You may probably be thinking, not another quick weight loss solution. Well, this is not a gimmick.

Using CBD oil for weight loss has proved to be one of the best options you can try right now.

As of writing this post, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved CBD use for treating specific causes of seizures and rare forms of epilepsy only. Currently, all other uses of the magic drug are off-label, at least legally speaking.

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That aside, today, we will focus on how you can use CBD oil for weight loss and the relationship between the two. Could this be a legitimate solution to consider?

To understand how you could use CBD oils for weight loss and anxiety, we will explain in detail the mechanisms behind it:

Can You Use CBD Oil for Weight Loss?

Considering the challenges many people face trying to lose weight, any boost that can help is welcome. There’s already a growing collection of CBD weight loss stories and other anecdotal evidence supporting the use of CBD products to achieve the ideal weight.

Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) that form part of the endocannabinoid system (ESC). The ESC plays a critical role in food intake, appetite control, and energy balance. Additionally, the ESC contributes to metabolic regulation.

With the addition of CBD oil, you can encourage a more active metabolism, thereby allowing you to burn more fat into energy. This makes it one of the main benefits of CBD oil for weight loss and an exciting prospect for researchers.

CBD and Appetite

Today, clinical studies show that CBD can reduce appetite. These results resulted from clinical tests when cannabidiol was used in patients with seizures, treatment-resistant epilepsy, and Type 2 Diabetes.

These patients showed signs of decreased or lack of appetite, among other results.

However, there are also instances where studies have shown patients have increased appetite. This shows that CBD acts in opposing ways depending on the dose and activity of the user’s ESC.

In other studies, researchers found that CBD reduced appetite for patients with abnormally high working ESC, like in obesity cases. On the flip side, it may increase the appetite of underweight or people with low functioning ESC.

These effects depend on the dose, making CBD oil for weight loss an even more interesting prospect.



CBD Oil for Weight Loss


CBD Promotes the Production of ‘Good’ Body Fat

One of the major benefits of CBD oil for weight loss is that it turns bad body fat into good fat. Several proponents of CBD claim that it can turn white (bad) fat into brown (good) fat, which helps the body to burn more calories.

On the contrary, white fat has been known to increase the risks of several chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. And CBD plays multiple functions in how your system interacts with fat, including helping your body convert white fat cells to brown fat cells. It can also help your system to break down fats into energy more efficiently.

As such, some researchers believe that the wonder drug could be the solution for preventing obesity and other fat-related health issues. But there’s still a need for more studies and human trials.

Having more brown fat cells in your body could be more beneficial because they burn off heat as energy. They can burn calories, thereby making CBD oil for weight loss and worthy consideration, especially for clinical studies.

CBD Supports Insulin

Some studies have also found that CBD can help reduce excessive insulin levels in your body to protect you against further weight gain.

This is because insulin promotes the increase of body fat. It does this by encouraging your cells to store more energy. Therefore, having too much insulin in your system is a sure recipe for obesity and other related health issues.

Typically, you can raise the level of insulin in your system by increasing your sugar intake. CBD will help your system regulate the amount of insulin in your system, allowing your body to regulate your blood sugar.

How to Use CBD Products

To this point, you should already know the different ways CBD products can help promote weight loss. Now, the more important question; how do you choose the best CBD oil for weight loss? How do you use CBD oil?

If this is your first time using CBD products, it is vital to seek medical advice from your doctor or physician. Your doctor will know if your body and health condition allow you to take CBD products and the right dosage to try.

Secondly, it’s always important to start slow by taking smaller doses and for the recommended duration. This allows your system to get used to the drug before gradually upping the dose as you adapt to the new product.

It is also worth noting that you shouldn’t rush with making increments. You want to give your body sufficient time to adapt to the new dose before increasing it.

Finally, it would be best if you remembered that it could take several weeks or even months before noticing any product’s positive effects. Don’t assume that upping your dose will get you better results when you start to see results. We recommend that you maintain your current dose unless advised by your doctor.

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Other CBD Products and Options to Consider

Other than CBD oil, there are other CBD products you can use to help you gain weight. However, different CBD products have different efficiencies and potency. Therefore, ensure you choose the CBD products that will provide you with the best weight loss results.

