Modern research suggests that a medical marijuana usage is a valuable tool in the treatment of a varied number of ailments. Pain relief, nausea, glaucoma, and stimulating appetite for those who suffer from HIV, AIDS, or dementia have proven benefits.

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Doctor-supervised cannabis use is supported by the US and International health organizations and is legal in the state of California. The American Public Health Association and the Federation of American Scientists have encouraged granting patients legal access to medicinal marijuana under a physician’s supervision.

The American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association support clinical research trials so that physicians may better assess cannabis’ medical potential. Research aside, the success of medical marijuana use comes directly from those who have benefited from its use and cannot be ignored.


Medical Marijuana

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5 Medical Marijuana Success Stories


Walt, age 81, known to neighborhood kids as Grandpa, was diagnosed with end-stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in 2015.  It became difficult for Walt, who had always been active, to do the things he loved doing. His lungs would lock causing incredible pain and breathing became more and more labored. Perhaps the worst part of the diagnosis was having to live by doctors’ orders, no longer living life his way.

Soon after his diagnosis, a relative gave Walt CBD hemp oil that changed everything. After only a few weeks of use, Walt found that he was breathing easier and was able to get around better.  Walt said that his doctor told him his lungs sounded better than ever and had an increased capacity of eight percent.

Walt was able to get back to his independent style of living and working again in his backyard. Bronchitis is no longer an issue as a result, he said, of hemp oil. Walt has also eliminated all but 3 of the 19 prescribed medications he took every day. Walt is grateful for hemp oil and his new lease on life and living his life on his terms.


Viv, age 60, was ready to face an invasive brain surgery she felt was her last option to alleviate unpredictable and debilitating seizures. She agreed to try one final non-surgical treatment in the form of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Viv suffered from a nocturnal seizure disorder. She was prescribed heavy medications comprised of over 20 pills each day, which made it impossible for her to keep her job as a bus driver.  And the seizures didn’t stop and she did not feel like herself.

Viv’s seizures hit fast and furious, lights out, according to her. She could no longer be left alone. However, after hearing surgery was her only viable option, she began using CBD oil and the changes were immediate. Viv is now down to one seizure every 3 months or so and can use CBD oil when she feels a seizure coming on that helps curb or stop the seizure altogether.  And though Viv still takes doctor-prescribed medications, her pill intake has been cut considerably.  And what’s best for Viv is that she is able to be on her own and feel like herself again.

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Katie is a sweet, happy little girl getting ready to celebrate her fourth birthday. What makes this birthday so special is that Katie was not supposed to live past her first year.

Katie was born with Schinzel-Giedion syndrome, a very rare genetic condition that causes neurological and developmental issues, organ and bone abnormalities, and severe seizures. Diagnosed at birth, Katie’s parents were given little hope as she was expected to live just a few short months.

Nevertheless, Katie’s parents tried everything they could to help their newborn. But the harsh medications left their daughter in pain, bloated, and with no end to multiple daily seizures and the numerous tumors plaguing her small body.  Looking at all options, her parents discovered hemp oil and Cibdex, two medical marijuana products.

Within just a short time, her parents saw a drastic decrease in the number of seizures Katie suffered, and the tumors that had attacked her body all but disappeared with regular use of CBD hemp oil products. Katie is also now more responsive to her family and her surroundings.

Katie has defied her doctor’s expectations in all areas and is off all of the harsh prescribed medications.  Her parents are overjoyed and are getting ready to send her to school where she will receive physical therapy and occupational therapy.



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Debra, 64, was diagnosed with Autonomic Nerve Disorder when she was 60 years old.  This nerve disorder left Debra non-functional, bed-ridden, and solely dependent relying on her caregiver.  Debra’s body was constantly challenged by shaking, weakness, digestive issues, and sharp pains from her head to her feet.

Debra was taking 15-20 prescribed medications at a time for her symptoms and was seeing a neurologist, gastrologist, cardiologist, internist, rheumatologist, and a primary doctor.  At the bequest of her family, she began to use medical marijuana and after a couple of weeks, her feet didn’t hurt when walking.  Her shaking got better and she was now able to hold a fork and feed herself without the terrible shaking.

Debra was then able to stop seeing all of the specialists and was able to lessen her pill intake. Debra got well enough that she didn’t need her caregiver to help her anymore.  And now, Debra has become a caregiver of sorts as she enjoys visiting with seniors. She is more than ecstatic to have her life back and be able to comfort others.

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Peter, age 42, is a retired Navy serviceman who suffers from a myriad of medical issues including PTSD. He suffers from migraines, intestinal problems and was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor that leads to radiation and a long list of medications.

Peter, however, was not getting better, just the opposite.  He was unable to work and was afraid of losing his job. After his extensive research, he discovered the many health benefits of cannabis oil and felt that this would be just what his body needed.  But he was also fearful of losing his VA benefits using medical marijuana.

So, Peter moved to Colorado and began using cannabis oil.  The results were slow at first, but after a few months, he has prescribed a higher dosage and began to see results. His body has begun the healing process, his headaches have abated and he is overall, feeling much better.

These are but a few of thousands of people who benefit from the use of medical marijuana.  There is no denying that cannabis can have a vital role in medicine across the board. Medical marijuana is legal in California for those with a valid state-issued ID card. If you’d like more information on how to get your card, please visit MMJDoctor.


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Medical Marijuana

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