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Medical marijuana is available at licensed clinics for patients who qualify to use it. The herb is available in various forms, including cannabis tinctures. A licensed medical marijuana doctor will write a prescription, and it will specify the form of cannabis to use. However, a patient’s preference is taken into account. While tablets, gummies, dissolvable strips, and creams are common, not much is known about cannabis tinctures. Here is a guide to everything you need about it.

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What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Tinctures are alcoholic extracts of a plant. They are typically made with ethanol in a percentage of 25 to 60 percent. Ethanol is a commonly used solvent because it can effectively break down the acidic and basic components of a plant. With a cannabis tincture, this means that more of the healing cannabinoids will go into the dropper bottle. This will be cannabis components such as THC or CBD.

Tinctures are edible so the cannabis used to make tinctures has to be decarboxylated. This chemical process removes a carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide. It also ensures that all ingredients are active. If not, the potency and effectiveness of the tincture will be compromised.

Cannabis Tinctures or Cannabis Oil?

Sometimes, there is confusion about the two. This is because both are stored in similar dropper bottles, and both are prepared similarly. However, there is a distinct difference, and it is the constituents in each. With a tincture, cannabis is soaked in a solution of alcohol and water. To make oil, plant extracts are infused in a carrier oil such as olive, coconut, or hemp seed oil.



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5 Facts You Need to Know about Cannabis Tinctures

With that understanding, it will be easier to grasp five important facts you need to know about cannabis tinctures.

1) How to Calculate the Strength of Cannabis Tinctures

It is important to understand how to calculate the strength of a cannabis tincture so that you take the correct dosage of your medical marijuana. Dosage is different for everyone. It is determined by factors like the medical condition being treated, the patient’s weight, and how many doses are to be taken a day, among other factors.

To illustrate, say you have 14 grams of cannabis, and you are aiming for a THC percentage of 20 percent and a CBD percentage of 5 percent. You will need to make a tincture using two cups of alcohol. This will give you a cannabis tincture with 800mg of THC, 700mg of CBD, 29.17mg of total mg of THC per teaspoon, and 7.29mg of total mg of CBD per teaspoon.

You also have the option of buying ready-made tinctures in the potency that is prescribed for you. A legal requirement that purchases of medical marijuana made from a licensed dispensary are labeled accurately and appropriately. This makes it easy to take the right dose for your condition.

2) What is the Correct Dosage?

“How much of a cannabis tincture should I take?” is a common question and an important factor. With your cannabis tincture made as above, you can add it to your food or drink. Just like you were careful with the portions used to make a tincture, you need to be careful about how much you use.

As an example, if you add five teaspoons of a tincture to a recipe for edibles and divide it into 10 servings, you will get 145.83 total mg of THC in the recipe. There will be 36.46 total mg of CBD and 3.65mg of CBD per serving.

Dosage is typically anywhere between 20 and 1,500 milligrams (mg) per day. Your prescription will have this detail. Those starting on medical marijuana will usually get a low dose of 20 to 40mg a day. This could be maintained or increased during a review to see if the dosage is working effectively. Those with severe symptoms could be started with a higher dosage. Bodyweight is also a factor.

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3) Making Edibles with Cannabis Tinctures

Using cannabis tinctures to make edibles is becoming more and more popular. The edibles may be candies and gummies that are easy to add to the tincture too. The recipes are the same, with the exception that the tincture is added. It would help if you made sure that the tincture is not added to ingredients such as milk, oil, or butter that are hot. This could affect THC and reduce its potency. Also, ingredients should be mixed thoroughly, so the tincture is evenly distributed.

Before storing the edibles, they must be labeled clearly and stored in a refrigerator away from the reach of children and pets. Edibles like cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats are what kids would typically go for. Also, they should not be kept for too long.

4) Are Cannabis Tinctures Stronger Than Edibles?

One way to consume tinctures is sublingual, which means putting them under the tongue. The tincture is placed under the tongue for 20 to 30 seconds and held there for a minute before swallowing. When it is taken this way, cannabis hits the bloodstream faster. Putting the tincture in the mouth and swallowing also works, but it takes a bit longer to take effect. The same is true for using tinctures in edibles or mixed with beverages. They take longer to work compared to using a tincture sublingually. However, the potency of the tincture is the same.

5) Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

There are several benefits of using cannabis tinctures compared to other forms of it, such as smoking. Perhaps the most important is that it is fast-acting, especially when taken sublingually. The active components are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for a tincture taken this way to take effect.

Another advantage is that they are very accurate when it comes to dosage. With edibles, one can go overboard accidentally. Ready tinctures come in bottles with a measured dropper so a dose can be measured out very accurately, even to a milliliter. Some come with precise THC to CBD ratios on the label in keeping with the legal, accurate labeling requirement.

Additionally, tinctures are discreet. The small dropper bottles they come in are easy to carry in a pocket or purse from where they can discreetly be removed and used any time anywhere. This is different from smoking cannabis which brings up a distinct smell.

The long shelf life of a tincture is another benefit. Making them with an alcohol solvent helps make them last longer because the alcohol preserves the cannabis compound, so they remain active for a long time when stored in a cool, dry place. Also, for those who are watching their weight, tinctures are a better option than edibles.



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Does Cannabis Tincture Get You High?

Those starting to use medical marijuana may wonder if the pain relief comes with getting high. The answer is no. CBD can be extracted from the herb into a tincture or cannabis oil, but it cannot give a high or a state of euphoria the way marijuana or THC can. What it will do is reduce anxiety and ease pain or discomfort.

If CBD is used with cannabis products with high THC content, the CBD may compromise the beneficial effects of relieving pain or anxiety. It is a legal requirement that medical marijuana CBD products have no more than 0.3 percent THC.

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