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In the past, most jurisdictions banned cannabis because they were none the wiser on the drug’s many health benefits. Thankfully, medical cannabis has slowly become legal across the U.S., with more and more states legalizing its use. This is because of the many health benefits linked with the drug, including relief of chemotherapy side effects, boosted immune function, and improved digestion.

There are now programs in place for access to the drug in the states that allow it. To be a part of these medical marijuana programs, you need medical marijuana (MMJ) card. Below are tidbits on this card and how to get it.

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Benefits of an MMJ Card

With most states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, some people who need the drug to control different medical issues see no need of getting an MMJ card. Even so, below are some benefits of the card that are inaccessible to recreational cannabis users.

  1. Guaranteed savings: There are special discounts and tax relaxations that make medical cannabis cheaper than recreational cannabis. You can save about 28-35% when using an MMJ card to buy marijuana.
  2. Legal protection: An MMJ card gives you some legal protection when driving or flying with your medical cannabis. Though the laws of marijuana possession in some states differ, the card helps you to avoid arrest.
  3. Higher growing and purchase limits: With an MMJ card, you can grow not more than 100 square feet of marijuana on your property, something prohibited for recreational users. Moreover, with the card, you can possess eight times more cannabis than recreational users.
  4. High potency limit: With your MMJ card, you are allowed to buy cannabis with higher THC strains and potency limits compared to those allowed for recreational users. You can also get medical cannabis strains that are not allowed for recreational users.
  5. Lowered age restriction: One question people have is how old you have to be to get a cannabis card?’ In most states, cannabis is only available for those above 18 years, while others only allow it for patients above 21. Even so, patients below this age limit can get an MMJ card that will enable patients below the age limit in a state to access the drug, sometimes through their caregiver.
  6. Greater access to dispensaries: Most shops in states that have allowed the use of medical cannabis will not sell you the drug without an MMJ card. The card is thus your best bet to accessing your cannabis from the highest number of dispensaries.


Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis Consumption


Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis

Before getting an MMJ card, a doctor will assess you to ascertain that you suffer from one of the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use. Below are the qualifying conditions that will back your application for an MMJ card.

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First Steps for Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

Having a qualifying condition does not mean you will automatically get your MMJ card. You should also check whether medical marijuana is allowed in your state and be conversant with the laws that govern its use to avoid unpleasant surprises.

When applying for a medical marijuana card, you first have to meet with a doctor certified by your state to determine if your medical condition can benefit from the use of medical cannabis. Though most states have a list of doctors allowed to recommend marijuana, in some, any doctor with a DO {H}, NMD, DI, or MD is allowed to do so. This means you can get an osteopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, or allopathic doctor to give you a medical marijuana recommendation. A few states also allow patients to get their recommendations from physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, and other medical personnel.

You might have to bring some supporting documents like prescriptions or health records during your appointment with the doctor to help him/her evaluate you. After your evaluation, the doctor will fill a state-approved recommendation form with the details of your condition. This is the form that will accompany your MMJ card application.

There are two options for the physician’s recommendation form in some states. If you need the same dosage of medical cannabis as that allowed recreational users to manage your condition, there is a standard form for this. Those who need more than the legally allowed recreational marijuana use amount need an alternative recommendation form. The recommendation form in some states includes information on the ideal dosage, consumption method, and timeframe of use for medical cannabis to benefit you.

Suppose you are below the allowed age limit for the use of medical cannabis in your state. In that case, your legal guardian or parent should sign a consent form that will be submitted with the recommendation form when applying for an MMJ card.

Applying For Your Medical Marijuana Card

After getting a recommendation from a certified physician, you will collect a few necessary documents from backing up your MMJ card application. Most jurisdictions require proof of residence in the state which can be in the form of a tenancy agreement or utility bill payments. You will also need proof of identity with a photo on it, such as a state-issued driver’s license.


MMJ Card

Medical Marijuana Card Documents


With the necessary documents in place, you visit your state’s medical marijuana offices and register, then fill an application form onto which you will attach these documents. You will then pay a processing fee for the MMJ card. This fee differs between states, but it is affordable so that no patient that needs medical cannabis is locked out. For example, if you are wondering how to get your MMJ card in Colorado, the application fee is about $25. You can get a fee waiver in the state of your household’s income in relation to the Federal Poverty Level is 185% at most.

After submitting an application and paying the fee, the next obvious question for most people is how long does it take to get a medical cannabis card?’ In general, it takes about 7-10 working days to review an application, process your payment and produce your MMJ card. Payment processing and posting generally take five business days.

After the ten days of processing your application, the state will email your approval for the card to you. This approval contains your medical marijuana patient ID number. You can print out this email and use it to buy medical marijuana as you wait for a hard copy MMJ card to be sent often within a week or two after the email. If unfortunately, your application has been turned down, you can identify the cause of the denial and re-submit your application.

Though there is no definite answer to the question ‘how long to get an MMJ card?’ There are several options you have for speeding the process. Below are some tips for ensuring you get your MMJ card as quickly as possible:

  • Prepare all the applicable documents to support your application early.
  • Carry your applicable medical records to the doctor’s appointment so that everything is done in one sitting instead of scheduling another appointment to verify your medical condition.
  • Ensure your information is entered correctly at your doctor’s office and on the application portal. Most people’s cards are held up for too long because their data does not match the information on the proof of residency and driver’s license.

How Does An In-Person Application For An MMJ Card Differ From An Online Application?

With the advent of telemedicine, most states now offer online application services for their MMJ cards. This means that you can get your card without physically visiting a doctor’s office or your state’s medical marijuana program offices. Besides the convenience this option offers, it allows people whose condition limits them from getting out of their houses to access medical cannabis.

The online and in-person application process for MMJ cards is nearly similar. The doctor assesses the patient then writes a recommendation that the patient will use to apply for his/her card. This assessment is done over a video call or phone call in the online option. The doctor, in this case, relies on your testimony and the medical records you might be required to mail to him/her to ascertain your need for medical cannabis. You will also send proof of identity like a photo ID to the site processing your MMJ card.

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After getting enough information on your condition, the doctor decides whether medical cannabis will benefit you. The whole process will take 15-20 minutes. The recommendation form will be filled out and signed then submitted to your state’s cannabis program from the hospital or electronically sent to you so that you can submit it in person with your application.

You can fill in the application form online then send scanned supporting documents when applying to your state’s medical-marijuana program. Most states will process your MMJ card and mail it to you. A few online application sites handle all the legalities of your application, then mail your MMJ card. This means you do not step outside your house to get the card.

How to Get a Replacement MMJ Card

MMJ cards do not last for life. You will have to renew your card according to your state’s medical marijuana laws. Most states require the card’s renewal every twelve months. It is advisable to renew your card way before its expiry. This way, you will not miss the cannabis that is crucial for your condition when waiting for the approval of your application.

With your question on how to get a card for cannabis answered in the above tidbits, you can now benefit from all that medical cannabis has to offer for your condition’s management. Even so, an assessment by an unqualified or non-certified doctor will lead to the rejection of an application. The doctors at MMJ Doctor are licensed and board-certified as per the regulations of state medical marijuana programs. Moreover, the application process on this platform is fast. After registration, you undergo an approval process then get a digital copy of your recommendation instantly after passing. A hard copy is sent within 1-3 days after the approval.

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