Here are some common CBD weight loss supplements and alternatives you might prefer to CBD oil:

  • CBD Weight Loss Sprays

Like CBD oil, CBD weight loss sprays also impact your ESC and aid fat loss. Weight loss sprays also help boost your metabolic rate.

NOTE: You must look at all the ingredients in the CBD weight loss spray you intend to use before purchasing or using it. Some might have additives that your body might react with. We also advise that you strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maximum results.

  •  CBD Capsules for Weight Loss

As with CBD oil and weight loss sprays, we advise that you check the ingredients on the CBD capsules first before using them to ensure there’s nothing chemical or illegal in them. We recommend using CBD capsules with studied and recognized natural ingredients that won’t react with your system.

Most capsules vary in strength and doses, which is why you must also check to see whether you can manage the doses and strengths and fit them into your day-to-day routines. Capsules are easier to supplement and are considered a better alternative by some users.

Risks and Considerations of Using CBD Oil for Weight Loss

While initial results from CBD and weight loss studies raise some exciting prospects, there are other important factors to consider before using CBD products.

First, CBD, or any of its compounds, drugs, or supplements, isn’t an obesity treatment. These compounds and supplements can sometimes be harmful alternatives for a healthful diet and exercise.

Therefore, adding CBD to your weight loss plan without eating healthfully or exercising may not benefit you. That’s why it’s best to work directly with your doctor when using CBD oil for weight loss. This will also allow your doctor to adjust any other medications you’re taking since CBD can cause adverse interactions with some drugs.

Also, as stated earlier, the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD products like it regulates other drugs. As a result, some companies might take advantage of this and mislabel or misrepresent their products to boost their sales.

Therefore, it’s especially vital to do some research before deciding on the best quality product to use.





Can CBD Oil Hurt Your Liver?

There have also been concerns that CBD oil could damage your liver, especially when used in high quantities. In one study on mice, the CBD doses used were significantly higher than humans would use. Therefore, there’s a likelihood that a small daily drop of CBD oil into your meals is highly unlikely to cause similar effects.

As such, this study doesn’t reflect the typical use of CBD oil by a CBD user. Instead, the findings offer an indication of the consequences of potential CBD oil overdose.

CBD overdose is quite similar to any other drug or supplement overdose. When you use more than the recommended dose, you will likely suffer some possible consequences and side effects. And because CBD oil is still new to the market, there’s still a lack of sufficient data into what it can do or whether there are any undiscovered risks involved with taking it.

Currently, three main factors can cause liver failure. They are obesity, hepatitis, and alcohol misuse. CBD isn’t one of these. Neither is it deemed as a contributing factor as per the current studies and findings.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Using the recommended dose of quality CBD oil as part of your general wellness routine will unlikely cause any adverse side effects, including liver damage.

To date, there are very rare cases where CBD has caused adverse side effects to humans. And in most cases, the side effects that occur are very mild.

Vitally, we recommend that you buy your CBD products from a reputable CBD dispensary with lab-certified products. It’s also vital to consult your doctor before taking any CBD oil or its related products as a precaution.

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Should You Use CBD Oil to Lose Weight?

From the above context, it is evident that clinical research on CBD oil and its products is still in its infancy. Similarly, studies on CBD and how it affects body weight are still very limited.

Therefore, the verdict is still out.

Concurrently, CBD products are mostly unregulated, making it difficult for the average consumer to determine a product’s quality and quantity in over-the-counter products. So, you wouldn’t know whether you’re taking the actual CBD product or some other mislabeled product. And if you were taking the actual CBD oil, what would be the recommended dosage?

General studies on the safety of CBD oil have concluded that it’s safe for use. It’s also not ripe for abuse, neither does it generally lead to dependence.

Therefore, should you decide to try using CBD oil for weight loss is up to you. But it would be best to use it as a supplement to healthful meals and regular exercise for the best results.

We await the day researchers would find a breakthrough in CBD oil’s effect on weight loss in relation to different people’s ESC to put this debate to rest.

If you are looking to try CBD oil for weight loss today, check if CBD is legal in your state and apply for a medical marijuana card online.

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