Business Solutions 4 Medical Marijuana Doctors

 Business Solutions for Medical Marijuana Doctors

In the last few years, doctors have been introduced to medical marijuana and issuing recommendations. This has become a big business, but it also is highly managed as well. The importance of making sure the proper software is used is important, but also making sure that medical marijuana EMR are properly stored.  When a doctor starts a medical marijuana recommendation business, the importance of getting off the ground on the right foot is the number one goal. There are many different ways to make sure that a medical marijuana business is successful.  The right fundamentals and a secure business plan will be the necessary guide that helps any doctor or group of investors with starting a MMJ doctor site.

Location or Online?

The first part in making sure that a medical marijuana recommendation business is going to be successful, is determining whether or not there is going to be a physical location or will it just be a website online that does the video chat consultations? The other part about medical marijuana recommendations is making sure that physicians have the correct training or if a doctor has completed a continuing medical education or CME course. Even though it is not required, it is recommended. Having a physical location for MMJ business can be a good thing, because many people are skeptical when doing any type of visit online. There are many scam websites, so having a physical location needs to be carefully thought out. Also, having a physical location means more expenses and additional employees will need to be hired. Now, an online website is not as difficult to manage, but working from home can be hard for some people. The website will need to have an IT manager and the supporting staff can be a few people, plus any type of medical marijuana business needs to have operation hours. A physical location can be more of a 9 to 5 type of work day. An online MMJ business will need to operate longer, such as from 9 to 9 – which really can be a long day with the same profit as a physical location.

Proper Software

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Here is where no matter what, the right medical marijuana software has to be right. There is no cutting corners and a quality software needs to have several features.  HIPAA compliant, a secure host, and the EMR need to be stored in a safe place no matter what. The software is also important, because whether or not there is a physical location or just an online website, the accessibility of patient records needs to be easy to find. Doing a search for a patient should be quick and easy. The software needs to function quickly, but also be secure and easy to navigate. Many times, patients get frustrated with software, so the sign up process needs to be simple and easy to view. There is nothing worse than trying to upload a driver’s license or some form of identification, but not able to find the actual upload tab. Always be sure to review how easy it is to sign up for a patient. Also, besides making sure the patient sign up is easy, you want the patient to be able to navigate the site quickly without any hassle. Always get a demonstration from a software company, because you really want this part to be easy.

Growth for MMJ Doctors

Besides marketing and advertising, if a patient has a successful visit and is pleased with the service, word-of-mouth is going to be a great free way to get advertising. The EMR will be beneficial, because the records will reflect expiration dates, so patients can be contacted before their recommendation expires. It’s a great way to maintain patients, but also gain new ones at the same time. Even if a patient starts an account, but does not do an actual video consultation, with specific software features, that patient can be contacted. From there, a simple appointment can be set up and the patient will get their recommendation and it’s another sale.  Most patients will do a search online before booking an appointment with a doctor or doing a video chat, so it is also recommended that online reviews all have positive ratings.

EMR vs. Hard copy

The day of the hard copy paper records for medical purposes is starting to vanish. Not very many medical facilities use manila envelopes anymore to store patient records. Instead, EMR have become the wave of the future using electronic devices. Some patients are not thrilled about this, because learning new technology is scary, but patients worry about where their information is being stored. This is a great question in the event that a patient wants to know where exactly their medical records are located. On the cloud or a secure server will generally be the response to the question. Even though patients are hesitant when it comes to EMR, the accessibility and just how fast medical personnel can respond to electronic records as opposed to a manila folder is amazing. This also can be perfect for a doctor’s office or a medical marijuana facility, because instead of taking time to go find a file, a few clicks of a computer mouse and all of the information is right there for a doctor to review. Starting a medical marijuana evaluation business takes planning and a budget, but the success rate for these types of practices has been great. The right EMR software and a great staff can really help with the sales numbers from patients. It takes time to build a business, but the first year is generally the hardest. Many obstacles will be overcome and there will be lots of hours put into a business like this, but the rewards are going to be gratifying. As long as there is a system implemented correctly and all of the EMR software is selected properly, the medical marijuana recommendations are going to be issued in a timely fashion with lots of happy patients. We provide multiple business solutions for doctors who are looking to start a Medical Marijuana Evaluation Clinic. Contact us at We can help You get Started!
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