Medical Marijuana in California

The use of medical marijuana worldwide has been steadily on the rise. This trend owes much to States progressively passing approved measures that regulate the consumption, growth, storage, packaging, and transportation of marijuana and its derivatives.

California boasts of being the first state to pass state medical marijuana laws in 1996. These laws on medical marijuana in California and other states allow for high CBD, low THC pot products for medical use.

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Why Were the Laws on Medical Marijuana Necessary?

After passing the laws on medical marijuana usage, patients enrolled in various marijuana programs could now access cannabis products without fear. These laws served to:

  • Protect patients from criminal penalties
  • Allow patients to cultivate their marijuana
  • Give patients the freedom to buy marijuana from licensed dispensaries
  • Provide specifications on the strains to be used, and their cannabinoid composition
  • Guide on whether to smoke or vape specified strains of marijuana

How Do You Get Access to Medical Marijuana in California?

To qualify for protection under the laws put in place by the Californian government, you must have a recommendation or MMJ ID. And for you to successfully navigate this process, there are several steps you must go through.

So, how do you legally access medical marijuana in California?

Medical marijuana has proven it can work wonders among patients with different mental and physical conditions. Therefore, anyone who can benefit from the use of medical cannabis should do so without fear of criminal charges.

That is why MMJ Doctors strive to ensure your medical marijuana card application process is as simple as it can get. With the two-part process, you can apply for a medical marijuana card in California, even from the comfort of your home, by leveraging on an online application process.

1. Apply for a Recommendation

MMJ Doctors use an effective telehealth service that makes it easy to get a medical marijuana card. When applying for a recommendation, you will go through various simple processes. These include:

  • Filling a prequalification form

First, begin by filling in details about yourself on our online questionnaire. During this process, we collect information such as your name, age, and condition you have. And the best part; you do not need to book an appointment.

All you have to do is spare some minutes, log in to our website, register to access the online questionnaire, fill out a few health questions, and wait to hear from one of our qualified doctors.

  • Pass the California medical marijuana evaluation

This process entails a face-to-face interaction with one of our highly trained and licensed marijuana doctors to evaluate and determine your health condition. And if you are worried that you need to book an appointment, do not fuss about it.

Based on the guidelines to combat the global pandemic, MMJ Doctors now conduct their California medical marijuana evaluation online.

So, you get to talk to a doctor through your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, all at the comfort of your home.

  • Get a recommendation

After getting approval from the marijuana-friendly doctor, the physician then gives you a medical marijuana recommendation. You get a digital copy sent to your email immediately after your evaluation is approved.

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3 Steps to get a recommendation


And depending on your location, you receive your hardcopy of the recommendation in one to three days.

We handle our postage discretely and take care of all charges, so you do not have to worry about anything.

2. Purchase Your Medical Marijuana From a Licensed Dispensary

To purchase any medical marijuana-infused products from a licensed dispensary in California, all patients need a valid MMJ card or a qualifying physician’s recommendation letter.

And at MMJ Doctors, we do that for you. With our issued recommendation letter, you can walk into any dispensary and buy hemp, as stipulated by the laws implemented to govern the purchase and consumption of marijuana in California.

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3. What’s the Cost of a Medical Marijuana Evaluation in California?

At MMJ Doctors, you get value for your money, and above that, we always match the prices of any competitor. With our online evaluation, the amount paid includes:

  • An instant PDF recommendation letter sent to your email
  • 12-month valid medical marijuana recommendation
  • Consultation with a CA licensed marijuana doctor
  • 24/7 verification and online support

Our charges include:

  • $ 49 for new patients, with an optional Picture ID at an additional $20
  • $39 for renewal of your medical marijuana recommendation with $20 extra for a picture ID
  • $299 for a cultivation license or the Grower’s evaluation


4. Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Recommendation Letter

With our recommendation letter or a medical marijuana ID, you can:

  • Access weed from any of your local licensed marijuana dispensaries
  • Enjoy reduced taxes on your marijuana products
  • Enjoy marijuana delivery services
  • Join the MMJ ID program
  • Try a variety of marijuana products
  • Use marijuana for your medical condition even if you are underage
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5 Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Letter



Medical marijuana offers considerable promise as an alternative or complementary treatment option in the healing process and relief of many patients’ symptoms. It is also known to help with some of the adverse effects subjects face when taking prescription drugs. SO, you might want to try it as an option. If you wish to do so, then you might as well do it right.

Get yourself a proper, legal, and licensed medical marijuana evaluation in California and enjoy pot with no fear of finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.

At MMJ Doctors, we take care of your concerns, so you don’t have to hassle. And above all, we bring our services to you. Visit our website, or contact us to get started on your journey to the California medical marijuana evaluation today!

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