Pets have become part of our families, and they make our lives complete. But, unfortunately, just like human beings, your animal families also get allergies. The allergies may be caused by the elements in the house or the environment. For example, dog allergies can be triggered by their foods, pests, and other natural factors. When the allergies flare, they compromise the health of your pet.

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Can CBD Help with Allergies?

Does marijuana help with allergies? Yes, it does; there are several benefits of CBD on human beings. CBD for allergies has been used severally and with tremendous success rates. Therefore, there is a relationship between CBD oil and allergies.

It would be natural to ask if there is CBD oil for dog allergies. As dogs and human beings are both mammals, the components of CBD that can be used to treat human beings can also be used to treat dogs. Therefore, CBD for dog allergies does exist, and it can treat pet allergies.

As mentioned, dogs and humans share common features as mammals. The following are common pet allergies:

  • Allergies inflicted by fleas and lice.
  • Dermal allergies.
  • Other pets are transmitting their allergies to your pets on walks or when friends visit.

Fortunately, CBD for allergies can be used to treat them. For example, you can successfully use CBD oil for dog allergies to treat them.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Dog Allergies?

Before you administer CBD oil for dog allergies, you need to know the symptoms and ascertain the allergy. Once you find the exact allergy, you can then dispense the appropriate CBD for allergies.

When you notice the above symptoms, you can now use CBD oil for dog allergies. Using CBD for allergies would ease the pain and discomfort your dog is facing.


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How Can I Prescribe CBD Oil for Allergies in Dogs?

As seen, there are benefits of using CBD for dog allergies. However, this should be used with an abundance of caution. Some dogs are allergic to CBD oil; therefore, using CBD for allergies would not be effective.

You need to investigate if you can dispense CBD oil for dog allergies successfully. Ensure that the marijuana you are using to treat your dog allergies has CBD and not THC. Again, as dogs are mammals, the effects of THC and CBD would be similar to how they affect human beings.

THC is psychoactive; therefore, when used, it triggers the ‘high effect’ on both dogs and humans. In addition, CBD attaches to cannabinoid receptors to help in the treatment of allergies. So, CBD oil for dog allergies should be a natural choice.

There are various ways of administering CBD oil for dog allergies, and they include:

  • Mixing in food: Add CBD oil to your dog food or treats. Your pets will then eat the food and the medication.
  • Oral ingestion: If your dog can detect the CBD oil in their treats or food and reject it, you should use a syringe, CBD tablets, or capsules.  

As a caution, don’t self-prescribe. You should always get professional help or consultation before using CBD oil for dog allergies. Having an experienced hand will ensure that the diagnosis is accurate and prescribe the recommended amount of CBD for allergies.

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil on Dog Allergies

Using CBD oil for dog allergies has known pet health benefits. These include:

1. Neurological Relief

CBD oil for dog allergies offers immediate relief for neurological strains inflicted by inflammation. In addition, when using CBD oils, you will treat the allergies without intoxicating the dog. As mentioned before, THC is associated with having ‘high effects’ which can intoxicate your dog.

Using THC in human beings can be risky over prolonged usage. However, this can be deadlier in dogs. So, ensure that you always use CBD oil for dog allergies and never THC compounds.

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2. Calming Effects

Like your human family, even dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety. Your dog’s anxiety and stress can be heightened when sick or when their skin is inflamed due to itchiness. Likewise, when your dog has allergies, it will always be disturbed and will feel edgy. Thankfully, when you use CBD oil for dog allergies, the CBD compound will calm your dog.

3. Pain Relief

Naturally, when your dog keeps scratching itself, it will have scars and inflammations. When the scratching gets out of hand, your dog will have dry skin, shed its fur, and have many wounds on its body.

The wounds, if not treated, will leave your dog irritable and in pain. In addition, if you accidentally touch an inflamed spot, your dog may angrily snarl at you or even attempt a bite. Therefore, to avoid this escalation, you should use CBD oil for dog allergies to treat the pain and heal the allergies.

4. Healthy Feeding and Sleep Habits

Dogs are indeed part of your human family. Like with humans, sleep or lack of sleep significantly affects your dog’s life. When your dog has trouble sleeping, it will also have other challenges. Your dog will have trouble eating and can be pretty irritable. Thankfully, using CBD oil for dog allergies, your animal friend will have an improved appetite, sleeping habits, and the allergy will be treated.



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What Is the Correct Dosage when Prescribing CBD Oil for Dog Allergies?

As cautioned before, you should only use CBD oil for dog allergies under the control and directions of a certified health professional. That said, below are the recommended dosages of CBD for allergies in dogs:

  • Apply the dosage once to three times a day for approximately twenty weeks or depending on how your dog reacts to the CBD oil.
  • Approximately five milligrams on the first usage. It would help if you varied your dosage depending on the reaction between CBD oil and allergies.
  • Increase the dosage gradually if your pet reacts positively reacts to the dosage.
  • If your dog reacts poorly to the dosage, discontinue treatment and seek further professional advice.

CBD Oil for Allergies in your Dog

There are many ways to treat skin infections in your dog. However, if your dog has scars on its skin, please don’t use shampoo. Shampoos and other externally applied substances can inflame the sore spots.

It is noteworthy to mention that when you apply CBD oil for allergies in your dog, there are minimal side effects instead of conventional treatment or using shampoos. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about overdose while using CBD oils as it is a natural remedy.

CBD oils have been proven to ease the symptoms of allergies in dogs, including:

  • The anxiety and outright hostility.
  • The dry, itchy, raspy skin.
  • Shedding of fur.
  • Inflammation on the skin and in the ears.
  • Bad feeding and sleeping patterns.

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