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Marijuana has been taunted as a wonder drug in combating pain where most drugs fail. A lot of research has proven over and over the efficacy of marijuana. Luckily, Medical Marijuana (MMJ) is now legal in most states.


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Oklahoma is one of the states that has legalized MMJ usage. However, there are few regulations on marijuana to make sure that the loophole is not abused. The state of Oklahoma has set up a simple way for those eligible to get a Medical Marijuana Card.


Hope for Oklahoma Residents With Long Term Illness?


Oklahoma has streamlined the process of MMJ to ensure that those in critical conditions are not held in long lines waiting for the medication. The program is well run, and any patients who enroll in the scheme can expect results in less than six months.

Due to the success of the program in Oklahoma, there has been an influx of MMJ patients. Statistics from multiple reputable sources show that the state has the highest percentage of MMJ patients in the entire nation. That is indeed an enviable feat.


The Legalization of MMJ in Oklahoma


Legalizing MMJ has been a thorny issue in the USA, with many pundits claiming it is a conduit to increase the abuse of marijuana. The politicians were deeply divided over the topic for long. But after a long consensus building, the state legalized marijuana in 2018.

Oklahoma became the 30th state in the union to legalize marijuana on 26th June 2018. The process had taken them at least four years to come to fruition. The Medical Cannabis initiative was State Question 7889 (SQ 788), which sailed through with 54% of the votes cast in favor of legalizing MMJ.


Oklahomans getting MMJ cards

Oklahomans Acquiring MMJ Cards


Bodies That Regulate Medical Marijuana Usage


There is no good ship without a pilot. The state of Oklahoma created the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) to oversee the use of MMJ in the state. The authority regulates all aspects of the MMJ usage to ensure good service delivery and follow the laws.

The OMMA maintains an active register of all patients, testing labs, Licensed Cannabis Growers, and processors. Health institutions, transporters, caregivers, and physicians working with MMJ are closely monitored to ensure they follow the best practices.

All health policies in the state are created and implemented by the Oklahoma State Department, and thus it closely monitors and advises the OMMA. The State Health Department, therefore, approves any policies implemented by the OMMA.


A Step-by-Step Process in Getting a Medical Marijuana Card


As we have seen, Marijuana in Oklahoma was legalized for medical use, not recreational use. The state only allows people with MMJ Cards to access marijuana to ensure that it is only in the right hands; even for the patient who can access the drug, it is limited to the dosage.

With that said, Oklahoma has the most flexible laws on the use of medical marijuana. All that is required is to prove residency in the state and to be of legal age to be granted an MMJ card. There are also provisions for minors and out of state residents to use MMJ.


1. Consult a Licensed Physician in Oklahoma

As with any prescription medicine, MMJ requires a visit to the doctor. A doctor licensed by OMMA is the most ideal if you want to use MMJ; however, any medical doctor who practices in Oklahoma is sufficient. After all, you should be able to choose your physician.

Licensed doctors are ideal because they help in making the process faster for patients. If you can get a licensed doctor, that will be good for you.

The state of Oklahoma is not all rigid in its laws concerning the use of Medical Marijuana. Among the big envies other states have with Oklahoma is the freedom to consult a doctor online. You can book an appointment with a medical doctor and access telemedicine facilities for marijuana.


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  • For Online Consultation

It is easy to book an online medical consultation with a doctor, provided you have either a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet with audio and video capabilities. The meeting will be over a video app or call.

New patients can pay anything between $149 and $189, depending on the services that will be offered. Some Doctors will offer an evaluation and recommend while others will follow through with the OMMA application processing. The costs mostly reflect on the services provided.

Patients who require Marijuana card replacement are charged less compared to new applicants. In such cases, the doctor verifies the previous recommendation form to see why you were granted a Medical Marijuana Card and assess if the reason is still valid.

Once the meeting is done, the doctor will send you a new recommendation form over email. So, make sure you have a working email address before you set up an online meeting with the doctor.

