California Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

This article is about the list of medical conditions California has identified as qualifying for the use of medical marijuana.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and Medical Marijuana


More than 30 million people are afflicted with AIDS, which has a number of different conditions that may develop after being infected.

Although there is no cure for AIDS yet, there are treatments that involve antiretroviral medications.

These medications can slow down the progression of the disease, however, the side effects can be bleeding, bone loss, heart disease, diabetes, and damage to the kidneys, liver and pancreas.


California Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Aids and Medical Marijuana


There have been indications from a large percentage of AIDS sufferers that medical marijuana has provided relief from symptoms like stomach upset, depression and anxiety as well as the side effects of the prescribed medications. In one study, patients who used medical marijuana over a defined period of time noticed a decrease in nausea and a definite increase in appetite.

Weight loss is a major issue and is called AIDS Wasting Syndrome. This is one of the main reasons the U.S. Food And Drug Administration approved medical marijuana for treatment with people with AIDS.

Another symptom that seems to benefit from medical marijuana use is the pain AIDS patients suffer from. The pain is felt as a burning sensation on the skin when touched and is call neuropathic pain. Some patients have experienced a definite decrease in pain when using medical marijuana.

Emotionally, medical marijuana has shown to help AIDS patients feel better, improving their moods and alleviating the feelings of anxiousness. Find a 420 doctor in San Francisco and San Jose or get your medical marijuana card online at for more information on how medical marijuana can help.

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Anorexia Nervosa and Medical Marijuana


California Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Anorexia and Medical Marijuana


Anorexia Nervosa (and bulimia) is defined as an eating disorder causing extreme low weight. There is an obsessive component in how the brain is working and very serious developments can arise because of the irrational behaviors associated with the condition. Anorexia affects more than 3 million people and is predominantly a Western disease.

Studies have shown that a neurotransmitter group in the brain is responsible for the chemical imbalance that causes anorexia (and bulimia). This is called the endocannabinoid system and causes patients to be obsessive about food and experience the wrong emotional response. Medical marijuana has shown to help the brain overcome this inappropriate response by giving the endocannabinoid system a boost and a person affected by anorexia (and bulimia) can enjoy the rewards of eating again. Find a 420evaluation center online to get more information at

Arthritis and a Cannabis Card


Cannabis And Arthritis – Does It Really Work 1

Benefits of Medical Marijuana on Arthritis


Arthritis is a disease that can be extremely painful. There are a number of different types of arthritis and some will develop more intense symptoms than others. The primary part of the body affected is the joints showing redness, loss of motion, and swelling in addition to pain. The most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, and others, like gout, lupus, and septic arthritis are less common.

Arthritis, in one form or another, affects over 50% of the population and is one of the most prolific disabilities in Western countries and one of the more common reasons people take time off work. Decreasing mobility along with chronic pain causes an increase in obesity and heart disease. Depression is also a very common symptom.

There is ongoing research proving how well medical marijuana works at reducing not only the pain associated with arthritis but the swelling as well. Patients who have used cannabis for treating the various forms of arthritis have reported not just a reduction on pain and irritation, but also an increase in the quality of life for themselves. Affordable medical marijuana doctors are available online and locations can be found at

Cachexia and Medical Marijuana


California Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Cachexia and Medical Marijuana


Cachexia is a condition causing major weight loss due to side effects of many diseases and illnesses including heart failure, cancer, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis,  and many others. This condition not only qualifies as a medical marijuana condition in California but in many other states as well. This condition causes the body to waste away and affects up to 50% of cancer patients in treatment. Some of the symptoms of cachexia are extreme weakness, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and severe depression.

Most of the time, treatment for cachexia includes IV feeding and hyper-caloric tube feeding along with medications to increase appetite. The cannabinoids in medical marijuana increase appetite by boosting the endocannabinoid system, telling the brain that it is hungry, and triggering the appetite.

There are over 20 states that have approved the use of medical marijuana to combat the wasting effect of cachexia. All of the states require documentation from a medical marijuana doctor (MMJ doctor) and the patient must have a medical cannabis card from licensed medical marijuana doctors.

Cancer and Medical Marijuana


How can medical marijuana help cancer patients

How Medical Marijuana Benefit Cancer Patients


Most cancers are caused by something in the environment, however, there is often a genetic component as well. Things like exposure to radiation, pollutants, infections, etc., have an influence on cancer.  Over 60% of the world population will experience some form of cancer in their lives. Cancer is a mutation of an otherwise healthy cell, which continues to spread, creating a tumor with many unpleasant symptoms. Chronic inflammation and pain are the most common ailments experienced by cancer patients and are medical marijuana condition qualifiers in California and other states.

