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So far, 11 states in the U.S. have legalized both recreational and medical cannabis, and an additional 45 allow some form of medicinal cannabis use. As more states and countries around the world continue to allow legal use of cannabis products, more people are getting curious about the available options, especially in terms of the right cannabis compounds to use.


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Many states today allow marijuana products that contain CBD (cannabidiol) only, meaning no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in your weed. These laws allow patients with certain ailments, especially children with epilepsy, to use CBD-based oils but not the whole herb. Many scientific findings have also revealed that CBD can be very effective in treating seizures. The major reason for legalizing CBD and not THC is because the compound doesn’t get people “high,” something that is always associated with THC.


The Medicinal Benefits of THC vs CBD


When it comes to the debate between CBD and THC, there’s no doubt that the highness associated with THC can have some side effects. However, many people will agree that the feeling of highness is pretty a good deal – it’s way better than the debilitating side effects of many prescription medicines. If you consume too much marijuana, you may feel kind of weird, but the effects often go away after a while.


Carrying medical cannabis

Things You Should Consider Before Carrying CBD


It’s clear that many regulators enact CBD-only laws in a bid to accommodate the clamor to legalize medical cannabis use while still restricting misuse of cannabis products by millions of people who could benefit from just CBD and other cannabinoids found in the marijuana herb.


One of the compounds that make cannabis so effective in curing many illnesses emanate from “the entourage effect. “Different cannabinoids and terpenes in the weed plant work together to provide a sort of posse, combining their efforts and abilities to deliver more benefits than just a single component of the plant. In fact, many parents of kids with epilepsy have reported better results using a mixture of CBD and THC rather than CBD alone.


However, the regulatory framework around cannabis is a long, tedious, and arduous process that requires all stakeholders to pull together. Overcoming years of anti-marijuana myths and obstructions from the government will definitely take time. Even if the DEA removed marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act or changed it from a Schedule I to Schedule II substance, many states would still not fully legalize cannabis.


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How CBD and THC Work


When you buy your medical cannabis from any licensed dispensary, you typically have two options: CBD or THC. Both of these compounds are available in the marijuana plant, but they have different effects on the body.


The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) compound mainly delivers the “high” sensation when you ingest or smoke marijuana. CBD (cannabidiol) compound, on the other hand, does not have the same psychoactive content but offers a myriad of health benefits.


Although THC is more popular for its psychoactive properties, scientific evidence has demonstrated that this compound actually has medicinal purposes. First and foremost, THC offers effective pain relief. With more than 50 million Americans living with chronic pain, THC can play a vital role in relieving pain and enhancing the quality of life. The same claim was proven in an FDA-approved study carried out in 2013. The study indicated that THC effectively activates pathways in the central nervous system, inhibiting pain signals from traveling to the brain.


Buy cannabis legally

Where Can You Buy CBD Legally?


Medical THC can also be used to calm patients with Autism when they begin to experience anxiety and meltdowns. The compound has the ability to relax muscles and calm people with anxiety as well as those who suffer muscle cramping or multiple sclerosis. This effect can help people with insomnia have better sleep.


CBD, on the other hand, has been publicized to offer anti-inflammatory properties, reduce stress and anxiety, and reduce risks of diabetes and obesity. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD also helps in the treatment of arthritis, periodontitis, and atherosclerosis. Moreover, many types of cancer are often accompanied by inflammation, so the CBD compound has the potential to reduce the risks of cancer.


Which Option is Right for You?


Since both THC and CBD offer therapeutic qualities, it can be difficult to choose which option is right for your particular ailment. So, if you’re considering using any cannabis product, its best to consult a licensed cannabis doctor who can help you determine what options will best work for you.


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You should also understand the various modes of use before you opt for one. Today, you can find cannabis in the form of dried leaves that can be smoked or edibles such as gum, coffee, tea, tropical oils, and much more.


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