Germination treats anxiety

You can now grow medical marijuana at your home if you’re fortunate enough to live in a pot-friendly state! One thing that’s been consistent this century is laws keep moving in favor of medical marijuana. Germinating seeds and growing your own plants will help you cut costs on travel and health care.

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Favorable Laws for Cannabis Growers

Each state throughout the United States creates its own specific laws about medical marijuana cultivation. Colorado and Washington have among the most favorable laws for cannabis growers. Some states, however, still have very strict laws against marijuana. So make sure you understand the laws in your state before planting your garden to avoid penalties. Be aware that even in states where growing cannabis is legal, you are still limited to specific amounts.

Dealing with anxiety and depression is a difficult challenge, especially when you don’t have access to treatment solutions such as medical marijuana. But when you can access marijuana as treatment, it can resolve or stabilize mental problems so that you can get on with your life.

If you are able to legally grow medical marijuana on your property, you will improve your sense of well-being in the most cost-effective way possible. The growing process is actually simple and easy, as the main keys to growing cannabis are a proper amount of water, light, and basic care. Ultimately, growing your own marijuana can put an end to your anxiety forever.

Part of the reason people get anxious is they focus on the problem too much instead of the solution. A person’s mental state can get worse when they cannot see a solution in sight. But when you grow your own marijuana, you’re reminded on a daily basis that you aren’t far from the solution to anxiety. Just looking at these beautiful plants creates a positive perception.


Best Marijuana Seeds for Germination

Germination is a process of a seed transforming into a plant. In order to facilitate effective germination, you must understand the variables involved. Since there are multiple variables to deal with, it’s easy for errors to occur that inhibit the growing process. Environmental factors such as light, warmth, and moisture are among the most crucial criteria that affect all seeds.

Buying mature, healthy seeds is one of the imperative factors to becoming a successful cannabis grower. Dark brown colored marijuana seeds are considered mature. Planting seeds that haven’t matured will decrease your chances of harvesting the best possible pot plants. Furthermore, if seeds don’t get enough moisture, they simply won’t grow, which is why it’s best to pre-soak seeds before planting them.


What is Germination?

The following is a step-by-step guide to growing marijuana seeds based on different proven methods. Each method will help you grow your crop quickly without any external assistance. Some of these methods have overlapping similarities.

Prior to purchasing seeds, you must consider which strains will meet your purposes. There are literally thousands of different cannabis strains, covering a wide range of effects from happy to sleepy. It’s important to understand that Sativa plants generally produce upbeat effects, while Indica plants cause users to relax. Most marijuana strains are hybrids of both Sativa and Indica.

Ask your medical marijuana doctor which strains work best for your condition. Talking with cannabis caretakers and growers can further expand your knowledge of various strains. There are plenty of credible and informative cannabis resources online to assist you in learning which strains produce the effects you’re looking for.

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1. Paper Towel Method

As the simplest method to grow marijuana seeds, the only items you need for the paper towel method are two clean plates and some non-porous paper towels. Porous means the paper encompasses small bubbles in which both air and liquid pass through.

Non-porous paper means water and air won’t be able to pass through the paper, which helps give the seeds enough leverage to grow without getting harmed by air particles. Inexpensive paper towels usually do not contain pores. Non-porous towels will help your seeds grow without getting stuck into the surface of the towel.

If the seeds or their taproots get stuck in the paper towel, they will start growing from within the towel. This scenario can increase the chances of damaging the roots if you try to aggressively pull them out.

Despite this simple planting method, it’s still possible for a minor mistake to ruin the entire harvest, as well as the seeds. So pay close attention to the details involved with the paper towel method.


Process of Seed Germination Through the Paper Towel Method:

  • Soaking the paper towels

The first informal step of germinating the marijuana seeds is to saturate the paper towel in the water. Make sure that you use distilled water to eliminate impurities. Do not let the water drip off after soaking. It’s important that the seeds become as moist as possible.

  • Laying seeds on the paper towels

After soaking a pair of towel sheets, which should be free of contamination, place them on a plate. Then spread the seeds on the plate, keeping them at an appropriate distance from each other.

  • Cover the towels

After you have laid down the seeds on the plate, cover them with paper towels. Use two layers of paper towels and cover the seeds.

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  •   Cover one plate with another plate

Now put one plate as a cover on the plate you used to spread the seeds. It will help keep the non-porous towels moisturized. Always remember the importance of keeping seeds well-watered until they germinate. At the same time, too much moisture can cause seeds to rot, so be aware of the proper balance.

