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The right EMR software can be one of the best assets for a doctor. Not only does the right software help with the improvement in an office or an online website, but getting the best quality care for a patient is also important. With all of the improvements in regards to MMJ doctor software – patients have noticed a tremendous change in the quality of care.  Patients are increasing their visits in the medical marijuana field and not feeling so uncomfortable about getting a MMJ recommendation. It has made this type of healthcare boom in the last few years.


Many patients have experienced going to the doctor and having to sit in the waiting room a for at least a half an hour. Most patients wonder why they are waiting so long? There are multiple reasons why, but efficiency in some healthcare facilities is lacking. Most of the time it is management to reasons or the lack of software in order to run a healthcare facility. The wait time is frustrating, but then when the actual doctor visit happens, the doctor is quick and will have a patient out the door without doing a thorough consultation. This means the quality of care is not good and sometimes conditions can be missed.

The right EMR software can be one of the best assets for a doctor.

The right EMR software can be one of the best assets for a doctor. Doctor EMR.

The right MMJ software with a great EMR system in place is the solution for creating a better healthcare environment for both physicians and patients.  There are not any complaints from patients and everyone is happy with how quickly a consultation can now happen with EMR. It really is an achievement in the healthcare world.

The Switch

This may end up taking time, but giving up the old method of a manila folder is the thing to do. Trying to store manila folders is difficult, but trying to manage patients and their records with the old method is almost impossible. Once a medical marijuana establishment makes a switch, there is going to be a drastic change in health care for patients. A patient can create their account online, then preregister before their appointment. That alone, saves so much time and when the patient arrives, all that needs to be done is a simple check-in at the front desk. All of the intake information has already been done and the patient just needs to wait for the nurse to escort them back into a room. The general wait time is less than five minutes. The EMR system really has helped with healthcare advancements.

Once the patient is called back into a room, all of the necessary vitals are taken and electronically stored. Most medical or healthcare facilities have computers in the room. This can be concerning for patients worried about their medical records being viewed by the wrong eyes, but all medical staff is trained to log out of the system. In order to access any medical records, there is a password or a special card that all healthcare employees have that will scan their identification card.

The Electronic Medical Records System is also excellent for doing automatic notifications for patients. There are so many patients that book appointments in the future, but then never show up to the appointment. Most of the time, these patients forget on accident and don’t realize they are missing their doctor’s appointment. With a new Electronic Medical Records system, these patients can have a text message sent to their phone or an automated phone call that will leave a message. This is extremely handy and it has worked well for those people that tend to book appointments in advance.

Convenience of Electronic Medical Records System

Electroni Medical Records Software for Medical Marijuana Doctors

Electronic Medical Records Software for Medical Marijuana Doctors

The convenience of a good Medical Marijuana Electronic Medical Records System (MMJ EMR) is also excellent for reminders. One of the best features about an EMR system is when an email is sent to a patient, there is a link for the patient to log into their account. This is a security feature that works well. A patient will never have to worry about their medical records being accessed or a breach in security. The link is valid for a certain amount of time and it will be directly to the site. Patients feel more secure with their personal information and are more likely to visit the doctor more.  A patient can also log into their patient portal account from their electronic device or computer at home to view any results.

The convenience of having a system implemented like that has definitely shown its value. Patients are able to manage their health care better and they are informed with what is going on with things like lab work or prescriptions. Even with a medical marijuana recommendation, being able to see the expiration date is helpful. The patient can then schedule a future appointment or have an idea of when they need to come back to a website for a video chat with a doctor. All of these important parts of the EMR system have been instrumental in the success of healthcare facilities and medical marijuana establishments.

With the proper training and a good EMR system, a healthcare facility will be able to see even more patients without any type of problems. In a medical marijuana facility, patients will be able to be seen on the same day. There are many walk-in clinics that have a high success rate for completing recommendations. Patients are finding that the sign in process is becoming more efficient and the length of time spent in the actual facility is not as long as it was before in the past.

That is making the quality of healthcare improve and it is making consumers happier with the results. Doctors are able to process more medical marijuana recommendations per day. Even the doctors that work online with telemedicine are pleased with the results.

The ability to see multiple patients in one hour has greatly improved due to the fact that the Electronic Medical Records software works so well. Expenses are going down while productivity with patience is increasing. That is a very valuable asset for any MMJ establishment, whether it is online or at a physical location.


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