Once you’ve got the doctor’s recommendation letter, it is a race against time. That is because a doctor’s recommendation only lasts about 30 days. Though this reminder is unnecessary because of the chronic pain, the patient has to make the application immediately.


Amount of MMJ in Oklahoma

Permitted Amount of Medical Cannabis You Can Have in Oklahoma


2. Conditions That May Warrant an MMJ Card in the State of Oklahoma 

Many states are restrictive on the diseases that can be treated with MMJ. However, Oklahoma’s state does not have a definitive list of illnesses that can or cannot be treated with MMJ. The final decision on whether or not you qualify to use MMJ lies in the hands of the recommending doctor.

Physicians have recommended MMJ for the following infections in Oklahoma; therefore, if you are suffering from any of the following chronic illnesses, you can be put on MMJ.

  1. Anorexia Nervosa
  2. Cachexia
  3. Cancer
  4. Crohn’s disease
  5. Chronic pain
  6. Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
  7. HIV/ AIDS
  8. Inflammation
  9. Muscle spasms
  10. Neuropathic pain disorders
  11. Spasticity
  12. Terminal illness
  13. Glaucoma


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3. Fill and Submit the Online Medical Marijuana Application

Once you’ve got the letter, you are one step away from getting your MMJ card. It is vital to note that you are supposed to apply for your card from the OMMA. All medical applications for the medical card are completed from the OMMA portal.

Before starting the application process, you have to first register with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority portal. Fill in personal details such as your phone number, email, and your legal names. Make sure the email address is working since you’ll receive all notifications through the email address.

Once you are through with the registration, you will go to your email address and confirm your account. You open the email received from OMMA and click the link to confirm. Simple, right?


During the application process, you have to provide:


  • Proof of Residency

Since MMJ is designed for the state’s residents, the state has to verify that your application meets residency requirements.

  1. Identification documents issued in Oklahoma
  2. A voter ID is issued based on residency
  3. Utility bills of the preceding calendar month
  4. A residential property deed in Oklahoma
  5. A current rental agreement


Note: All documents used must have a valid residential address.


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  • Proof of Identity

As an applicant, you must prove your identity to reduce the chances of fraud. Several documents are used to confirm your identity. You can use either:

  1. Your Oklahoma driving license
  2. An Oklahoma Identity card
  3. A United States passport or any document issued by the United States
  4. Any of the tribal cards approved for identification in Oklahoma
  5. A working email address

A working email address will help follow through with the card application process.


4. A Clear Colored Digital Photograph Taken Within the Last Six Months

The image must be clear with you facing the camera directly. The photo should be taken with a white background.


5. A Medical Insurance Card or a Medicare Card

Most patients pay $100 for the medical card. If you have insurance or a Medicare card you will only be charged $20 for the card.


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6. Collect Your Card in the Mail

After completing the application process, you should wait about 14 days; then the card is sent to your address. The card comes with an approval letter indicating the two-year validity period.

OMMA can request missing information over email if necessary. Also, the authority can mention the reasons they can revoke the card before the expiry period or deny it altogether.


Common FAQs Regarding Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma


Let’s explore some of the frequently asked questions regarding MMJ.


Question 1: How do you renew my Oklahoma MMJ Card?


The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana card has a validity period of two years. Your card must be renewed within 30 days of the expiration date indicated on the card.

To renew the card, you have to book an appointment with a physician either online or in person. Your doctor then has to issue a new recommendation letter, which has to be attached to the renewal application.

You will then be advised to use the original email in your initial application. Should you lose your credentials, you can call the OMMA to help you reset your account.

Once you get to the portal, choose “Returning Patient” and provide the requisite information. Provide the necessary documents and submit them.

Your renewal fee and the initial application fee stand at $100. However, veterans and those with medical insurance are only charged $20. The renewed card is delivered after 14 days of application.


Growing MMJ Laws in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Growing Laws


Question 2: How much marijuana can you possess & cultivate?


Licensed patients or caregivers are regulated on the amount of marijuana they can possess or consume at any point. Contravention of the requirement can lead to a misdemeanor in state law and loss of your MMJ card.