  •   Keep the temperature between 70° to 90° Fahrenheit

If you are growing your seeds in a room, make sure that you keep the temperature between 70° to 90° Fahrenheit, which is the optimal temperature range for germinating marijuana seeds. Starting the process indoors is a good way to control the growing environment.

  •   Check the seeds from time to time

After completing these steps, make sure to check your seeds from time to time to get an idea if they have germinated. Be aware that even seeds from a credible source may fail to grow, simply because nature offers no guarantees. So each harvest is like an experimental learning experience.

  •   Wait until your seeds grow

Usually, it takes about 2-4 days for the seeds planted under the right conditions to sprout. If your seeds are older, it might take longer. When seeds haven’t germinated after a long period, it could just mean they aren’t suitable for growing. Seeds can get damaged when not stored properly, especially in cold temperatures.

  •   Keep the paper towels saturated

While checking your seeds take a look at the paper towels to see if they are wet or not. If the towels are getting dry or are not well saturated, add an appropriate amount of water.

Once seeds begin to sprout, make sure not to touch the roots, which can damage them and prevent the plant from growing. While growing plants at home might seem like a big hassle to some people, you’ll likely enjoy it if you follow the steps properly. Understanding the care needed to bring your seeds to life through different stages is the key that leads to a smooth growing process.

Germinating marijuana seeds

Common Mistakes While Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Benefits of the Paper Towel Method

  • Germination in a controlled environment

By using the paper towel method, you can readily germinate your seeds in a properly controlled environment without worrying about the temperature. The more you can control environmental factors, the better odds you’ll cultivate healthy plants.

  • No risk of contamination

The paper towel method frees your mind from worrying about diseases your seeds may catch. Using a sterile towel is the key to eliminating the chances of spreading a disease or contamination.

  • Observation of day to day changes

Through the paper towel method, you can observe the changes in the seeds on a daily basis. You can also gauge whether your seeds have germinated or not. Checking the water level is essential. If you see the towel has dried up, you can add more water. Similarly, if there is more water than required in the towel, you can move the towels to a warmer location.


Limitations of the Paper Towel Method

  • Risks of transplantation

Moving the seeds after germinating them is one of the biggest disadvantages of using the paper towel method. When you transplant the seed from one place to another, the chances of damaging the seedling increases considerably. The taproots are very sensitive, so if you fail to move the seedling appropriately to the plant, the chances of losing the seed’s nobility increase to a great extent.

  • Risk of damaging the seeds

Not using proper tools like tweezers to move the seeds may adversely affect the leaves that emerge. But with proper care, your seeds will more likely grow into plants successfully.

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2. Direct Planting Method

Direct planting is another very efficient method of growing marijuana. Rather than germinating the seeds on a plate, you grow the seeds directly from the soil or any medium that you like. If you plant multiple seeds that don’t germinate after several weeks, there may be an issue with the soil or water. Warmer soil and filtered water may be the remedy.

Process of Planting Marijuana Seeds Directly

  • Preparing the seedbed

The first and foremost step of planting marijuana directly in preparing the seedbed. Be sure to keep the soil-top hard or rigid, which you can achieve by plowing the soil so that it becomes soft. After you soften the soil, smooth it with your hands and remove any rock or debris.

  • Design your planting pattern

If you have any particular pattern in mind, write it down on paper as a guide for planting the seeds accordingly. Keep in mind that spaced out rows allow for greater accessibility.

  • Sow your seeds

After you are done with marking the pattern, sow your seeds, using your hands or a device. It’s essential to consider sowing the seed into twice its width. Marijuana seeds do not need light to germinate so you can plant the marijuana seeds deep into the soil.

  • Cover your marijuana seeds

After impregnating each marijuana seed, cover all seeds with soil. Make sure that the soil you are using is good quality since it plays a vital role in determining the plant’s health. While burying your seeds into the soil, ensure that you do not saturate them too much in moisture.

  • Keep the spacing considerable

Plants need to be kept at a considerable distance apart. Otherwise, when your plants grow up, they will be thinner than they should be. Optimal spacing can help your cannabis plants grow correctly without having to fight for nutrients with fellow plants.

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Advantages of Direct Planting Method

  • Quick and cheap growth

Immediate planting not only saves you time but also helps you grow your seed inexpensively. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on your seeds, go for direct planting for maximum efficiency.

  • Easy transportation

Through direct planting, you won’t have to worry about damaging the seed. When you use other methods, the chances of damaging the seeds increase.

