New Medical Marijuana Laws Prop 642020 Update

What is new for California in 2020?

2020 is going to be a turning point for Marijuana supporters. Especially with the passing of The Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary Compassionate Care Act. If this bill passes, then cannabis would also be accessible to patients who have a hard time affording it. The affordability will be increased with the exclusion of the cultivation tax.

Furthermore, the state and governor passed Assembly Bill 37. It will help to bring Tax equity to the cannabis business, just like any other Californian business.

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Do I need a Medical Marijuana Card in California?


New Medical Marijuana Laws Prop 642020 Update1

New Medical Marijuana Laws Prop 215


If you want to legally own marijuana for medical reasons, then having an MMJ card would be beneficial. Read the points below to see if you are at the legal age to buy medical marijuana:

  • The passing of Proposition 64 allowed 21-year-old adults the right to use and possess cannabis for both recreational as well as medical reasons.
  • A person who is 18 and above can also obtain cannabis for medical reasons, if he or she has an MMJ card, referred by a physician, or is a guardian for the primary user.

What is the History of Medical Marijuana Act?

In 1996, California became the first state to legalize botanical cannabis for medical purposes under The Compassionate Use Act, also known as Proposition 215. The act allows cannabis users to obtain medical marijuana provided it has been done under the supervision of a physician.

What is 420?


New Medical Marijuana Laws Prop 642020 Update2

The story of 420 Medical Marijuana


In 1971, a group of five students decided to search for a cannabis crop using a map made by the cultivator. The students referred to themselves as the Waldos. The Waldos set a designated time for their adventure in 1991- 4:20 p.m. Later, Stephen Hager popularized the story in The High Times.

In North America, April 20 became a multicultural holiday to celebrate the joys of weed consumption.  Some of these holidays have a strong political position – they become a starting point for many pro-marijuana groups to advocate for the legalization of the crop.

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What is MMICP?

The Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program was established by the California Department of Public Health to establish a database of state-authorized marijuana patients and their care-givers. It is important to note the following points:

  • Participation in the program is voluntary.
  • It provides easy verification of patients and care-givers within California.
  • People with ID cards can possess, grow, transport, or use medical marijuana within California.


As of May 2020, Governor Newsom issued an executive order which affects the expiration date of the medical marijuana identity cards. If you are a medical marijuana cardholder whose card will expire on/after March 4, 2020 – they are valid till July 18, 2020.

What are the Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Identity Card?

Following are the benefits of having a Medical Marijuana Identity Card:

  • MMJ cardholders can avoid sales tax.
  • Dispensaries can provide discounts to MMJ cardholders.
  • If you have an MMJ card as well as a physician’s recommendation, you may grow as much marijuana “as needed” for your treatment.
  • Medical tinctures contain twice as much THC in comparison to the marijuana used for recreational purposes.

A Quick Summary of the 420 Bill

Read the points below to get a quick summary about the 420 Bill:

  • Once a patient qualifies, a Medical Marijuana Patient Recommendation Letter and ID card are issued.
  • MMJ Identification Card and the recommendation letter allows patients to purchase Medical Marijuana from any medical marijuana dispensary in the state.
  • Any adult can become a legal Medical Marijuana patient in California and get a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed 420 physicians to treat any medical conditions where cannabis can help.
  • All medical marijuana patient information is 100% confidential and cannot be shared with 3rd parties without patient consent.
  • A medical marijuana recommendation letter legally allows you to grow, possess, consume, and transport medical Cannabis as a medicine in the state of California. Note that some county regulations are different from that of the state.
  • You can be fired if your employer finds out you smoking pot, despite having a valid Medical Marijuana Card and a recommendation letter from licensed medical marijuana doctors.
  • Medical Marijuana is not covered by any health insurance company, so you need cash to get your medical marijuana card or medications.

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