Does weed expire? You might have asked yourself this at one point as a weed user. This could have happened after you bumped into a stash you once saved for later and did not remember to check on it. There is a possibility that you can still consume it, but we cannot be sure of it until we break it down.

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Does Weed Expire?

Your weed should not go bad if stored in optimum conditions. It all comes down to how you have stored it and what conditions you have kept your weed. The storage time also matters, and it is this duration that determines if your weed is still safe for consumption. The average shelf life of weed should be between 6-18 months.

Factors that Can Degrade the Freshness of Your Weed

1. Humidity

Humidity gives room for mold to grow, which would cause toxicity. High humidity can make this process rapid. Keep your weed at low humidity for proper preservation.

2. Light 

Sunlight quickly destroys your marijuana, and it is crucial not to expose your marijuana to UV lights. It causes oxidation and breakdown of cannabinoids, eventually lowering the quality. 

3. Temperature

On how to keep weed fresh, high temperatures easily break down your cannabinoids, making you potent high CBD content bud to break down and increase its CBN levels. Your bud needs to be stored at 68-86° Fahrenheit.

4. Air

Air is necessary when considering how to keep weed fresh, but excess air is not suitable for your weed. Oxygen easily takes electrons from weed, making it dry and reducing the level of cannabinoids. This causes low potency of weed.



Freshness of Weed


Weed Can Only Change Its Chemical Composition

When it comes to weed, you need to ask yourself how does weed expire. The critical thing to understand here is that the components inside the weed matter. In every bud, you get compounds known as cannabinoids. 

You have probably heard about THC, CBD, and CBN. You need to understand that each strain of weed is unique, with different levels of cannabinoid quantities. These differences are brought by factors such as the growth process, genetics, and many others. 

Does weed expire when the chemical structures of each weed plant keep changing? Even after you have harvested your buds, cured them, and stored them for a very long time, you should know how to keep weed fresh. When it is reserved for long in unfavorable conditions, CBN content will increase because cannabinoids are very volatile. They tend to have different reactions when stored in the presence of specific external factors. 

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Does weed expire when you expose the THC in your weed to oxygen or ultraviolet rays for a long time? Of course, many changes start happening. Your compound THC starts turning into CBN, and the longer it stays, the higher the concentration of new compounds. 

Does weed expire with a high concentration of CBN? This might not be true, and you will realize that this type of weed may not give the best kind of high you would expect when rolling a new joint. Even though it is not bad for consumption, it will provide you with a different experience.

Prolonged Storage Reduces the Potency of Weed

When weed is stored for a long time, the component CBN will be highly concentrated at this point, and it will be reducing the potency of the THC. 

According to the United Nations Office on drugs and crimes, weed loses an average of 16% potency after 1 year, 26% potency after 2 years, and 34% potency after 3 years.

Does weed expire and not get you high on itself? You only get to feel the sedative effects of CBN, relaxed muscles, and the need to sleep. Perhaps the CBN in your old weed will give you a good night’s sleep.

It would be best if you remembered that the buds might get drier when your weed is kept away for so long. The dryness would result in you feeling a harsh, unpleasant, and uncomfortable experience. This 

The only option for you to feel some high is by vaping your old weed buds to avoid harshness. In this case, weed only burns out at a higher rate, and there will not be so much vapor coming out of the buds.



Keep Weed Fresh


Weed Can Change Its Appearance and Still Be Consumable

Does weed expire like other substances?

Weed is not like milk or a loaf of bread that can be easily said to expire. Weed can be aged and still consumable. If you are not sure about the safety of the weed, the smell can tell you how much aging has happened to your weed. You will feel a musty urine-like smell. This could be caused by inadequate storage standards or pesticide contamination in the farm, so does weed expire. 

How do I check for mold?

Mold has a white or gray appearance which is often powdery. You can check for mold by looking for any white or gray spots on the coating. You can also smell mold; moldy weed often smells like hay or mildewy. However, smelling is unreliable, especially during the early stages of growth, since the smell is not significant.

How do I know my weed is old?

Extreme dryness and too much moisture should be enough to tell you that the weed is damaged. Your weed may crumble when touched or may even have a high content of moisture.

You will note changes in flavor, weed texture, and potency when consuming old weed. The consumption of these buds may be harmful. Just ensure no rot or mold in the old stash you just found because that can make you sick.

How do I keep weed from damaging?

Ensure that you keep your weed in a sealable airtight container to avoid exposure to light and air. These two elements can cause so much destruction to your weed. Avoid storing weed in bags that can hold moisture. 

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From the points stated, we can see that weed does not expire. What happens is the change in the chemical composition. Weed is a plant and a living thing. This means that in their natural state, they need to go through a life cycle. Therefore, you need to cure your weed well to give it more time to preserve its potency. You do not want to smoke a product that does not give you the satisfaction you desire.

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