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Psst! Have you ever smoked weed? Marijuana is a hot topic worldwide, from the living room to the courtroom to the doctor’s office. The truth about weed is drowned in controversies, myths, and half-truths, making it hard for millions of those interested in the herb to find genuine useful information.


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Google gets millions of hits on weed-related searches, from curious searches like “why weed should be legal” to weird questions around “cannabis tampons” and “stoned sex.

Twitter is another platform where it’s easy to get lost in the sea of information about Cannabis. Too many self-proclaimed cannabis experts!

We’ve made things easier for you—below, we have compiled 34 authentic Twitter accounts that you can follow to get truthful and useful information about weed.

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1. International Highlife

“The Fastest Growing Cannabis Community”

17 1

2. Intelligent Stoners™

“Educated & Medicated”

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“Providing a Voice for Responsible Marijuana Consumers”

19 1

4. Stoner Chicks™

“Your Daily Dose of 21+ Pictures of Female Stoners”

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18 1

5. World of Bongs

“Dopest feed for glass bongs, rigs, bubblers, bowls, & everything smoking related.”

21 1

6. Hold My Blunt

“We collect & post the coolest and wackiest weed smoking accessories we can find on the web”

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20 1

7. Cannabox

“Showcasing ‘Premium Essential Smoking Accessories”


8. Stoner Clips™

“Home of the dopest videos on the web.”

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9. Dabbing Life

“The purest concentrates on the web & unbelievable dabbing clips.”


10. OnlyaStoner

“Presenting some Amazing Stoner Content”

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11. Marc Emery

“Prince of Pot.” Former Owner of Cannabis Culture Marijuana Shop


12. ★Mary★

“A Latina Cannabis Advocate who believes in Love, Peace & Positive Vibes”

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13. Dank Creative

“Providing Graphic Services for the Cannabis Industry”


14. The 420 Radio Show

Official Twitter Account for the “The 420 Radio Show”, a live Cannabis lifestyle show.

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15. The Stoned Society™

“A Cannabis Culture Publication platform for and by Cannabis enthusiasts”


16. Sensi Seeds

“The best seeds and CBD products available online or anywhere else.”

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17. Medical Marijuana Program Connection

“Breaking Cannabis News, Strain Reviews, Cannabis Business & Informative Blog”

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18. Stephanie

“Happily married. Live with multiple chronic illnesses/pain, support cannabis for medicine”

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19. AmeriCanna Blunt

An entertainment account aimed at promoting cannabis-related business


20. Love Cannabis

Cannabis Enthusiasts / Psychedelic Music Producers

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5 10

21. Mike Hart, M.D

“Founder of @readytogoclinic. President @Rritual1. As seen on @joerogan. Advisory Board @Predictmedix.”

6 8

22. Dana Larsen


7 5

23. Blazing Nana

“Pot smoking, wise cracking, opinionated, blazing and amazing. Call-in personality on the Lamont and Tonelli Show”

8 4

24. Lifestyle Radio / 420radio.ca

“The Lifestyle Radio Network has been producing live & pre-rolled programming for the #cannabis lifestyle since 2008 at http://lifestyleradio.ca and http://420radio.ca”

9 2

25. Team Stoners INC™

Posting some of the most hilarious stoned content

10 2

26. Mark Spear

“Medical cannabis/psychedelic advocate.”

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11 2

27. High! Canada

Official Twitter account for High! Canada Magazine that publishes exclusively about Cannabis.

12 2

28. Canna Relief (TM)

Providing assistance with regards to medical cannabis system

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13 1

29. Jon Grow

“Just a grower & cannabis artist from rural Manitoba.”

14 1

30. Jamie Shaw

“Culture, Politics, Cannabis, Science, Non-profits, Social Evolution, Stuff.”

1 34

31. CannaVERGE

“Be a Fountain, not a Drain”

32. Brandon

“Cannabis has changed my life in many ways, that’s why I want to get the message out there that cannabis is a MEDICINE and NOT a DRUG.”

3 14

33. Green CulturED

“The cannabis industry changes constantly. That’s why we’re here as a total eLearning solution provider for “all things.” ”

4 8

34. CannabisNet

“Supporting the growth of the budding marijuana industry”

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34 twitter accounts

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