Cbd Vape Pen

CBD Vape Pen

From oils and tinctures to edibles, there are many ways to consume CBD and each has their own advantages. Pens are one of the ways of Cbd vape consumption. People who consume CBD will often have a favorite but may use a combination of more than one product.

CBD is the primary non-psychoactive chemical of the cannabis plant and one out of at least 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It has been proven to have a beneficial effect in the treatment of a variety of health conditions.

The last years the market of Cannabis concentrates is growing and many innovative companies present new and interesting products. In USA and Canada several Marijuana concentrates are produced from licensed producers.

CBD Oil Vape Pen: Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBDCBD Vape Pens

CBD is different depending on whether it’s derived from marijuana or hemp. Let’s explain something simple before we move further: Cannabis is a family of plants with two primary classifications — Indica and Sativa. Hemp and Marijuana are species of Cannabis that are both members of the Cannabis Sativa family. Because Hemp and Marijuana both derive from the Cannabis Sativa family, they do share certain similarities; however, they have several very distinct and crucial differences. One crucial difference is that CBD can be found in different concentrations in Hemp and Marijuana.

Hemp oil has only traces of CBD (around 3.5 percent) while CBD oil can have up to 20 percent. Hemp oil based CBD products are considered a health supplement. So, it is good to know that there are two versions of this product on the market.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the same compound, whether it’s found in a low-THC(Hemp) or high-THC (Marijuana) plant. These are the products found in health food stores almost all over the world. Although CBD oil and hemp oil are both low in THC, the difference in the amount of CBD these products contain is big. It is the distinction between CBD derived from marijuana and CBD from hemp that sets them apart.

Another difference between Hemp and Marijuana has to do with their psychoactive effects

Hemp contains less than .3% THC, and Marijuana contains more than .3% THC. The marijuana, the plant contains high levels of THC and low levels of CBD although nowadays there are some strains bred to contain higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC, When it comes to hemp, the stalks and seed are the targets of this crop. These plants do not contain enough THC to get anyone high. In fact, for cannabis to be considered hemp, it must have no more than 0.3 percent THC. Hemp is mainly grown for industrial purposes and is a known bio-accumulator, which means that it sucks up a large amount of whatever’s in the soil it’s growing in.

How to use cbd oil in vape pen?


The fact that Hemp plants contain about 3-5% CBD, it means that a larger amount of plants is required to produce a small amount of hemp CBD oil. The risk of including other contaminants is higher. As the growing conditions for hemp aren’t federally regulated, it is difficult to know if your product is safe and clean. The quality of Hemp CBD oil that is available in the market gets better every day. Because hemp CBD offers so many benefits without resulting in an altered psychological state, it’s a great choice for everyday use. Consistent research shows that Hemp CBD offers a wide variety of health benefits without the high.

Patients are using CBD as a treatment for anxiety and depression, different types of pain and inflammation, seizures, cancer, and many more conditions both chronic and acute.Cbd Vape Pen

On the other hand, regulated Marijuana CBD oil created by licensed producers can contain anywhere from 18-20% CBD and THC levels that vary and provide maximum medical benefit.

Marijuana generally contains high levels of THC and low levels of CBD. THC attaches to cannabinoid receptors and creates feelings of euphoria and relaxation. There are many proven medical benefits to THC found in medical marijuana cannabis, including chronic pain relief, glaucoma treatment, muscle relaxation, nausea control, and PTSD treatment. It has also been found to kill cancer cells. However, other potential side effects include dry mouth, drowsiness and impaired memory, which can make it difficult to function in everyday life while under its influence.

CBD is shown to limit and balance the side effects of THC and make the high experience smoother.

Types of CBD Vape Pens

A vapor device takes a liquid and heats it up to the point where the vapor is created, which can then be inhaled into the lungs.

Vapor devices are composed of three main segments: a tank or cartridge that contains e-liquid, an atomizer that serves as a heating element, and a battery that provides power to the system. CBD vape pens are basically one kind of vapor device, and there are several different types or variations but at the end of the day, you have to choose between a reusable or a disposable device.

  1. Disposable CBD Vape Pen. Those are Vape pens that you use until CBD is done. The disadvantage is the long-term cost, as it will end up being more expensive than a reusable. Moreover, the selection of products is limited.
  2. Reusable CBD Vape Pen. Although a reusable CBD vape pen means a much higher cost, it is actually a cheaper way to vape in the long term.

There are 2 options: a cartridge based CBD vape pen and a refillable one.

  • Cartridge-Based CBD Vape Pen. These Vaporizers take CBD vape cartridges that we have to throw when they are empty. The disadvantage (like the disposable Vape Pens) is that you may be limited to options due to compatibility.
  • Refillable CBD Vape Pen. A refillable CBD vape pen allows you to refill it when you have used up all the CBD vape juice. These Vape pens include a tank to hold the CBD juice. You’ll need to learn how to maintain it. It is by far the cheaper solution. And you have many options to refill with any type CBD vape juice you like.

What are the advantages of using a CBD Vape Pen?

  1. Drastic effect. Vaping together with using tinctures are the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD. Vaping delivers the cannabinoids into your body really quickly, while consuming cannabis-infused edibles, will take time to digest the CBD.
  2. Effectiveness. Vaping has great Bioavailability, and that means that 50-60% of the CBD is absorbed immediately via your lungs. That gives vaping a huge advantage over ingestion in terms of efficacy. When eating edibles your liver will keep a big amount of CBD and about 15% will end up to your bloodstream.
  3. Dosage control. By using CBD vape pens you can spread out your dosage because the effect is fast and you can take it slow. As opposed to pills, or edibles, you can start with a low dosage and build it up according to how you feel.

The difference between CBD oil and CBD vape juice

Don’t be confused that any CBD oil can be vaped. There is a big difference. CBD oil is composed of CBD that is suspended in some type of oil(usually olive or coconut oil). CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid is a combination of CBD (often in the form of CBD isolate) and other ingredients(propylene glycol or vegetable glycol and flavors) that you find in any regular e-liquid.

If you’re buying a CBD vape cartridge, you don’t really have a problem. But if you are refilling your own CBD vape pen, be absolutely sure of what you are buying.

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