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In just two under 3 decades, medical marijuana went from a universally discredited and controversial substance whose growth and consumption was banned across the board to a seemingly vital component of future medications. Just recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) removed the plant from its list of dangerous drugs, paving the way for further research on its benefits, and potentially international legalization.


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The United States is also not left behind, with more than 25 states having legalized the use of marijuana either for medicinal or recreational purposes, or both. In states where recreational marijuana is not yet legal, such as New York and California, users have to acquire medical marijuana cards (MMJ) to access medical marijuana products.


Historical Use of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

The cannabis plant is regarded as one of the oldest plants in the world, with an estimated 3000-year history. However, it wasn’t used in the medical field until 1839, when W.B O’Shaughnessy’s discovery of the pain relief properties of the plant and its efficacy in inducing sleep.

In the U.S especially, the use of cannabis compounds both in the medical field and for recreation rose sharply in the early 1900’s. The federal government, concerned about its reportedly harmful effects to humans, instituted a blanket ban on marijuana in 1942, which meant it could not even be used to treat terminally ill patients. The ban lasted for more than 70 years, until 2013, when the Department of Justice allowed individual states to legalize various elements of marijuana as long as they implement measures to prevent abuse of the drug.

With that said, and before we get to answering questions like how does CBD oil make you feel like, we need to first establish the links between cancer and cannabis as a treatment option.


History of Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis History


What is Cancer? 

In layman’s terms, cancer is a condition caused by a rapid and abnormal growth of cells in parts of the body. If not detected and corrected in time, this growth can destroy surrounding tissues and even spread to more parts of the body. Unlike many conditions which have standard names, cancer is named according to the body part it first affected. Thus, you have skin cancer if the abnormal cell growth originally occurred in the skin, blood cancer if it occurred in the blood, and so on.


Some common symptoms of the disease include:


  1. Unending muscle or joint pain
  2. Persistently hoarse voice
  3. Swollen and discolored skin
  4. Rapid increases or decreases in weight
  5. Fevers and night sweats that don’t go away

Widely regarded as the deadliest disease in the world, cancer kills over 10 million people annually, with millions of new cases recorded every year. Luckily, the fatality rates have decreased drastically in recent years due to discovery of newer, and more effective treatment methods.


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Marijuana as a Cancer Treatment

Marijuana is one of the treatments under analysis in an increasingly large number of countries, with scientists wondering if its pain alleviation qualities can be of help cancer patients. A notable study on the topic was done by Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in 2015, with results showing that majority of cancer patients use, or have used marijuana products to manage symptoms.

In response to questions like “how does CBD make you feel?”, a large number of the patients admitted to having more appetite, and feeling less pain after chemotherapy, when they used marijuana.


Cancer and Medical Marijuana

Cancer Development from Normal Cells to Abnormal Cells


Additional Studies

A further study on the efficacy of marijuana in treating cancer was done in 2018 in Israel, and involved 2970 cancer patients. The patients were given marijuana treatments, courtesy of their government, and researchers observing their progress over a 6 month period. The results showed that the 87.5% of the patient recorded improvements in their sleep quality, with 91% also seeing a reduction in vomiting and nausea. Anxiety and depression decreased by 84.2% among the patients while instances of headaches went down 81.2%.


CBD: What is it? 

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, which is the main ingredient of marijuana, and which contains most of the “healing properties”. The other major compound is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (or simply THC) primarily consists of psychoactive elements and is thus rarely used in the medical field.


About 74% of patients mentioned that they would prefer to discuss their cancer situation with doctors who specialize in cancer treatments. That is not hard since each state has been given the responsibility for accrediting a physician as an MMJ doctor. At MMJ doctor, we have several licensed doctors who are not only specialists in different medical fields but also specialists in the Medical Marijuana field.


Chemotherapy. CBD Oil and Medical Marijuana

Side Effects of Chemotherapy that can be Treated with CBD Oil


How does CBD feel? 

Surprisingly, most people who use marijuana cannot tell how CBD feels, which is not their fault really as the marijuana products in the market are primarily heavy on THC.

So, to answer the question that’s probably on your mind; ‘what does CBD feel like?’, it is important to first point out that unlike THC, which is intoxicating, the effects of CBD are milder and vary from person to person.

When ingested through edibles or oils, it can lead to increased appetite (or hunger), and a feeling of general calmness and relaxation. The latter is especially helpful in dealing with insomnia and joint pains. Matter of fact, a CBD-derived oil product, called Epidiolex, is one of the main treatments for epilepsy, having been approved by the FDA back in 2018.


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How does CBD vape make you feel? 

Vaping is one of the safest ways to ingest marijuana as it does not expose your lungs to the toxic smoke emitted by burning rolling papers. Nonetheless, using a CBD vape won’t get you high or euphoric and will pretty much have the same effect as CBD oils and edibles – that is, leave you more calm and relaxed.


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