  • Better growth rate

By planting the seeds directly, the chances of root growth are much greater than any other method. Your seed will be more prepared for extreme climatic conditions rather than getting damaged by the slightest wind activity. The consistent climate is the ultimate ideal for growing marijuana plants.


Disadvantages of Direct Planting

  • Less reliable

In the case of direct planting, there’s always a chance that some of the sites will be left unestablished. That means parts of the soil might not be suitable for the seed to germinate.

  • Low survival rate

Less viable seeds may not be able to grow in certain circumstances, which means they take up space that could have gone to stronger seeds.

Do old seeds germinate?

Do Old Seeds Germinate Easily?

3. Starter Cubes and Seedling Plugs

If you are looking for the easiest method of marijuana seed germination, take a look at starter cubes, which are small growing mediums composed of organic materials and peat, used to germinate seeds. All you need to do is put the seed in the plug, add some water and the rest of the process takes care of itself.

Starter cubes are a very easy method of growing marijuana because all it takes is a room set at the optimal temperature for marijuana growth. The germination will then happen on its own. It’s that simple.


Advantages of Starter Plugs

  • Most feasible method

You won’t find any method easier than this to germinate marijuana seeds. Due to minimal requirements, it won’t take much of your time.

  • Easily available ready-made plugs

Ready-made plugs are widely available in the market. You’ll find them in packs of 50 or more, which is ideal for extensive harvesting of cannabis seeds.

  • Good for in-bulk production

If you want to grow marijuana in bulk, starter plugs are a perfect option to consider. You can cut overall costs over time when you buy large packs.

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Disadvantages of Starter Plugs

  • Dries easily

The starter plugs are prone to dryness. For this reason, if you are planning on growing marijuana seeds in bulk, it’s better to choose a different option.

  • Needs daily monitoring

The starter plugs are difficult to hydrate if they get dried once, so it’s crucial to monitor them from time to time.


Can you Use Rockwool Instead of Starter Plugs?

Although you can easily find Rockwool cubes, they have a low success rate and are not good for your health. One of the most important reasons you should avoid Rockwool cubes is that they are too alkaline for marijuana plants.

But if you still want to grow your marijuana seeds in Rockwool cubes, you must first soak them in water overnight. Make sure that you keep the pH level of the water slightly acidic. Rockwool cubes come in 12 to 24 packs. Here are further reasons why it’s not a good idea to use these cubes:

  • Bad for the environment due to artificial material that doesn’t break down
  • Awful for the health of your lungs
  • Too alkaline for cannabis plants
  • Germination rate is poor
  • New growers find this method very complicated

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4. Overnight Soaking Method

Soaking seeds overnight is another very simple way to prepare for growing marijuana seeds. People who suffer from anxiety and depression often feel low energy levels and aren’t able to focus on complex tasks. Therefore, it would be better if they choose an easy method to grow medical marijuana in their homes. It will not only save them time, but it might even raise their hopes, as they see how easy it is to contribute to a positive activity.

Make sure that the water you use for soaking the seeds is lukewarm. Older seeds are naturally hard. When you leave the mature and hard seeds in the lukewarm water all night, they will soften.


Process of Germinating Marijuana Seeds Through Overnight Soaking


  • Identify old and hard seeds

Try to find old and hard marijuana seeds and soak them overnight. Giving seeds a new life helps prevent them from going to waste.

  • Rub the seeds

Rubbing seeds gently before soaking them allows water to penetrate the outer layer of the hard seed coats. Slightly damaging the seeds actually helps in this process, known as scarification. You can achieve this technique by rubbing the seeds on sandpaper, nicking them with a knife, or lightly tapping them with a hammer. Cracking up the seed coat will help the roots emerge from the seeds quickly.

  • Use a transparent container and water

Take a transparent container, then pour some lukewarm water in it. Using a transparent container will help you determine if the roots have sprouted or not. Take the transparent box and put some seeds in it to grow your marijuana plant. After you see the taproots breaking out of the seeds, take the seeds out carefully without damaging the roots.

  • Do not soak the seeds too long

Make sure that you take the seeds out of the water within 32 hours. If the seeds haven’t germinated by then, soak them in a warm environment full of moisture so that the process may get completed. The best method you can use at this point is the paper towel method.

Stages of germination

Different Stages of Germination

Benefits of Overnight Soaking Method

  • Neutralizes phytic acid

Phytic acids get neutralized, which makes the digestion process easier.

  • Simple and cost-effective process

You can carry out this process without any complications or spending much money.

