We couldn’t find a single malpractice case relating to Medical Marijuana”  — Medscape source


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This post is a medical marijuana guide for California Licensed Doctors and Caregivers seriously ill and considering Medical Marijuana for personal medical use.

The core of the matter is a lack of quality knowledge about this unique medicine.  Many physicians just have no clue about the science and MD’s issues related to Medical Marijuana.

“A local doctor had suggested to a young woman undergoing Chemotherapy; that Medical Marijuana might be very helpful.  However, the doctor refused to write a legal medical marijuana recommendation. At first, he said he was ok to do that, but he had to learn more how to go about recommending it. After a few month, he hesitated, even he knew that medical marijuana was probably a good medication. Doctor wasn’t sure how to cover liability issues and provide legal coverage.”  — Medical Marijuana Patient Testimonial (paraphrase)

Clinical Studies – Doctors Reports –  Patient Testimonials

  • There are more than 28,000 studies, clinical trials and reports by physicians that discuss the efficacy of Medical Marijuana.
  • The main regulatory mechanism of the immune system and nervous systems in humans is the endocannabinoid system.
  • Medical Marijuana Cannabinoids can modulate endocannabinoid receptors. They can effectively help treating symptoms and conditions.
  • MMJ demonstrate antioxidant and antimicrobial activity among many other health benefits.
  • The most doctors and patients participated in MMJ Programs can agree  – Medical Marijuana works very well for some conditions.
  • Medical Weed has been found an effective treatment for fragile people; cancer and HIV patients.

Medical Cannabis Issues that Physicians Worry About

I am fine with prescribing orthodox medications- but not Medical Cannabis.

  • Keep in mind that in California there are more than million licensed Medical Marijuana patients, all Recommended by licensed Medical Marijuana Doctors. Not even one MMJ Doctor has ever been sued for malpractice. feel free to compare that statistic with malpractice claims in other areas of medicine.  Medical Marijuana is totally safe for not only medical marijuana patients but for 420 doctors too!

I really don’t trust in organic medications, especially Marijuana, I trust pharmaceuticals.

  • We suggest you to read this article first. You will become better informed and then reappraise your opinion.

Will my patients still trust me, if I Recommend Medical Pot?

  • Some patients will wonder about a physician that recommends Medical Marijuana, however, far more patients trust a doctor that is “thinking out of the box”. It is now incorrect not to consider Medical Marijuana as a treatment option.

I don’t know what’s in Medical Marijuana.

  • The reality is that we have no idea what components in most of the food and drinks that we consume every day.  The bottom line is that  Medical Marijuana is very safe, and not dangerous.

The Cannabis is not regulated by the FDA and might be toxic.

  • FDA regulation could easily work in theory, but there are a lot of discussions about the need to restructure that group – to find out their imperfections.  At the same time, some improvements in industrial testing might be accomplished – by accurately quantifying active components.  Some Medical Cannabis groups do currently perform testing on their Marijuana-based Medicines – using mass spectrometry and other professional test methods.  The trend is toward quality.

I don’t like patients controlling the dose.

  • Of course, patient’s feedback about dosage is something every doctor need to consider for prescribing all medications.  Unfortunately, some patients don’t take medications as they were recommended and many physicians don’t get the feedback.  So, there are some issues in drug/dosing and often the situation does not close to perfection.

Overdosing using Medical Marijuana has minimal danger.  If a patient is aware that marijuana dosing amount and frequency is a huge issue, he’ll take better notice of what works well.  Finally, patients understand all liability in taking the MMJ and the old school approach works for experienced physicians and mmj patients.

There is more money in pharmaceutical drugs than in medical marijuana.

  • This statement is counter to affordable options like Medical Marijuana and is obviously not in the best interests of patients.

Cannabinoid / Endocannabinoid Science. We don’t have any formal education?

  • This opinion can be lessened by piggybacking on the findings of experienced physicians.  See further reading section for details.

Usage of Medical Marijuana is almost impossible to control with any degree of certainty.

  • I think Physicians should encourage patients to use a provider that can assure a current certificate of analysis; Cannabinoid profile (THC, CBD) other components like terpenes and prove that the menu of active ingredients and show the Marijuana medicine is free of toxic elements. We don’t recommend cannabis growers that do not lab test their Cannabis regularly.  We also think that until the FDA is restrictive, the MMJ industry will continue to grow through self-regulation.  The industry is growing organically and surprising sophistication.

