For a long time, people have taken items such as oysters and chocolates to up their sexual game. However, most people don’t know that cannabis is a far better aphrodisiac than any mentioned food item. Cannabis can elevate your sexual pleasure to unimaginable levels.

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Researchers are upping their efforts to study more benefits that cannabis offers outside of the bedroom as well. Still, studies show that more than 68% of people concurred that using cannabis during sex was more pleasurable.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in looking more into, this article will provide a detailed guide into everything you need to know about cannabis and its benefits in the bedroom. In addition, we share more on choosing the right strain for sex, how weed can improve your sex life, and any effects on sex.

What Are the Best Cannabis Strains for Sex?

Experts can’t seem to agree on the role cannabis strains play regarding their effects on sex. Some believe that strains might not guarantee any outcomes but lead to varying preferences during sex. As a result, some experts advise patients to ignore strains and focus on dosing for immense pleasure.

Others advise on leaning into the effects of terpenes for a different outcome. Terpenes are elements in plants that help us identify aromas and flavors in different plants. For example, if a cannabis plant smells like gasoline and another one smells like strawberries, that’s terpenes at play.

Experts on the subject recommend choosing strains that contain high levels of limonene. Limonene is a type of oil found in orange peels and other citrus fruits such as lime and lemons. Limonene is Indica dormant and has high THC levels that will effectively hit your body, leading to a euphoric feeling of blissful relaxation.

Strains that contain high levels of terpenes are also effective in helping reduce pain-related sex. So if you’re worried about pain during sex, strains like Zkittlex and Humulene act as pain relief, allowing you to enjoy sex longer.
So which type of strain is better between Indica, hybrid, or Sativa? Well, the answer to such a question is far more complicated. This is because the classifications don’t matter as much as the terpenes contained in each strain.

Experts say there is no right or wrong type of cannabis strain when it comes to sex. Everyone has their preferences, and the best strain for you heavily depends on how your body takes to some strains more than others. It also depends on the type of sex you’re aiming for.



Cannabis Strains for Sex


How Cannabis Can Improve Sex

The relationship between cannabis and sex has been nothing but controversial. Studies have dated the plant’s use as an aphrodisiac back to the 7th century. Many weed users claim the plant improves their sex lives, but others don’t think it’s the best for them. However, most research done on the subject suggest that cannabis does improve your sex life, as stated below.

Better Orgasms for Women

A 2019 study points out the connection between female orgasms and cannabis. In the study involving 373 women, researchers found out that 127 of the women who used cannabis before engaging in sex had an increased chance of having a satisfying orgasm than those who didn’t.

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People Who Use Cannabis Have More Sex

Another study conducted in 2017 sought to identify the connection between the consumption of cannabis and the frequency of sex. The study determined that cannabis consumers had plenty of sex than those who didn’t.
The study also found out that consumption of cannabis didn’t hinder sexual function. Instead, experts suggest that people who use cannabis before sex have more sex since they don’t pressure themselves in that high state because they have reduced performance anxiety.

Better Sexual Health for Women

A study conducted in 2020 found that women who used cannabis often scored highly on sexual health, specifically in orgasms, satisfaction, and increased sexual desire, than those who didn’t use the plant or used it less.

Increased Sex Drive and Pain Relief

Some studies back up claims that frequent cannabis use increases female sex drive and reduced pain. For example, more than 60% of women in one study admitted that cannabis consumption heightened their sex drive, while more than 75% reported that weed led to reduced pain during sex.



CBD Products for Sex Life


Which Cannabis Strains Can Improve Sex?

The benefits of cannabis strains and their correlation to sex go far beyond their classification (Indica Sativa or hybrid). The strains may have varying levels of cannabinoids such as CBDs or THCs, which may alter your experience. Additionally, your experience may get altered depending on your delivery method (inhalation or ingestion).

With that said, strains traditionally used as a method of pain relief might negatively affect your experience. This is because they are made to numb the pain, so if you ingest or inhale strains like Caryophyllene, it might dull most sensations.

Strains used to induce sleep are also not the best option as far as cannabis aphrodisiacs go. Strains such as Myrcene will make you fall asleep faster before you can even have an orgasm. On the flipside, strains that contain high levels of limonene and Terpinolene, such as Sweeties, cause a euphoric and tingle feeling which might positively impact your sexual experience.

The Harlequin strain has energy-boosting properties, making it a secret weapon for a morning romp with your significant other. Sour Diesel has a 22% THC content which lasts for five hours. So if you’re looking to solidify your reputation as a stud, the Sour Diesel is the best way to go. However, a little disclaimer is that it doesn’t have a pleasant smell from its name but rather a strong fuel smell.

Dream Queen helps enhance your stamina. After taking a few hits, the high kicks in pretty quickly. Although it might boost your buzz, once it wears down, it brings with it a level of relaxation, which might not be ideal if you’re looking to pull an all-nighter romp.

Effects of Cannabis Strains on Sex

The reviews on cannabis consumption and sex have mostly been positive. The connection between the use of the plant and female sexual health has also been impressive. However, it’s less clear when it comes to male sexual health.
Some studies suggest that cannabis may reduce a man’s chances of achieving orgasm. This knowledge has alternatively given sexually active men something to worry about when using cannabis.

However, not all is lost as a 2011 study found some positive impacts that suggest that weed might enhance erectile function. However, the contradictory results found on the matter warrants more in-depth research in the future.

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Cannabis isn’t a fix-all solution to sexual dysfunction, but it can boost your sexual experience significantly. In addition, it offers a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom. If you want to try using it, ensure you purchase flowers or products from a licensed, reputable vendor.

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