You can legally:

  1. Possess at most six seedlings of cannabis
  2. Possess at most eight ounces of cannabis on the property
  3. Possess up to six fully grown marijuana plants
  4. Own 72 ounces of edible marijuana
  5. Have a maximum of an ounce of concentrated cannabis
  6. Have three ounces of marijuana on you.


Question 3: What are the Standards set for a Recommending Physician?


Physicians recommending marijuana must adhere to the highest professional standards, just like any other physician using conventional medications. Physicians should not be allowed to recommend an MMJ dispensary in the same physical location to ensure no conflict of interest.


  • Requirements for Recommending Physician Registration

Any recommending physician has to hold a valid and current license to operate within the state. For the physicians who want to be registered with the Department as the recommending doctors, they must have a valid and existing license to practice in the State of Oklahoma.

If a doctor chooses to register with the Department of health, they must provide their:

  1. Full name
  2. Business name
  3. Professional email address
  4. A business phone number
  5. The medical license numbers
  6. The name of the medical practice the doctor is affiliated.
  7. A certification by the doctor stating that their license is effective and in order


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Question 4: How do you apply for a minor MMJ card?


There are rules to be followed if you have a minor under your care in need of an MMJ card. The steps are almost identical to those followed by adults, just a few differences. Once a child reaches the age of majority, they must apply for an adult MMJ card themselves. The card has to be used 30 days before their 18th birthday.

First, minors need a recommendation from two different physicians declaring why the minor needs Marijuana Medication. The guardian or parent has to sign the recommendation forms so that they can sail through.

The recommendation letter from the doctors has to be dated within 30 days apart. The Medical Marijuana card should also be applied within 30 days from receiving the doctor’s second recommendation form.

The minor’s parents or guardians have to obtain a caregiver’s license to help them get the MMJ card.

Most of the preceding steps in applying for a minor MMJ license are very similar to those of an adult in the submission processes and waiting period. Much research is underway in ensuring that MMJ is suitable for relieving pain caused to the minor by chronic illnesses.


Question 5: Are there OMMA’s Rules for a Caregiver License?


Medical Marijuana caregivers have rules they must follow. MMJ Caregivers must, foremost, hold a valid caregiver medical marijuana card.

Caregivers are necessary for elderly patients and minors who require assistance in using MMJ. To receive the card, as the caregiver, you must sign a caregiver designation form, which you can download from the OMMA website.


MMJ card expiration

Information About Oklahoma MMJ Card Expiration


Question 6: How do you get a temporary patient medical marijuana card?


Individuals with valid medical marijuana cards from out of state can apply for a Temporary Patient Medical Marijuana card. As the patient with a valid MMJ card from other states, the temporary card allows you to purchase, grow, and use medical marijuana and its products while in Oklahoma.

Applications and payments for temporary MMJ cards are also applied and paid for through the OMMA portal. Those applying for quick cards go through the same process as other patients though they have to sign a form called, Authorization to Disclose Patient information.

Temporary cards have a validity period of 30 days. Temporary cardholders  can renew their cards if necessary. They should renew the card some days to the expiration date of the current MMJ card. That is done by submitting the required form and payment in advance.


Question 7: Are there limitations of an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana card?


The medical marijuana card is issued by the state of Oklahoma through OMMA and is thus subject to Oklahoma’s laws. The card is not valid in another state; therefore, don’t drive with your MMJ out of state. Don’t go above the set limits of marijuana possession to keep your card.


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Final Thoughts


Medical marijuana is a great relief to those suffering from pain caused by chronic illnesses. The use of MMJ  is a time solution and great comfort to those afflicted by chronic diseases. It provides an alternative to the addictive opioids like morphine used for chronic pain, and Oklahoma patients should take advantage of this medical wonder brought closer home.

So, contact us to get your medical marijuana card process started at MMJ Doctor and book an appointment now with just a few clicks.


Medical marijuana card Online



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