Side effects of various cancer treatments can cause extreme pain, nausea, and vomiting. Various medications are available to help alleviate symptoms however the more effective ones are derived from opioids, which can be highly addictive. Some cancer patients have expressed how using cannabis relieves some of the symptoms and side effects of those treatments without the threat of becoming addicted.

More medications are available now that contain cannabinoids and more cancer patients are choosing those over the opioid-based ones. By combining with the endocannabinoid system in the brain, pain, nausea, and vomiting are dramatically decreased in many patients. As medical marijuana becomes more easily accessible, more cancer patients will feel the benefits of using cannabis as part of their medication maintenance. Applying for a medical cannabis card through a 420-licensed California MMJ doctor online is becoming more and easier. To get your medical cannabis card from a California licensed medical marijuana doctors to sign up at

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Chronic Pain and Medical Marijuana Card


California Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Chronic Pain and Medical Marijuana


Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts long after an injury has healed, usually over 6 months. There is no concrete duration of time, however, it is pain that does not decrease with severity or go away unless medication is taken. Over 50% of the world’s population suffers from chronic pain. Because the pain can develop in the brain, as well as the body, it can be extremely difficult to treat.

Some people respond well to opioid-based medications for chronic pain and many do not. Other medications are widely available as well, however, again, many people do not get enough relief from them. There are behavioral therapies (Tai Chi, hypnosis) that have been used with various medications and have shown promising results in improving the quality of life for these patients.

Chronic pain sufferers experience higher rates of depression, anxiety, sleep problems, obesity, as well as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Because chronic pain is considered a California medical marijuana qualifying condition, many patients are choosing to use a more natural, non-addictive, means of relieving the pain with medical marijuana. Relieving the pain allows these patients to sleep better, be more active, and generally happier. The results of using medical marijuana are showing an improvement in the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers. Medical marijuana cards can be acquired by visiting MMJ doctors in California or you can get your 420 evaluations online at

Glaucoma and Cannabis


California Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Glaucoma and Medical Marijuana


A glaucoma is a number of diseases that can permanently damage the optic nerve in the eye. This can cause permanent vision loss and even lead to blindness. Having regular eye exams is critical in catching this condition in its early stages. Increased pressure in the eye is the main reason that optic nerve damage can start, leading to glaucoma.

There are a number of different treatments for glaucoma including laser, surgery, and medications in the form of eye drops and pills. The medications lower the pressure in the eye by either causing the eye to drain fluid or to make less fluid to being with. Laser and surgery are used when medications are no longer effective.

Medical marijuana has shown to lower eye pressure as well as blood pressure. Some glaucoma patients have used cannabis long-term and believe it is the best treatment for them. Now that medical marijuana is available in pill form it is more convenient and less harmful than smoking. Combined with other medications, medical marijuana can slow down the progression of glaucoma dramatically. Find licensed medical marijuana doctors, to request in-person or online 420 evaluations, near you at

Migraine Headaches and Medical Cannabis


Migraine Headaches are defined by moderate to severe pain on one side of the head, pulsating, lasting up to 72 hours, and can include suddenly being sensitive to light, sound or smell as well as becoming nauseous and vomiting. Some migraines create visual disturbances call auras, which can affect up to 75% of the vision in one or both eyes for a period of time. Sometimes there is pain, and sometimes there is not.

The onset of a migraine can be caused by something environmental or genetic, or both. More women tend to get migraines than me but are experienced by more than 15% of the world’s population. Many different medications are available over the counter as well as prescription, however, there are some people who cannot get relief with anything less than an opioid strength compound.

Many people in this situation have started using medical marijuana to get relief from migraine headaches, which is a qualifying medical marijuana condition. The cannabinoids in marijuana help decrease blood pressure as well as combine with the endocannabinoid system in the brain causing a decrease in pain receptors. The frequency of headaches has been shown to decrease with medical marijuana use as well. Find 420 evaluation center online at

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Extreme Muscle Spasms and Medical Marijuana

Extreme muscle spasms are referred to as spasticity and include uncontrolled muscle contractions and movements. Often this is a symptom of conditions like multiple sclerosis and epilepsy but is not limited to them alone. These spasms can be extremely painful in the legs, joints, and/or lower back. Usually, a doctor will recommend physical treatments as well as medications and changes in lifestyle to relieve symptoms.

All the medications to treat a person suffering from spasticity have side effects ranging from drowsiness, muscle weakness, dry mouth, lower blood pressure, drug dependency, sleep disturbances, and liver damage. These medications are usually used as long-term treatments.

Muscle Spasms are one of the conditions that qualify for Medical Marijuana. The use of cannabis has shown to decrease spasticity in duration as well as frequency and provides relief from the symptoms. Cannabidiol (CBD) does not make a person feel the psychoactive effects like THC and can be taken in pill form allowing a person suffering from spasticity to live a more enjoyable life.

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Medical Marijuana

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