A Beginner's Guide to Buying Cannabis

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person in anything to do with weed, then you are aware there’s more than one type of weed. At times, it’s hard to tell the difference between good and bad weed. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing your weed. No one would blame you if you mistook ordinary grass for a legit weed leaf. However, once you get to tell the difference between good and bad weed, you will be immensely impressed. You will comfortable using the strain that works for you and shy away from one that bad for you. Telling the difference between the two is necessary to get the best out of your weed.

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Quality of Weed

You will come across three types of weed that are considered fit for human consumption. They are:

  • Reggie weed – It’s of low quality and is commonly referred to as dirt weed. Since it’s cheap and readily available, it’s a favorite among high school students. It’s usually dry with stems on it. Due to its low quality, it’s harsher compared to the other types.
  • Mid-Grade Weed – It’s of average quality and provides moderate relief from medical conditions. However, it’s still quite harsh and may result in dry coughs.
  •  Top-Shelf Weed – As the name suggests, this weed is high grade and has redefined the medical marijuana era. It can only be found in licensed dispensaries and is only accessible to people with a valid medical marijuana card.
Weed Edible for Consumption

Weed Fit for Human Consumption


Quality Indicators of Good Weed

The following are the indicators to look out for to help spot moldy weed. It doesn’t take much but your sensory system to detect lousy marijuana. Let’s explore the indicators:


Bring marijuana close to your eyes. If you notice some dust or webbings on the bud, cut it into two. If there’s further spots or greyish looking substances, it’s mold.

Colour is a good indicator of good weed. Dust, mold, or webbings usually indicate stale marijuana. Zoom into the pot using your camera and look for such inconsistencies.

Anything created by nature is consistent. Since marijuana is a natural product, you will see consistency in its patterns. Failure to spot such flexibility indicates that the weed isn’t legit.

Remember, sometimes, a green-looking leaf may still have mold growing on it, but it’s in the early stages of forming.


Good weed has a discreet smell. The stronger the smell, the higher the quality. On entering a medical marijuana dispensary, the first thing that hits you is a strong sweet smell. So strong is the smell that it remains in the bag that you will use to carry the marijuana home.

The smell of weed varies depending on the strain. While one strain may have a strong smell, a different strain may have a sweet husky smell. It’s always good to go for marijuana that has a fruity or flowery smell.

If the smell of a certain amount of pot doesn’t appeal to you, leave it. Most likely, it’s stale or dried-out marijuana. The endocannabinoids in our bodies allow us to differentiate between good and lousy marijuana using smell.

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Always feel your marijuana before you consume it. If it feels dry or powdery, then it’s not right. It should also not feel extremely wet.

Ideally, good marijuana is one which, when broken, feels dry enough to cut into two but not sticky on the fingertips.

Similar to a rose flower, the petals of good weed usually feel soft and slimy. However, the stalk is typically dry. Once the flower starts to die, the leaves start to dry, and the stalk becomes moist or weak.

Edible marijuana should be powdery on your hands. It usually breaks apart but doesn’t form molecules.


Judge Quality of Good Weed

Some Quality Indicators of Good Weed



Due to company policy and hygiene concerns, not all dealers or dispensaries will allow you to taste the weed before buying it. But one of the best ways to test pot is by using your taste buds.

Since ancient times, tasting is one of the best ways to tell whether something is good or bad. The tongue is a highly palatable organ and can quickly detect whether something is worth going into your system.

By placing a small amount of marijuana on your mouth, you will know whether it’s dry and flat. If it’s not good, you will cough or produce an acidic smoke.

Availability of Quality Marijuana at State Dispensaries

In states where the use of medical marijuana is legal, you will find licensed dispensaries that stock quality weed. It’s always advisable to source weed from these dispensaries. All you need is a medical marijuana card.

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