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A headache now and then is a common occurrence even among healthy people. The headache can be triggered by stress, exhaustion, jet lag, neck tension, or following alcohol consumption. However, migraines are nothing normal. These are very painful headaches often accompanied by throbbing pulsing or pain on one side of your head. In addition, they can be accompanied by photosensitivity, vomiting, and nausea.

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Some people have chronic migraine headaches triggered by seemingly harmless stimuli like strong aroma, loud noises, and bright lights. Understandably, these are debilitating and limit the enjoyment of your life to a large extent. Traditionally, pain-relieving medications like NSAIDs and avoiding potential triggers were the management options for chronic migraines. However, these do not help all people, and most of those who get relief from the drugs will get tolerance for them over time, thus rendering them ineffective.

Most people askcan CBD help with headaches? Yes, you now have a solution for chronic migraines in marijuana. According to a 2019 study, cannabis reduces headache and migraine severity by 50%. There have been several follow-up studies after this study that corroborate its findings. Though experts agree that the answer to CBD can help with headaches is yes based on research findings, they also underscore the need for well-designed studies targeting higher subject numbers to understand the drug extensively.

Here are facts to help you understand marijuana use for chronic migraine management and how it can impact your health.

Chemical Components of Cannabis

Before understanding how CBD can help with headaches, you should understand the main components of the drug. There are two main active ingredients of marijuana. These are tetrahydrocannabinol {THC} and cannabidiol {CBD}. THC is associated with the psychogenic effects of marijuana, often described as a ‘’high’’ feeling. Though this is not the only compound in the plant-associated psychogenic effects, it is the main one. On the other hand, CBD slows down your brain’s activity.



CBD Oil for Migraine


How Does Marijuana Work To Manage Migraines?

Marijuana affects your endocannabinoid system. The body makes endocannabinoids naturally. These tiny protein loops affect your perception of pain. The endocannabinoids bind to receptors in the brain and spread throughout your body. The cannabinoids in marijuana will bind to endocannabinoid receptors. There is evidence that marijuana also reduces general body pain, nausea, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

Another way cannabis is thought to manage migraines is by reducing the inflammation of the dura mater, the protective cover of your brain. When this cover is inflamed following infections and some brain disorders, the inflammatory substances trigger a migraine. By reducing inflammation, marijuana reduces the number of inflammatory substances and consequently cures or prevents a migraine.

Another mounting body of evidence contributing to answers on CBD can help with headaches points that anandamide deficiency is one cause of migraines. Anandamide is among the two cannabinoids that are naturally produced by the brain. It reduces the activation of the brain’s pain centers and inflammation. When reduced, you will suffer from an increased perception of pain and inflammation, elements that trigger a migraine. Owing to the similarity of the chemical structures of THC and anandamide, marijuana can reverse the effects of anandamide deficiency.

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Is Marijuana A Good Treatment Option For Chronic Migraines?

Yes, marijuana is an ideal option for managing migraines through the modalities covered above. CBD is more potent than aspirin and most of the NSAIDs used for migraine treatment in the past. Moreover, there is evidence that marijuana has the same effects as other opiates for managing migraines. This makes it a safer alternative to mitigate the opioid crisis stemming from the many people using opioids for pain management.

If you have been asking can CBD help with headaches, the good news is that marijuana will not just alleviate your migraine. It has also shown some promising therapeutic benefits for managing the common comorbidities associated with migraines. These include neuropathic pain, facial pain, dystonia, depression, PTSD, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and mood disorders. This means that with marijuana, you will reduce the number of drugs you are taking for comorbidities and, consequently, the side effects of taking multiple medications.

Which Marijuana Strains Are The Best For Migraines?

While the answer to CBD can help with headaches is yes, not all cannabis strains will positively affect your migraine. Some might cause symptoms like allergic reactions and increased heart rate that worsen your migraine. There are three cannabis strains you can choose for managing migraines. These include:

  • Sativa has high THC levels and low CBD amounts. The strain has energetic, euphoric, and uplifting properties that make it best-suited for daytime use.
  • Indica contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. It generates relaxing, soothing, and calming properties that can induce nighttime rest.
  • Hybrids that contain equal amounts of Sativa and Indica.

The ideal strain from the above for managing your migraine depends primarily on your desired effects. For example, in patients with migraines associated with some sleeping disorder, the perfect choice is an Indica strain that will calm them to sleep. On the other hand, for patients whose migraines are linked with anxiety and depression, the Sativa strain that uplifts them will prove more beneficial.


CBD Strains

CBD Strains


Forms of Cannabis for Managing Migraines

There are different ways of consuming marijuana to manage your migraine. Below are the standard methods:

  • Smoking has the fastest onset of effects but the shortest duration of effects.
  • Vaping where you heat cannabis then inhales its vapors without the carcinogenic toxins you might inhale when smoking. Like smoking, vaping has a quick onset of actions but short-lasting effects.
  • Tinctures and oils are dropped under the tongue for absorption through sublingual blood vessels. CBD oil for migraines for sale is ideal for those who cannot smoke but are looking for a quick onset of action to relieve their discomfort.
  • Sprays that are mixed in a liquid are then administered as mouth or nasal sprays.
  • Topical formulations like patches, creams, and oils. If you ask where to put CBD cream for headaches, migraines, and cannabinoids, the cream can be rubbed on your temples from where it is absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Edibles are mixed with foods like brownies and candy.

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From the information covered above, you have hopefully gotten sufficient answers on CBD can help with headaches. While using marijuana to relieve a migraine was illegal in the past, most states have now legalized the drug’s use for medical and, in some instances, recreational purposes. However, to access marijuana in states where it is legalized for medical use, you need a medical marijuana card.

The card is issued after a certified doctor evaluates your condition and concludes that marijuana will be beneficial. MMJ Doctor is one of the online platforms with certified medical professionals who can assess your need for medical marijuana. After passing an evaluation conducted by a licensed doctor, you will get a PDF copy of your recommendation. Then, take the recommendation to your state’s medical marijuana program offices to process a medical marijuana card.

Get in touch with MMJ Doctor today to learn more about how we can help with your medical marijuana needs.


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