Does Smokable Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer

Marijuana is a product that has spent decades being stigmatized by many groups and governments. It was long seen as only being used by delinquents and exclusively designed to get you high. However, recent decades have proven marijuana to be a helpful plant for many who have mental and physical disorders and ailments. MMJ Doctor knows how beneficial medical marijuana is to so many, which is why we want to cover smokable marijuana and whether or not the risks overrule the benefits.


Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana

Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

For the longest time, the predominant image of marijuana was one of bad behavior and criminal. Most people saw marijuana as something you smoked and as part of the greater drug culture that existed in the 20th century. The effects of marijuana were not always the focus, as it seemed that the negativity associated with its image had more to do with who was supposedly smoking weed. In other words, using marijuana could group you in with a demographic of people perceived to be lazy and law-breaking.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and many of these viewpoints now seem terribly antiquated, as well as misinformed and prejudice. With the greater acceptance of medical marijuana, as well as recreational marijuana, more information for consumers has come out. The legality of the drug, while only limited to certain states, has allowed for more people than ever to benefit from the plant’s healing properties.


Difference between Edible and Smokable Medical Marijuana Products

As marijuana, both medical and recreational, has become easier to get a hold of, more products have come to light. Capsules, resembling more common types of medicine, are available for those who want to take their medication in a routine and traditional fashion. If you would prefer to have a cream or oil that can ease the pain in your joints, you are able to get marijuana-derived products that target this type of ailment. Oils specifically can be used for other purposes, such as tinctures and use in vaporizers.

Due to its ease of use and attractability, vaping has proven itself to be an extremely popular form of marijuana consumption. Since it is easy to take with you and can, for the most part, be used in indoor areas without much fuss, many people enjoy vaping as the preferred way of consuming marijuana.


Smokable Marijuana

Even with the various products that exist, many people might still prefer to smoke their marijuana. In some cases, smoking can be more effective for a patient due to the effects that come from the combined THC and CBD cannabinoids. That said, the status of smokable marijuana in medical marijuana states is complicated. Not all states that legalized medical marijuana have legalized smokable, so make sure you know before you decide you want one product over another.

One thing that you may want to know is whether smokable marijuana causes lung cancer. With all the proven danger that comes from smoking tobacco, it can be something that many thinks is no different from marijuana. It gets even more peculiar when you consider how many people want to smoke marijuana compared to the other available options that exist for patients. So regardless of the perceived facts surrounding smoking of any kind, many are still interested in smokable marijuana.


Difference Between Edible and Smokable Marijuana

Difference Between Edible and Smokable Marijuana

Does Smokable Marijuana Cause Cancer?

So does smokable marijuana cause lung cancer or not? Most people will tell you that any smokable substance is hazardous to your health. In the case of smokable marijuana, this is a statement and fact that many will use to warn against smoking the flower.

Similar to smokable tobacco, smokable marijuana contains tars and carcinogens that cause harm to your lungs. Marijuana smoking has also been noted to have a higher percentage of some chemicals that are also found in cigarettes. Among those who have smoked marijuana, breathing, and coughing problems have shown to be more prevalent than in non-smokers.

One other thing to note is how different marijuana smoking is to tobacco smoking. Those who smoke tobacco, whether cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, tend to either not inhale or inhale for a short period before letting the smoke leave the body. Marijuana smokers, however, are more known to inhale much deeper and for much longer, letting the smoke rest in their bodies for a longer period before exhaling. This could contribute to the harm possibly posed by smoking marijuana.

With all that has been said, it is understandable to think that smoking marijuana is not any safer than tobacco. However, the data and research for smoking marijuana are not as conclusive as you might think. This is because marijuana’s legal status has somewhat limited the number of studies researchers have been able to do. While there is no shortage of anecdotal evidence proving how beneficial marijuana can be for people, scientists and the like are still doing work to see the full effects of marijuana usage.

Marijuana’s more widespread legality is allowing researchers to understand the plant and its effects better. But so far, how dangerous smoking marijuana is and how badly it can affect your health is still being researched. It is then up to the consumer to decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

There are many ways to reap the benefits of medical marijuana, from oils to vaping. Smokable can work better for some people, but it is always to keep in mind the possible dangers that are associated with it.


Getting Prescribed Medical Marijuana

If you need the feel to be evaluated for medical marijuana, you might want to get in touch with MMJDoctor. Our experienced and licensed professionals can guide you through the process and provide you ample information required to make an informed decision about medicinal marijuana. With MMJDoctor you can easily process your medical marijuana card. Visit us or book an appointment to schedule your appointment today.



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