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Fact-Check on Using Marijuana for Treating Depression

The national statistics for depression clearly shows that it is one of the most prevalent mental disorders in the country. The symptoms experienced, their severity, frequency, and how long a depressive episode lasts varies from one person…
Marijuana and Bipolar Disorder

How Medical Marijuana Helps to Treat Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a psychological disorder that affects your energy levels, mood, and general behavior. Those who have bipolar disorder often experience manic periods, which are characterized by short periods of elevated mood and high energy.…
Anxiety and marijuana

Marijuana and Anxiety: What You Should Know!

In recent years, a growing number of US states have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. Studies have shown that an overwhelming number of people in the US consider marijuana to have some health benefits, forcing the authorities…
marijuana for weight loss

How Marijuana Can Help You Slim Down?

  Nearly 35% of American adults are obese. Many of them have tried weight loss medications and other interventions with little success. This is where marijuana comes in. Medical marijuana has gained recognition in the past few years…
Marijuana Facts

Eye-Opening Facts You Should Know About Medical Marijuana Today

  Many people are realizing the benefits of marijuana and this has seen it get legalized in many American states. In states where cannabis is yet to get legalized, considerations are being made to legalize its use in one form or another.…
CBD and CBN similarities

CBD Vs. CBN: A Look at Key Similarities and Differences

CBD. CBN. You may have come across these abbreviations, but do you know what they mean? What is the difference, if any, between the two? Apply for your medical marijuana card today!     If you are like most people,…
How marijuana help with ADHD

Can Marijuana Help with ADHD?

Over 80% of American adults believe marijuana can be good for health. Some have had the first-hand experience with marijuana and have testified about the benefits they derive from it. Among the marijuana medical benefits most cited by people…
Anxiety treatment guide


Medical marijuana is a trending topic for a relatively long time now, especially regarding the subject of legalization. Over the years, it has significantly ascended into the medical realm as an effective treatment for anxiety. From mental to…
spinal ailments and marijuana

7 Ways Medical Marijuana Helps with Spinal Ailments

  The spinal cord makes a crucial part of your nervous system. It transmits messages between your body and the brain to initiate different responses. Anything that damages your vertebrae and the other parts of your spine will, in most…
Medical marijuana and osteoarthritis

How Does Medical Marijuana Help With Osteoarthritis Pain?

  Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent type of arthritis. OA arises when you experience “wear and tear” around the ends of your bones, in the protective cartilage region. Even though the condition may damage a variety of joints…