Smoking Marijuana

Although abusing Marijuana can lead to short-term impairment in some consumers, it can help in cognitive ability if well utilized.

Research shows that CBD, Cannabinoids, and other forms of Marijuana can treat a myriad of psychological and neurological disorders. Additionally, Marijuana exists in various types and quantities of cannabinoids.

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1. Ignore Lies

Despite the proven benefits of Marijuana usage, certain media still feed potential consumers with misconceptions. Examples of such media are TVs, movies, newspapers, or even your relatives. Without proper analysis, you can develop biased information about the drugs.

A typical story is of Reefer Madness Campaign by the Federal Government. Not only did clinical psychopaths write the untruthful scripts, but the fantasy artists spread false claims about weed.

The cherry-picked claims mention that Marijuana leads to devil-worshipping, rape, and horrendous violence.

Apart from stating that weed causes brain damage, the fake information claims that you can attract poverty.

The medical experts’ recommendations contradict such lies, and you (too) should grab your seat in the kingdom of truth.

2. Distill the Truth

Here’s everything you should know about Marijuana

When seeking information about Marijuana, the best sources are those who:

  • They are well-educated, supplemented by their knowledge by a reliable source and acclaimed mentors.
  • They have practiced the art of using Marijuana for several years.
  • Frequently refresh their knowledgebase.
  • Possess a powerful intelligence quotient for marijuana issues.

It all Starts by Screening Scientific Reports and Clinical Data

A reliable researcher has an excellent educational background, vast experience, and keen insight.


Smoking Effect

Areas of brains affected by cannabinoids


They are neither biased nor threatened by agencies of hidden interests— against the truth. The researcher should lack connections with apparent competitors.

In a nutshell, typical research is conducted by ethical individuals. The professionals understand yes/no, bad/useful, and fails to describe nature with depth.

Dive into the Components of Marijuana

Before CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, most Marijuana research involved recreational strains made for the THC content. The black-market researchers optimized THC content to above 20%, thereby getting rid of the cannabinoids. 

The research shows that Marijuana contains more than 

  • 80 terpenes, 
  • 100 cannabinoids, 
  • flavonoids as well as 
  • essential amino acids, 
  • sterols and fatty acids. 

The research relies on THC content because it is the most plentiful and psychoactive cannabinoid due to its dominance in western street weed.

The recent innovation, CBD, has proven to provide excellent medical effects minus being psychoactive. The terpenes, in other strains, if taken orally, get rid of paranoia that results from a THC overdose.

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The researchers classify Marijuana into three distinct groups. These are:

High THC (20%+), with low cannabinoids (less than 2%) and psychoactive

Balanced consisting of 8-12% THC and CBD, and highly psychoactive

High CBD, low THC of 8-20% CBD, and less than 3%THC, medicinal and non-psychoactive.

Here’s a List of Cannabinoids in Marijuana Stains

  • 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol d9-THC
  • 8-Tetrahydrocannabinol d8-THC
  • Cannabicyclol CBL
  • Cannabidiol CBND
  • Cannabinol CBN
  • Cannabidiol CBD
  • Cannabielsoin CBE
  • Cannabichromene CBC
  • Cannabidiol CBT
  • Cannabigerol CBG

List of Terpenes in Marijuana Strains

  • Limonene
  • Delta 3 Carene
  • Borneol
  • Linalool
  • Myrcene
  • Eucalyptol
  • Alpha Bisabolol
  • Terpineol
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Cineole
  • Caryophyllene

Given the cannabinoids and terpenes in the right quantity, you can get the desired effect as illustrated below:


3. Can Marijuana Kill Your Brain Cells? Does Weed Cause Brain Damage?

Marijuana does better than harm in an adult’s brain. Cannabis consumers constitute the most intelligent and protective individuals. It does not make you kill brain cells. Instead, the brain cells grow or regenerate.

An Italian study reveals Cannabinoid CBC boosts embryonic or neurogenesis in the adult brain. The cannabinoids and CB1 or CB2 receptors display neuroprotective effects in the brain, reducing the severity of brain damage during mechanical injuries.

They reduce stress and help in treating chronic stress. The research proves that cannabinoids can shrink brain tumors.


Smoking Marijuana

Smoking Marijuana Facts

4. Does smoking weed cause Brain Cancer?

Cannabinoids cross the protective BBB (blood-brain barrier) of Gliomas, a common type of brain cancer. In the process, they make the cancer cells to self-destruct

So, can Medical Marijuana cause brain damage? It is unlikely. 


Despite the importance of Marijuana on brain-boosting, injury recovery, cancer, and stress management, many people can’t enjoy such benefits because they choose to be in the dark.

There are indeed cases of weed brain damage. The side effects result when you decide to abuse cannabis while ignoring the experts’ recommendations.

However, there’s a catch if you don’t understand the information to absorb from a researcher. That’s why you should listen to them with a grain of salt, as explained in this article.

Therefore, you should worry no more if you smoke weed regularly but still find yourself productive. In case you medicate with Marijuana regularly— as per the medical expert’s guidelines— go ahead and breathe a new life into your body.

To enjoy Marijuana’s health benefits, pick your medical marijuana card.



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