  • Breaks down phytic acid

Soaking breaks down the phytic acid in the seeds, which helps access other nutrients present in the seeds.

  • Reduces the concentration of anti-nutrients

Soaking reduces the content of anti-nutrients present in the seeds.


Disadvantages of Overnight Soaking

  • Time-consuming

It is a time-consuming process when it comes to production on a large scale. It only works as a solution if you have time allocated for it without cutting into other priorities.

  • Enzyme inhibitors prevent sprouting

Enzyme inhibitors present in the seeds may keep the seeds from sprouting, resulting in all your efforts being done in vain. If humans consume such plants, it can lead to nutritional defects in the body and digestion issues.

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5. Germination Station Method

Purchasing a germination station allows you to grow marijuana plants yourself. Anxiety is undoubtedly a huge issue, as keeping up with the day to day activities even after you have been diagnosed with it is itself a difficult task.

If you cannot find the germination station online, you can build one at home with these items:

  • Plastic dome
  • Tray
  • Waterproof heating pad


Process of Growing Marijuana on a Germination Station

  • Choose your growing medium

You can choose any medium to grow your marijuana seeds. This flexibility allows you to take into consideration your available space for plants.

  • Soak your seeds

After you have decided your growing medium, soak your seeds in it for one night.

  • Add seeds in the tray

Your germination station will have several trays. The ones you order online usually have around 72 cells. Carefully place the seeds you soaked overnight in those trays. After placing the seeds, cover the tray with a plastic dome.

  • Show patience until the first leaf emerges

Since marijuana leaves do not require light until seed germination, you must wait until the first leaf appears before applying light.

  • Shine light on the station

After evidence of sprouting, you can place the germination station, which contains a heating pad for warming the seeds, under the sun.

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Advantages of Seed Germination Station:

Germination stations provide the perfect conditions for seeds. Here are some other major advantages to this growing method.

  • Inexpensive

Seed germination stations are relatively inexpensive. You can buy one for just $40 or maybe less. If you have the required tools, you can construct your own germination station as well.

  • Maintains perfect growing conditions

Seed germination stations are very good at maintaining the perfect growing condition that includes ideal moisture concentration and temperature levels.

  • Protects seeds

Seeds that are grown in the germination station are very well protected. This system manages the seeds carefully, which reduces the chances of causing any damage. Furthermore, the seeds germinated through germination stations are healthier and stronger.

Why seeds don't germinate?

Common Reasons Why Seeds Don’t Germinate


  • Require extra care

You need to manage the medium levels often so that the seeds do not get spoiled.

  • Prone to random errors

Random errors in carrying out the process can destroy the seeds. It might be difficult for a newbie to grow or germinate marijuana seeds through the germination stations. Someone who doesn’t have any experience in germinating seeds through germination stations might cause errors that lead to weak seed growth.

How Will Germinative Marijuana Seeds be Transplanted?

Any of the methods mentioned above will result in your seeds getting germinated. After germination, move forward to the next step of transplanting the seeds. Here are some of the essential points to remember when transplanting marijuana seeds.

  •   Do not cause any delay after your seeds have germinated because it will spoil the seeds. Immediately transfer them to their growing medium.
  •   Use a pencil for poking holes into the soil.
  •   Be very cautious while placing the taproots because they are easily breakable
  •   Use tweezers for dropping the seeds into the holes with the roots facing downward. Then cover the seeds with a little soil.
  •   Do not pour water directly from the watering bottle. Use spray bottles instead because of the potential to drown the seeds with too much water.
  •   After planting the seeds put them under the light. In this way, their germination rate will increase significantly. If you do not use proper light, the leaves of your marijuana plant will remain yellowish. To achieve a healthy green color, remember that the marijuana plants need adequate light.

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Medical cannabis is increasingly perceived as a miracle drug for people suffering from anxiety. It alters the mind and the body in a way that diffuses anger and fear. Growing your own marijuana buds has a unique significance because it gives you a better idea about which strain works for you. The sooner you find the right strain, the better you’ll manage anxiety.

Before you grow your medical marijuana, visit your doctor to find out what type of strain and dosage of cannabis you need. Some people can handle any type of strain, while others get experience side effects until they find the one that works for them. After evaluating your condition, the doctor will be able to prescribe a suitable strain for you, considering the different effects of different strains.

For many medical marijuana patients who grow their own crops, it’s a trial and error process. Whether your seeds do not pop fast or the plant simply never grows, you can learn from any experience. Every harvest provides new insights about this fascinating plant that replaces anxiety with pleasant sensations.

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