For years, pro-cannabis campaigners have touted weed as an antidote for epilepsy. However, new research claims that marijuana may trigger seizures.  The question of whether you can get seizures from the pot is somewhat controversial because relatively little research has been done on marijuana. To uncover the truth, it’s best to take a more in-depth look into seizures and the nexus between seizures and weed. 

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What Are Seizures?

A seizure occurs when abnormal electrical activities happen in the human brain. It’s hard to recognize when someone suffers an attack because its symptoms can be inconspicuous. For instance, the inability to break your stage for a considerable period is a common yet hidden symptom of a seizure.

What Can Cause Seizures in Adults? 

Seizures can be caused by anything that disrupts the connection between your brain’s nerve cells. Common causes of seizures include high fever, low or high blood pressure, brain concussion, stroke, brain tumor, and drug or alcohol withdrawal. 

Seizures occur differently depending on the part of the brain affected by an attack and how much of your brain is affected by an attack. The two main types of seizures are generalized seizures and focal seizures. 



Symptoms Of Seizures


Seizures vs. Epilepsy

Few people can distinguish seizures from epileptic attacks. Thus, it’s common to see people confusing the two conditions for each other. Nonetheless, they differ significantly. 

Seizures result from abnormal discharges in the human brain, whereas epilepsy is a state of having continuous seizures. The symptoms of epileptic attacks also tend to be serious. 

The Nexus Between Weed and Seizures

Evidence from anecdotal reports, clinical trials, and laboratory studies suggest that CBD, a marijuana cannabinoid, can potentially prevent seizures. Studies have also shown that specific plant-based CBD products are useful in treating individuals with epilepsy who don’t respond to traditional interventions. 

Indeed, there’s no straightforward answer to the question, can you have a seizure from weed? Marijuana has various side-effects, which depend on how it’s used. For instance, smoking marijuana damages your lungs just as much as cigarettes would. 

Top 3 Myths About Weed and Seizures

Can a dog have a seizure from weed? This is arguably the first question that will cross your mind when trying to create an interconnection between weed and seizures. Well, to answer this and other similar questions, it’s best to debunk the top three myths about weed and seizures. Here are these myths: 

A Person With Seizures Shouldn’t Consider Marijuana Medication

Conventional medications often fail to work in up to 30% of individuals who suffer from seizures. Although there have been fears that medical marijuana can exacerbate their condition, it can help them. Thus, it isn’t unreasonable to consider marijuana medication for individuals who suffer from seizures. 

Although medical marijuana can help those who battle seizures, this option should only be considered after the patients get thoroughly examined at specialized epilepsy treatment centers. This will determine whether all the traditional treatment options have been exhausted. 

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, patients exploring treatment options for their seizures should work with their physicians to find the best treatment options. If medical marijuana works for them, there’s no harm in using it to manage their condition. 

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Marijuana Induces Life-Threatening Seizures

A recent study indicated that abusing marijuana can induce life-threatening seizures. The dangers of marijuana abuse are well-documented. Just like any other drug, abusing marijuana can cause adverse side-effects. 

Therefore, it’s fallacious to claim that marijuana can induce life-threatening seizures among healthy individuals who have never experienced these attacks. The possibility of suffering a stroke only arises when one overdoses on marijuana or uses strains that are not recommended to him/her. 

In recent years, there has been a strong link between weed and seizures. However, it should be noted that there’s a proliferation of synthetic weed in the market. The ability of synthetic weed to escape drug screenings means it quickly enters the market, thus putting the lives of consumers at risk. 

Synthetic weed tends to have a high THC concentration, which increases the risk of seizures among users. Thus, it would help if you sourced weed from licensed dispensaries to ensure that whatever you end up with doesn’t cause undesirable side-effects such as seizures. 

Marijuana Doesn’t Help With Seizures At All

This is another common misconception you’ll come across. Some still hold onto the belief that marijuana doesn’t help with seizures at all. Nonetheless, research shows that marijuana and its compounds can provide much-needed relief to seizure and epilepsy patients. 

For centuries, cannabis has been used as an antidote for seizure disorders. Pharmaceutical medicine also recognizes marijuana’s potential in treating seizures. Epidiolex, a common seizure medication, contains CBD. Studies also show that CBD can be used alongside traditional seizure medications to improve patients’ symptoms. 

To avoid suffering seizure attacks after using medical marijuana, it’s best to avoid self-medicating. If you have a history of epilepsy or seizure, you need to consult a cannabis doctor or your neurologist before consuming weed. In doing so, you’ll determine the best strains and dosages to consume. 

Best Weed Strains for Epilepsy and Seizures

If you’re considering medical weed to manage your epilepsy or seizure disorders, here are some strains to consider: 


This is a hybrid marijuana strain with a 6% THC concentration and a CBD concentration of 6 to 17%. Thus, it’s a relaxing strain suitable for seizure and epilepsy management. 

Charlotte’s Web

A CBD-dominant strain, Charlotte’s Web is primarily consumed in the form of edibles and patches rather than smoking. It does wonders in managing epilepsy and seizure disorder symptoms. However, Charlotte’s web is among the most expensive marijuana strains. 

Grape Ape

This is a highly relaxing cannabis strain with an 18 to 20% THC concentration. Despite its low CBD level, Grape Ape is highly beneficial to people with seizure disorders. It minimizes common seizure symptoms such as dizziness, paranoia, and euphoria. 


Medical Marijuana

Consumption Forms of Medical Marijuana


Can Smoking Cigarettes Cause Seizures? 

Nicotine is the primary compound in cigarettes. When consumed over a considerable period, this chemical compound increases the risk of suffering a seizure. Smokers can minimize the potential of suffering an attack by cutting back on the habit or, better still, quitting altogether. 

How Does CBD Oil Stop Seizures?

Unlike THC, CBD oil isn’t psychoactive. It has positive effects on certain parts of the body, including the brain. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of epilepsy and seizure disorders. 

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Final Words: Getting Help for Seizure Disorders 

Millions of Americans have epilepsy and seizure disorders. Dozens of interventions have been advanced for these conditions with varying results. The discovery informed the legalization of cannabis that it’s useful in treating various health conditions, including epilepsy and seizure conditions. Thus, there’s no harm in making medical marijuana a part of your treatment plan. 

At MMJ Doctor, we understand that battling epilepsy or seizure disorders is one of the most challenging experiences one can undergo. Thus, we help patients to acquire marijuana cards that allow them to purchase medical cannabis for use as an antidote for seizures legally.

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