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The recent legalization of marijuana use in California has created a special place for marijuana tourism. Apart from making celebrity home tours, food, and brewery tours, tourists visit the state for marijuana tours. 

This development happened in 2018 after voters passed Proposition 64 that allowed the sale of recreational marijuana and issuance of licenses to legal dispensaries. While the new law was met with much jubilation, there are some guidelines and regulations California residents and tourists must follow. 

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Questions about how tourists in California buy medical cannabis may linger on one’s mind when visiting the state for the first time. And since the legal and regulatory landscape of cannabis use keeps on shifting, it’s important to keep abreast of all the changes.

Can Anyone Smoke Cannabis?

California residents and tourists can enjoy recreational marijuana. However, according to The Adult Use of Marijuana Act, only adults older than 21 only are allowed to use cannabis for recreational purposes. Also, state residents aged 18-20 can take California Medicinal Cannabis as long as they have a medical marijuana card. Does it mean tourists must get a medical card to purchase medicinal marijuana? The next part explains what happens.


Medical Cannabis

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Can a Tourist Get a Medical Card in California?

Yes, tourists can get a medical card in the state. However, they must provide legal, medical, and personal documents that show they have a condition that requires the use of medicinal marijuana.

Once all that is in place, the tourist must look for a registered physician to prescribe the Medical card. Luckily, there are lots of places where you can get the medical marijuana card issued in California. Venice Beach, for example, is notorious for advertising easy medical marijuana prescriptions.

Note that this procedure applies to U.S. citizens who are non-California residents. With a valid U.S. driver’s license or passport, you can get a prescription from a licensed doctor in California too. The ease of acquiring a medical marijuana card in California makes it a go-to state for U.S. citizens living overseas. 

This is because even with a passport, they can get a card. The only caveat is to avoid traveling across state borders after buying weed in California tourist because not all states have legalized cannabis use.

Where to Buy Legal Weed in California

Tourists planning to buy marijuana in California must find dispensaries licensed by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. While there are many unlicensed retailers in the state, it is still illegal to buy cannabis from them. Examples of licensed dispensaries include:

  • Cloud Nine: The shop sells both recreational and medicinal cannabis. It touts up to 23 types of edibles, five types of pre-roll, Sativa, vape, and hybrid extracts
  • Barbary coast dispensary: Established in 2013, it’s one of the oldest dispensaries selling recreational cannabis. It also makes the perfect joint for tourists who want to relax while smoking as it has dab bars and a lounge. It is located in San Fransico.
  • CC101: It’s not just a dispensary but the leading cannabis club in Sacramento. It offers an assortment of the industry’s finest concentrates, edibles, and flowers. Their products include vape pens, hybrid cannabis, Sativa, and gears.

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How Much Marijuana Can a Tourist Buy?

Be sure to purchase an appropriate amount, too, to avoid getting in trouble with the law. According to California’s state law, both tourists and residents (over 21 years) can buy 28 grams of marijuana and up to 226 grams of cannabis concentrates for daily personal use.

However, these limits are different for a tourist buying cannabis for medical use. Users can purchase up to eight ounces of medical marijuana, usually sold in dried mature flowers and up to 12 immature cannabis plants.

Also, it’s best to buy and use it immediately to avoid getting arrested. The state law prohibits the transportation of marijuana. If you must carry a pot by vehicle, be sure to break it down and seal it in a container. If using an open container, store it in a locked space like a vehicle’s trunk because possession of marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

Similarly, federal law prohibits users from flying with cannabis. If the TSA gets wind of it, you’ll be asked to discard it or get arrested.

Why do Dispensaries Scan ID in California

Having known where to buy marijuana in California, it’s essential to understand how to get it. As highlighted earlier, only adults older than 21 years can buy weed in California. The only way to prove you’ve met this requirement is to show your I.D.

However, given that younger people can use fake I.D.s to buy weed, some dispensaries began using scanners to verify the validity of the I.D.s. The devices could verify that the buyer is indeed using the card and their driver’s license if using the document to buy weed.


Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card in California


How Many Edibles Can a Tourist Buy in California?

With the legalization of cannabis use in California came a slew of restrictions, particularly on edibles. The law capped the dosage to 10 milligrams per serving which means you need to take gummies, chocolates, or baked goods in intervals to achieve the desired high.

This means you must choose your edibles wisely. For example, edibles like Kiva’s Petra Mints contain 1-5 milligrams of THC per serving. Such a dosing will make you feel good without getting obliterated.

However, if you want to feel a bit stoned, edibles with a THC dosage of 5-10 milligrams are more suitable. CHILL chocolates, for example, will get you high enough without getting out of control.

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Can You Smoke Cigarettes in Your Backyard in California?

After getting weed in California, the biggest concern for most pot users (both residents and tourists) is where they can get high. Sadly, the state’s law prohibits public use of marijuana. This leaves private residences the safest place to smoke cannabis cigarettes.

However, tourists renting apartments should check with the landlord first because most of them ban marijuana use on their property. If this is your predicament, there’s one option left, i.e., smoking lounges.

The law legalizing cannabis in California also allows its use in lounges. Luckily most lounges are close to dispensaries making it easy to buy and get high without walking miles. You may also find them around tourist areas, resorts, Airbnb listings, large cities, and events allowing marijuana use on their premises.

If you’re an avid cannabis user, your vacation isn’t complete without getting a sniff of the best weed in California. This comprehensive guide helps you understand how to get weed in California on vacation.

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Medical Marijuana

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