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In this article we will try to answer the questions we receive from you:

  • Do i still need a medical marijuana card in California?
  • Do you need a medical cannabis card to buy from a dispensary in California 2017? Do I need a Medical Marijuana Card at all in California?
  • Can I get my medical marijuana card online?
  • Can medical marijuana dispensaries accept electronic version of medical marijuana recommendation letter?


The answer is Yes, you must have a Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ ID) and a licensed doctor’s recommendation to use mmj or cannabis-based products in California in 2017.

But do not worry, it does not take long and not expensive to apply for a medical marijuana card online. Yes, you heard me right,  now you can apply 100% online. No need to wait in crowded mmj clinics with all these people inside. Complete your online medical marijuana card application, wait for a video-call from a licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor and receive your cannabis card right after 420 Doctor approves you, to your email and in 3-5 days you will get it by mail in hard copy. At the same time, you can visit your local 420 doctors if you want to get 420 evaluations done in person. Yes, medical marijuana dispensary will accept your electronic version of the medical cannabis card and you are good to buy any medical marijuana products they can offer. To start your online medical marijuana card application signup at

MMJ ID Cards expire after 1 year, so it is important that you remember to contact your mmj doctor to renew.  Click here to schedule your in-person 420 appointments if you need to renew your medical marijuana card.

To get a Medical Marijuana Card, you need a Physician’s Medical Marijuana Recommendation letter and a Valid California Driver’s license, or photo ID with proof of California Residency. Here is a complete list of accepted documents.

While recreational marijuana use in California is legal, you can’t buy weed legally until 2018.  Even then, the MMJ ID is a very good idea. Without a MMJ ID you will have to pay a recreational cannabis user tax of an estimated 16% or more. With a Bill 420 Recommendation and an MMJ ID (at the cost of approximately $89.00), the savings on tax will be significant and worth the visit to the MMJ Doctor.

California the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana, after Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, and Washington.

Even though there aren’t any legal marijuana shops yet, and you can’t buy Medical Marijuana from a medical marijuana dispensary without a medical marijuana card, the good news is that for adults over the age of 18, in California, it is now legal to possess, use, grow and share medical cannabis with other mmj patients.

Adults can have up to one ounce of buds, or eight grams of vape concentrate, legally.

Bill 420 – The Medical Marijuana Program Act

Bill 420 allows California patients to buy, use, possess and grow Medical Cannabis for personal use, provided they have a medical marijuana card from a state licensed 420 physicians.

Medical Marijuana refers to the use of Cannabis or its cannabinoids as a medication to treat a disease or symptoms of a disease. Some  government members believe that Medical Marijuana can reduce vomiting and  nausea after chemotherapy. Doctors also believe it improves appetite in patients with HIV/AIDS, treat chronic pain, muscle spasms, and many other medical conditions.

The California State Legislature Passed Bill 420

In 1996, in adherence to the Tenth Amendment in the Constitution, Bill 420 with Prop 215, The California Compassionate Use Act ruled the guidelines for the California Medical Cannabis program as it stands today.

Highlights of 420 Medical Marijuana Bill:

  • Ill patients may use, smoke and grow Medical Cannabis when treatment is recommended by a licensed medical marijuana doctor.
  • Authorized Primary caregivers may possess or grow Medical Cannabis for their mmj patients.
  • Cannabis Doctors are protected from any state criminal or civil liability for recommending Medical Marijuana to patients who can benefit from it.

Summary of Bill 420 for Medical Marijuana:

  • All adults in California can become a legal Medical Cannabis patient when they get a medical marijuana card from a licensed 420 doctor to treat medical marijuana conditions and symptoms.
  • Once a patient qualifies, a Medical Marijuana Card (Cannabis ID) is issued.
  • Medical Marijuana Card and a recommendation letter allow the cardholder to buy Medical Cannabis from any medical marijuana dispensary in California.
  • The legal right to use Medical Cannabis can be established as required by a hard copy medical marijuana recommendation letter, Cannabis ID Card and online verification.
  • All MMJ patient information is confidential and cannot be shared with others without patient consent.
  • An MMJ ID and recommendation letter legally entitles you to possess, grow, use, and transport Medical Marijuana as a medicine in California. Remember, that some city regulations differ from that of the state, so do not forget to check your local medical marijuana regulations.
  • If you test positive for Medical Cannabis, your employer may fire you, even if you have a medical marijuana card.
  • Cost of Medical Marijuana Card is not covered by any health insurance, as of today.

The MMJ DOCTOR has created a very simple process to legally access Medical Cannabis

By visiting us in San Francisco and San Jose, or by using an Online Telehealth compliant system, you can become a medical marijuana card holder in minutes.

Accessing the MMJ Doctor Online that specifically evaluates for Medical Cannabis means that MMJ will be considered as an important treatment for any and qualifying conditions. If you decide to try Medical Marijuana as a treatment, you must get a Medical Marijuana “Recommendation letter” or “Medical Marijuana Card” from a licensed California Medical Doctor/Physician.

A Marijuana Recommendation is different from a usual prescription and doctors usually use: “I recommend” rather “I prescribe”, to comply with the Prop 215 and California Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

The Medical Marijuana Doctor’s Recommendation letter should include:

  • The MMJ Doctors signature.
  • The date the MMJ statement was written.
  • The MMJ Doctors contact information or a website where Medical Cannabis dispensaries can verify your Medical Marijuana Recommendation.
  • The date of expiration of your medical cannabis card.