Recommending medical Marijuana will lower the public’s perception of our status.

  • Medical Cannabis is becoming more politically correct, decrease concerns for many.

I  don’t want to be associated with morally disreputable, shady characters.

  • Doctors and Medical Marijuana clinics that Recommend Medical Pot want only papers that they do not encourage illegal activity and are not involved in the process of buying/selling Medical Marijuana.

I would much rather prescribe a medicine I understand.

  • This statement makes sense, but it’s a really poor excuse. Continuous education is the responsibility of any good physician.  If Medical Marijuana is legal in your state, then it is your obligation to research the efficacy of a medicine that might help your patients.

What about cannabis side effects.

  • Cannabis Patients should sign a waiver assuming full responsibility relating Medical Marijuana use.  Over 20+% THC Cannabis has side effects. Over consumption may affect coordination / cognition that impairs motoriks.  Psychosis can be an issue, but not self-harming.  Non-psychoactive Marijuana Medicines provide a safe alternative.

Instead of supporting the street drug I prefer to prescribe drugs that I can control.

  • Physicians need to decide if Medical Cannabis can help their patients or if personal control is the most important issue.  Patients should understand full responsibility -on paper- of cases that happen as a result of being recommended Medical Marijuana.

What about liability issues.

  • Easy, just get your patients to sign a waiver (see below).  Malpractice is a non-issue.

Medscape – Malpractice Risks of Medical Marijuana


“We couldn’t find a single malpractice case relating to Medical Marijuana. Lawyers say it’s hard to see how such a lawsuit would be successful, assuming that a patient who asked for a Recommendation and received one would even want to sue.”   Mark Crane – Medscape Business of Medicine

Doctor’s Issues – Marijuana Consultations & Recommendations

What’s in Medical Marijuana?

What are THC/CBD and other medicinal components in different cannabis strains?

People that prefer Medical Marijuana can usually try any cannabis strain with worst-case scenario being stuck to the couch for the entire evening and nothing else.  THC overconsumption on the other hand- will cause some unexpected side effects.  Right doses of THC/CBD on the other hand, are palatable most patients.

This is an issue, generally speaking.  There are lab test reports of the cannabis strain’s composition or Cannabinoid profile.  Lab data for a marijuana strain can be accurate or approximate as potency and character can vary from cannabis grower to grower.  Ideally, every new harvest should be lab tested.

What do you think about Synthetic Marijuana? 

Orthodox pharmaceutical Marijuana formulations typically have one singular active component, known as THC.  The opinion of bonafide researchers is that THC component, synthetic or organic, does not work as good as whole marijuana plant extracts. Marijuana patients generally feel much better with balanced cannabis strains and medicines containing balanced quantities of CBD & THC where the tendency for some patients to experience side effects such as anxiety is greatly lowered.

How do I know if the dosage is correct?

Finding the right dosage is tricky in any case.  There are many factors to consider, such as race, sex, age and genetically-individual tolerance; to understand what dose is best – for any medicine.   In the case of Medical Marijuana, the effective dosage should be left to each patient to find, and this makes some doctors uncomfortable.

Patients should know that a dose of tens of mg of MMJ can be really effective, while hundreds of mg actually made symptoms worse.

A Veteran Physician Shares Findings and Advice with other Doctors.

“The effective dosage should be considered by each individual patient, and this makes some physicians uncomfortable.”

“Most patients are already using Cannabis at the time they present for a Cannabis approval.” 

“A patient who also happened to be a police officer, stopped to talk before leaving the office and said – would you please start writing more Recommendations for Medical Marijuana? I find weed in peop’s possession and I ask them for their Medical Marijuana Recommendation, and if they don’t have one I have to take them in. I don’t want to waste our time anymore. Please do your part to help. That was the day I decided to add Medical Cannabis Recommendations to my full scope family practice.”

Mmj Doctor Notes: We provide patients with Online Medical Marijuana Evaluations, Recommendations, High-quality Medical Marijuana ID cards, Marijuana Consultations, 24/7 verification and more. We are looking for Partners, including licensed physicians in all geographic areas –  to help service our rapidly growing patient base.

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