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Does CBD Oil Cause Weight Gain in Humans?

  From the first CBD pharmacological experiments in the 1940s, the industry has grown in heaps and bounds. Now more people reach out for CBD to reduce pain and anxiety or enhanced mind and heart performance.  Additionally, you can find…
Medical Marijuana Card

Can I Use My MMJ Card in States Where It’s Not Legal?

  Though cannabis remains a Schedule, I drug under federal law. Several states have individual medical marijuana programs. These programs allow eligible patients to get marijuana from a state-sanctioned dispensary after their certification…

Is Cannabis a Psychedelic: How They Are Related?

  There is an ongoing debate about whether cannabis is a psychedelic. This is despite the fact that marijuana isn't considered a psychedelic in normal circumstances. Cannabis induces hallucinations just like other psychedelics, but can…
Psychedelic Therapy

What's the Purpose of Psychedelic Therapy Session?

  Are you an alcoholic looking for a better way to abstain? Or perhaps, you have battled post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety and mood disorders for the longest time such that you aren’t sure where to get help. Whereas there…
Marijuana Tea

Benefits of Marijuana Tea, Recipe, and Dosage

  Patients who use medical marijuana on a semi-regular or regular basis know about the various methods of ingesting this product, which include: Vaping Eating Ingesting Smoking Consume marijuana edibles legally in…
MMJDOCTOR Featured 3

The Secrets Behind Heating Marijuana Edibles

  Fundamental physics has it that heat makes molecules substantially more active. So does heating marijuana edibles make them more potent?  How to make extremely stronger edibles is every marijuana enthusiast's concern. Edibles…

What Actually is Chronic Weed? All You Should Know

  If you're a medical marijuana patient, there are dozens of strains to choose from. Chronic weed is among the most popular strains, thanks to its potency and availability. The strain has been described as a potent hybrid that can be…

Can You Have a Seizure From Weed?

  For years, pro-cannabis campaigners have touted weed as an antidote for epilepsy. However, new research claims that marijuana may trigger seizures.  The question of whether you can get seizures from the pot is somewhat controversial…
Marijuana Plants

How to Identify Male and Female Marijuana Plants

  If you’re planning to venture into the world of cannabis growing, it’s important to learn the reproduction process of these herbs. Cannabis is a dioecious plant, meaning that male or female reproductive features appear on different…