Ever since the legalization of June 2017, Florida has made it safe to consume medical marijuana for people with palliative reasons. However, while it has been great, there is no denying there have been bumps along the way, especially regarding how to get medical marijuana in Florida.

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In particular, this is one of the problems that has led to recreational users masquerading as patients in need of medical marijuana.

As a leading medical marijuana center, we recognize the importance of understanding how to apply for medical marijuana in Florida. Even better is understanding Florida’s medical marijuana laws for an understanding of the marijuana card process. Our article pieces together the significant steps that Florida residents can take and get medical marijuana cards for different health conditions.

How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Florida

Be of legal age

Unlike beer, how to get medical marijuana in Florida only requires you to be 18 years of age with an ID. In addition, you also have to be a permanent Florida resident, although seasonal residents can also qualify under one condition.

For the seasonal residents, the catch is you can only be eligible under the condition you reside in Florida consecutively for at least 31 days for each calendar year. Further eligibility also requires seasonal residents to maintain a temporary residency card to be eligible for the medical marijuana card in Florida.



Medical Marijuana Card


Qualify for a listed ailment

Your quest for a medical marijuana card in Florida must be backed with a qualifying affliction that meets the criteria offered by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use.

Other conditions can face restrictions; however, laws are negotiable to get them treated using a medical marijuana card in Florida. The conditions here include:

However, each condition must be diagnosed by a professional physician with a certification to ascertain the existence of the ailment. Therefore, be sure to check for legitimate physicians with medical marijuana backgrounds.

Get a Professional Prescription

With a qualified physician, you significantly reduce the chances of losing out on a medical marijuana card in Florida. Remember, the process involves plenty of bureaucracy which only a qualified professional will be handle. For example, you get a professional prescription for your condition with an experienced doctor after a proper test.

Afterward, each certified physician gets your medical records in order and enters your details into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. Here you will get a patient ID Number which will come in handy in your last step on applying for a medical marijuana card.

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Filling Your Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Florida

With all the correct details in place, you can complete the application through paper or electronic filing and get your Registry Identification Card. No appointment is also necessary since you can register and apply online through Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use portal under the state’s health department.

Compare expertise

You can expect your medical marijuana ID to get approval and arrival by mail in one to two weeks of the official hard copy with a successful application. Now, the ID allows you to contact licensed medical marijuana clinics or treatment centers and fill an order for the prescription placed by your qualified physician.

A wise move is always to look to purchase from state-approved medical marijuana sources to ensure suitable treatment. You can also shop around and compare for consultation pricing and expertise since you feel what the broad number of clinics offers in terms of medical marijuana.

If there are no medical marijuana clinics near, you can still find one close to your city, which offers online registration and delivery. All you need is to fill an order and contact the treatment center and arrange for the delivery.

Meanwhile, you will have to print out a temporary medical marijuana card from the confirmation email you will receive after a week or so. However, you are bound to get the actual card within two weeks delivered through your mail in a nondescript envelope.



MMJ Card


How To Get Medical Marijuana Card FAQS

What conditions is medical marijuana prescribed?

As listed, each health care professional is required to determine the question, “Is marijuana legal in Florida for your condition?”. The Office of Medical Marijuana use already lists the complete roster of qualifying medical conditions that meet the criteria for medical marijuana use in Florida.

However, getting medical marijuana in Florida allows encompassing other ailments of the same kind or class as those listed. In addition, a diagnosed terminal condition or chronic non-malignant pain from an underlying medical condition also qualifies as a situation calling for such treatment under Florida medical marijuana laws.

Can You Get A Medical Card online in Florida?

Yes! Florida medical marijuana laws allow for state-approved treatment centers to register and receive applications online from patients. All it takes is for the potential clients to get the necessary medical records and understand how the process works.

First, applicants have to complete an online survey which eliminates the need for a physical appointment. You will only have to register, fill out the questionnaire provided, and wait for feedback on the best medical marijuana for your condition.

Next, you will receive approval through your registered email a digital copy of your medical marijuana recommendation from the survey. Later on, the official hard copy arrives by post mail with Florida medical marijuana laws issuing patients with one within two weeks. Still, you can print out the temporary ID from your email and use it before the original arrives.

Whatever the card type, any medical marijuana ID holder can visit any marijuana dispensary and legally purchase the recommended products. Each purchase, however, must be from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary under the state of Florida.

Does Insurance pay for medical marijuana?

Although medical marijuana use is legal in over 30 states in the US, health insurance does not cover such treatment. As it stands, Florida and medical marijuana insurance also plan won’t help in protecting for medical marijuana use. Top among the reasons is that medical marijuana is still labeled as a Schedule I drug, making it technically illegal.

Other health insurance policies will not pay for the treatment since medical marijuana is not on the drug formulary registry of your health cover pharmacy and therapeutics. Besides, how to get medical marijuana in Florida can have you reclassify the marijuana treatment as a herbal remedy that your health insurance might not want to cover.

Can you get a medical card for anxiety in Florida?

Anxiety, often accompanied by bouts of uncertainty and fear, remains one of the top conditions that patients seek the use of medical marijuana as a remedy. Fortunately, Florida marijuana laws also recognize the benefits of medical marijuana against anxiety caused by stress and lists it as a qualifying condition and among the most prevalent emotional disorders out there.

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Where Can I Buy Medical Marijuana?

Where you can buy medical marijuana remains pretty straightforward, with the state licensing particular clinics and treatment centers to focus on the niche.

Likewise, the physicians prescribing or recommending medical marijuana are registered under the Drug Enforcement Administration, with each getting a DEA number for tagging. The registration is essential in controlling the risk involved in recommending or prescribing medical marijuana, classified as a Schedule I drug.

Linking up with the right medical marijuana treatment center or clinic shortens the process since you get a professional diagnosis and help. For the best advice on how to get medical marijuana in Florida, contact our support team for the latest in Florida medical marijuana laws, news, and local products near you.

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