Common Questions

Find FAQs related to medical marijuana.

Yes! Our mmj doctors are licensed to practice in the state of California. They adhere to all federal laws and privacy rules, such as HIPAA. They are recognized, telemedicine experts.

You can apply for a California medical marijuana card with a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation. A recommendation is required before you receive your card.

If you suffer from chronic or persistent symptoms from a serious health condition, you may qualify for a California medical marijuana card with an appropriate medical marijuana recommendation. This also applies if you suffer chronic pain.

Our California mmj doctor team is here around the clock. There is usually a California medical marijuana doctor ready to review your information at all times. California mmj doctors examine your health questionnaire before approving a recommendation.

You’ll receive a digital copy of your California medical marijuana recommendation in seconds if you are approved through our website. All you have to do is sign up and answer some simple questions on our medical questionnaire.

California has one of the largest assortments of qualified, legal cannabis businesses of any state. Your medical marijuana card is valid at any California marijuana dispensary, compassion club, cannabis delivery club, or any other business licensed by the state.

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