabinoids, they are replenishing the ECS with the Cannabinoids they need to return the human body back into homeostasis and balancing the ECS with much-needed Cannabinoids.

Benefit #3: Survivors of sexual assault traumas who consume cannabis sometimes consume cannabis, not to forget traumatic events, but may use cannabis to slow thoughts and memories and create a safe place to work through sexual traumas or prior to sharing their trauma in therapy or a group setting (support group).

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19. Av Singh, Ph.D., PAg



Av Singh is one of the top authorities on organic cannabis production. He is a cannabis cultivation advisor with a loaded career profile. Av works with growers to cultivate an appreciation of plant-soil inter-relationships. Upon completing his post-doc at the University of Minnesota on pasture-based livestock production

Dr. Singh is an author of over 200 peer-reviewed papers, extension articles, and chapters. He has visited over 2000 farms across five continents, which has shaped his extension of holistic, system-based design solutions.
Currently, Av and his colleague Randy Flemming function as cultivation advisors in the cannabis industry Av is also the commercial science specialist at Greenstar Plant Products Inc. and the chief science officer with Green Gorilla

These are just but a few of the titles he has earned in his career in the cannabis world. In fact, he formerly served as the chief agronomist with the American Cannabis Company and helped develop the High Times Magazine’s STASH Award-winning super soil.
He is also a member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society, and was mentioned as one of the top 50 personalities shaping the Canadian cannabis sector by High! Canada Magazine. Besides, Av serves on several scientific advisory boards.

Here is Avi Singh’s reply:

These are my top 4 (all based on personal experience so the sample size is n=1)

Benefit #1: Reduced cravings leading to better weight management – microdosing with a 10:1 THC:CBD oil reduces my ups and downs of blood sugar and I can more easily avoid my carb cravings

Benefit #2: Post-concussion relief – Taking a 20:1 THC:CBD oil (myrcene dominant) at night helped after head injuries from playing rugby. Increased spasticity and perhaps the anti-inflammatory properties just help in the road to recovery.

Benefit #3: Chronic pain relief from making a salve/balm from the root ball. Owing, in large part, to the terpenoids and possibly flavonoids adding a ground powder from the roots to an analgesic cream makes for faster and longer relief

Benefit #4: Gut health through leaf consumption in yogurt smoothies – chopping up about 20 fan leaves and blending them into my morning smoothie or mango lassi is a great way to start. Often it’s just the flavonoids but at times it’s the THCA that helps the GI tract function nicely.

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20. Chris Abrams



Chris Abrams is a financial planning and life insurance expert. He owns Abrams Insurance Solutions, a company that offers multiple services including marijuana life insurance. The company is based in San Diego, CA. Since 2009, he has been assisting cannabis users and cannabis business owners to get approval for life and disability insurance at the lowest rates.

The entity has over ten years of experience helping clients. It can help you identify the best insurance company for you that is the least expensive too to fit your situation. Abrams Insurance staff is licensed to work across the country in all states and represents more than 70 insurance companies. Abrams’ company can help you get an insurance cover whether you are a medical or recreational marijuana user.

Abrams decided to offer life insurance services for marijuana users and workers after realizing that not all companies provide covers for this category of customers. This is highly due to the legal issues surrounding the herb. While some states consider medical and recreational marijuana legal, the plant is illegal at the federal level. Therefore, some insurers do not want to deal with the complexity that marijuana laws pose even though the laws are clear.

Here is Chris Abram’s reply:

The following medical benefits of cannabis come from speaking with and helping 1,000’s of cannabis users get approved for life insurance. To get approved for life insurance, I have to dig into my clients’ health history. Many of my clients have a medical marijuana card for treating different ailments. Some of the more common ailments are listed here.
The top benefits of medical cannabis I have heard are:

Benefit #1: Chronic Pain Relief: Many of my clients have tried opiates and other narcotic medications with limited success. At the same time, these clients didn’t want to risk dependence on these drugs and want a natural remedy. Cannabis has provided the relief they need with no side effects.

Benefit #2: Trouble Sleeping: With all of the news and stress in the world, more and more people have trouble turning off their brains at night so they can sleep. Taking a small dose of THC, often combined with CBD (the non-psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant), helps people finally rest enough to sleep. The Indica strain in particular provides the relaxation necessary to ease the burden of falling asleep.

Benefit #3: Anxiety: The 3rd most common use of medical marijuana I hear about is the relief from anxiety. A small amount of cannabis can relieve the stress and anxiety felt by many. Clients say it helps them focus better and shut out the many anxious distractions that normally plague their day.

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