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What Are the Effects of Weed on Athletes?

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  Cannabis has had a rising profile in recent years. Governments in more countries are decriminalizing the recreational use of marijuana. An even bigger number of them is at least legalizing the use of medical marijuana. These recent…
Recreational Marijuana

Essential Facts to Know About Recreational Weed 

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  In the US, one of the most typically mind-altering drugs used among youths and even adults is weed – this comes second after alcohol. Being legal or illegal has remained a state determinant – some have completely prohibited its use…

Legal Amount of THC: What’s The Legal Limit ?

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  The National Institute on Drug Abuse has ranked cannabis as the leading illegal drug used in the U.S. Though most states have legalized the use of marijuana recreationally or for the management of different medical conditions. The drug…
Bad Weed

Harmful Effects of Bad Weed and How to Identify It

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  Marijuana is a magical plant due to its numerous healing properties. However, such properties do not make it everlasting. It is a natural product and, like all others, it has a 'best by date. For it to have an indefinite shelf life, optimal…
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Which Are The 3 Marijuana Stocks To Buy?

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  While marijuana stock investors didn't get the momentum they were hoping for in the recent election, all state cannabis legalization measures passed. Recreational cannabis was legalized in Mississippi, South Dakota, Montana, Arizona,…
medical marijuana diseases

Top 3 Marijuana Diseases: Precautions to Protect Your Plants

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  At any typical instance, when you hear marijuana, what comes in your mind is its pharmaceutical and industrial benefits. Today, however, we have shifted our focus not on its usefulness and usage but its existence as a plant. Like…
Medical Marijuana

Top Five Dispensaries for Medical Marijuana in San Jose

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  Marijuana for the management of different medical issues is among the best approaches in medicine nowadays. California was among the first states to legalize the use of medical marijuana, and the state has continually introduced legislation…
Missouri medical marijuana application

FAQs on Missouri Medical Marijuana Application

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  In 2018, Missouri passed Amendment 2 that legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. With this passage, the state joined over 30 other US states that allow medical marijuana. The law charged Missouri's Department of Health…
how to get medical marijuana in maine

4 Practical Steps to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Maine

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  Cannabis products are gaining popularity with widespread legalization movements across the United States and worldwide. U.S. public opinion increasingly supports both medical and recreational use of marijuana. So far, more than 30 states…
Cannabis Card

Guidelines on Why and How to Get a Cannabis Card

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  In the past, most jurisdictions banned cannabis because they were none the wiser on the drug's many health benefits. Thankfully, medical cannabis has slowly become legal across the U.S., with more and more states legalizing its use.…