The MMJ Recommendation statement may include a reason for treatment, the dose, and/or guidelines of use.
The MMJ Doctor has systems in place that make it very simple for medical weed dispensaries to contact them at any time for verification of the physician’s recommendation letter. Here at MMJDOCTOR, we are available 24/7 for verification via our website or phone number. It is also very important that the patient`s medical records are maintained in a HIPAA  compliant, secure system such as IndicaOnline.

Information for Medical Marijuana Patients in the year 2017

In 2015, the California Legislature passed (MMRSA or MCRSA) the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, establishing licensing process for cannabis cultivation and weed dispensaries, etc. at the state level.  On January 1, 2016 the law went into effect.

However, the state has said it needs until January 2018 to set up the regulations,  related agencies, information to actually issue licenses. In the interim, municipal governments may choose to adopt ordinances to permit or license local businesses in preparation for state licensing. Businesses currently operating in accordance with state and local mmj laws may continue to do so until such time as their marijuana license applications are approved or denied.

In the meantime, cannabis patients are advised to complete the Bill 420 recommendation, and prospective facilitator applicants are strongly recommended to apply to the state Board of Equalization for a Resale Permit and to get approval from their local authorities. For more information regarding this, please see the state Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation website.

Purchasing Medical Marijuana

You cannot legally buy a marijuana plant, but anyone can share with you. If someone is already growing medical cannabis in their backyard they could share the bud or a clone so another person could start growing their own cannabis plant. But money cannot exchange hands.

You shouldn’t need to have a medical marijuana card to possess and consume cannabis. But until your plants (or your friend’s plants, which have to be shared freely) are producing, you need to get the MMJ ID to legally purchase Medical Marijuana in California.

Marijuana coupons and discount can be found at


Purchasing Recreational Marijuana will likely not be available until 2018 or 2019

The state of California has a number of regulations to get through, and each locality has the ability to make different rules. Some areas, like Oakland and San Francisco, might get everything in place sooner. However, the deadline for California to start issuing cannabis licenses to any eventual weed shops is Jan. 1, 2018.

Grow Your Own Cannabis

Although growing cannabis in your house is the simplest way to make sure you abide by regulations requiring that home cannabis growing is done in an enclosed and secure way, this does raise some concerns regarding possible robbery (especially if the cannabis grower is bragging about the wonders and value of their marijuana crop). ”  A qualified mmj patient or primary caregiver may keep no more than 8 ounces of dried marijuana per qualified mmj patient.

In addition, a qualified patient or primary caregiver may also maintain no more than six mature or 12 immature marijuana plants per qualified patient.”. Pot cultivators may be able to set up a little 420 greenhouse outside. But in more urban and suburban situations, it may be more difficult to keep the weed plants out of plain sight. You can apply for a Marijuana Grower`s permit and in case if you are approved you can grow up to 99 cannabis plants. Apply here at 

 A Time and A Place

Medical Marijuana cannot be smoked or ingested in a public setting. Businesses, which sell alcohol or tobacco, will not be able to sell Recreational Marijuana. The best place to consume the product is in private residences. However, there may come a time when private events may be hosted for marijuana use, or some businesses may be able to decide to allow consumption on the premises.

Medical Marijuana Edibles

After reports of minors accidentally ingesting Medical Marijuana edibles (because they looked like candy), States are planning on a very strict regulation. Cannabis Edibles will have to be a very low dose, with a specified number of milligrams per dose. Packaging will be regulated as well as to not appeal to children and be childproof. There may also be “natural”  weed edibles, which would follow the raw, vegan, and super-food variety.

Marijuana cannot be taken across state borders

In every state with legal weed (Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon), weed must be grown and consumed in that state only because of the federal prohibition of the drug. Giving it away, within those states though, is perfectly acceptable. Not all States will allow Medicinal Marijuana across the state border, even with a MMJ ID and a 420 Recommendation. It’s best to check with any State you may travel to.

You can read our article: Mailing medical marijuana – will you get arrested? 

It is Illegal to Consume Medical Marijuana and Operate a Vehicle

It’s still illegal to consume medical marijuana and operate a vehicle, boat, aircraft or any other such thing. The exact regulations for determining if a driver is under influence of marijuana will be set out by the California Highway Patrol. The fines will be stiff. Medicinal Marijuana is not excluded from this law, even with a MMJ ID and a 420 Recommendation.

“We want people to think about marijuana in a new, different way. It should be something that is perfectly acceptable for adults to do in responsibly. One of the messages that marijuana legalization in USA sends.”


MMJ Doctor offers Exceptional Medical  Cannabis Evaluations in San Francisco & San Jose. Our mission is to ensure any patient can be evaluated to see if medical pot is something that can benefit them with their medical conditions. Our California licensed medical Marijuana doctors will never turn away anyone who needs an MMJ evaluation for medical Cannabis.

To schedule your in-person visit please click here: Appointment.

We offer online evaluations now at


Do I still need a weed card in California? Do you need a medical card to buy from a dispensary in California 2017? Do I need a Medical Marijuana Card at all in California?

The answer is yes, you must have a Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ ID) and a licensed doctor’s recommendation to use medical cannabis or mmj based medicines in California in 2017.

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