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Medical marijuana is any part of the marijuana
plant that you use to treat health problems. People use it to get
relief from their symptoms, not to try to get high.

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Yoni Mekuria

2 weeks ago

I have been to MMJ Doctor’s a couple of times now and I have been really impressed. They were fast efficient, and all very nice. The second time I had to replace a lost ID card. They showed me the same friendly service that brought me back in the first place. I will be coming here for all my renewal ID card needs.

Melissa Pieroni

Last week

Easy to make an appointment, and it also seems they would be able to easily accommodate walk-ins as well. I also liked that they had gathered a list of all the strains currently on the local dispensaries’ menus, so he could reference and recommend ones that are readily available. Very thoughtful & convenient!

Jonathan Delantoni

1 day ago

My experience at MMJ Doctor was very good. The secretary and assistants were very easy to communicate with and talk to. The whole thing took about 20 minutes which was great so I wasn’t spending hours in the doctor’s office. Very pleased and will definitely come back to renew!

Paul Dolmage

2 days ago

MMJ Doctor has been my first and only choice whenever I choose to renew my card. I received my first one here and haven’t looked back since. It has a good system. It’s quick if you make an appointment and the people are professional and courteous.

Brady Landry

3 days ago

Been coming here for 3 years and every year it goes like clockwork. Painless and even easier when you schedule an appointment online. Unlike other doctors, my appointments are always on time. This will continue to be my renewal location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Guide to Start Medical Marijuana Journey

The active chemicals in marijuana that’s being used as medicine are called cannabinoids. It has been found that these chemicals are similar to those present in the human body, which help with appetite, movement, and various pains.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized the capability of cannabis and its derivatives in treating various diseases. Consequently, it has approved two cannabinoid medicines; dronabinol and nabilone. The two are used to treat nausea and vomiting in cancer patients during chemotherapy. The FDA has also approved Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures and rare forms of epilepsy.

Depending on the qualifying condition and your state, a licensed physician will recommend taking medical marijuana. You are then highly recommended to get a Medical Marijuana Card.

A Medical Marijuana Card (MMID) or popularly known as a cannabis card is a form of identification used by medical marijuana patients who have been granted permission to use this type of medicine. The MMID also allows patients to plant cannabis in their homes to treat various ailments. The card is usually issued by the state. However, to obtain the card, the patient must have a written recommendation from a certified physician. The card can be applied for online.

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